Sunday, November 07, 2010


El Nino is back

I watched the Game yesterday with Freds. We stocked up on some eatables ad relaxed at his place. I told him Freds dont worry We are Chelseas Dadas.And not being biased I must admit that Liverpool really played well. They played with that passion and fire and the question will be asked again Why cant we do this week in and week out.Whats more important is that Fernando Torres is firing again.Two beautifully taken goals was enough to sink Chelsea. That second goal provided the cusion to sit back at time sand soak up the pressure. And stand up Pepe Reina.A fantastic point blank save to deny Chelsea. All in all we are gloating as this was a great Liverpoool Performance and the squad have picked themselves up from earlier disappointment. Now we just have to wait and see if we can maintain this consistency. Thats the worry. And how was Lucas lol. The man had agood game.In fact all the Liverpool players played well. The Drog was dangerous when he came on but 3 vital points at Anfield. What a thing

On Saturday evening I got to the gym,did my thing and when I went to cycle I checked the score between the MANCS and Wolves was 1-1.I was smiling.There were two birds in front of me on the stepper and we exchnaged looks. Next thing Park scored ad I scram f#4k. They turned around and looked at me. I said Theft. Would you believe it. The freakin MANCS scored in the 92nd minute. Wolves defenders know that you cant play at the back against the MANCS. Wolves were in a comfort zone ad Park stole

As for Arsenal,Well they do what they always do year in and year out. They where the best of clothes to a wedding but dont stay for tea. Play the greatest football but dont have the BMT.
They lost 1-0 to a resurgent Newcastle.City had Balotelli back and went back to winning ways.
In Seria A Alessandro Del Piero was on sublime form as he guided Juve to a 3-1 win over Catania, Milan won 3-2,Roma won the derby against Lazio and Inter drew.Serie A is hotting up.

In LA LIGA Barcelona and Real both won with Real enjoying a great victory over rivals Athletico Madrid


  1. Yes, Torres you "talented magician".
    You destroyed the men in blue, just have to GO and dessicrate the arrogant Red Devils now.

    Good always triumphs over evil so will just be a matter of time before the Red Devils will be vanquished.

    "Abra Cadebra"- Wahahaha


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