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swoosh: Matthew,firstly its an honour to have you on my blog...A fantastic player,a true gentleman,and a great role modle outside the game.Welcome Matthew.....
Firstly I gotta ask you.2010. You were part of the Bafana squad but
unfortunately the fans never got to chant Booooooooooooooooooooooth.
Nevertherless you were part of the squad. How was the 2010 experience?
The nations hopes were on you guys.Was it fantastic to be a South African in front of a partisan crowd.?
matthew: It was a fantastic experience to be part of the worlds greatest sporting event right here on African soil...words cannot describe the feeling...I was very priviledged.

Was singing the National Anthem against Mexico in the opening ceremony any different form singing at other Internationals.Heck I was nervous in the stands.Must have been special
To see many of my team-mates with tears in their eyes on the night was something special and everybody was emotional. Realising that we were a part of history and representing not only SA but Africa.

apart from the Uraguay game SA was awesome. Can you describe the feeling in the dressing room after that Uruguay game?
Everybody was depressed as we had had a decent start vs Mexico. So to be brought back down to earth in such a fashion was terrible. At that point we thought that we were out...having to beat France convincingly was a tough thought.

Matthew you have obviously squared up against the best centre forwards. I watched you closely in the confeds cup.You were awesome.
How was marking Fernando Tores and David Villa,Kaka & Fabiano

An unbelievable experience which I will cherish for the rest of my life and I'm more than happy that I have proven that I can go toe-to-toe with the best in the world.

Swoosh0018 met you guys before the World Cup when we swooshed Young Tabo Chibafas dream.Tabo is no longer with us.You were instrumental in making his dream come true.
How was the experience for you. What touched you the most?
The fact that there seemed to be nothing wrong with him but knowing that he most likely was not going to be with us much longer was tough to think about. After much convincing he finally took my hand and I led him upstairs to meet the other lads who were more than happy to sign his shirt and pose for photo's...

Matthew with Tabo Chibafa.Tabo was diagnoesed with cancer and wanted to meet Bafana Bafana

How did this event impact the moral of the squad?
Most of the lads ended up taking pics with their own phones once they were told about Tabo's disease...I suppose they were touched and impressed by the young lads bravery. If we had a fraction of his courage we would be better for it.

I spoke to young Tabos dad and he couldnt thank the players enough.He mentioned Tabos excitement when he seen you guys on the pitch. Footballers are role models and there is so much being done by great
footballers.You have a keen interest in Charity and assisting the under privileged. How important is giving back what you have experienced thus far in your career and especially kids with cancer and physical disabilities that idolise you guys.
It's very important to give back as I believe that the football Gods see everything...myself and my wife have set up The Booth Education and Sports Trust and at Mamelodi Sundowns we have a good social responsibility programme. A few of the players have been touched by cancer so naturally cancer awareness is close to our heart.
Matthew was again instrumental to the jids of the CHOC ward when he visited with the Sundowns team


You at Mamelodi Sundowns.How would you rate the quality of our domestic league Post 2010.
In excellent condition...Pirates and Chiefs seem to have come to the party finally and this can only be good for our league and finally we have beautiful football specific stadia.

As a professional Matthew what was your highest moment and lowest moment in your career?
Beating Brazil in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and playing against Brazil and Spain in the 2009 Confed Cup were both special but missing the 2002 WC due to injury and then sitting on the bench during 2010 was disappointing.
Matthew you are a dad. Are we going to see Matthews  Juniors follow in the same footsteps as their father.Let me put it to you this way.If we walk into the Booth resdent are there lots of footballs lying around.
Ha-ha...there are many footballs scattered around our garden but I will give my sons as many opportunities to experience different sporting and artistic codes as possible.
Lastly Matthew.There are so many kids in distress out theire on the streets.Your success did not come easy. What advise can you offer to our young kids to reach the highest level and achiev success on the pitch.
 One word...perseverance! All successful people have hit bumps on their way to success. It's how you deal with those bumps that will determine your success in life whether it's in the business or sporting worlds

Thank you Matthew Booth.It was indeed an honour. Best of luck and swoosh0018 wishes you success in your career and your future.And Thank you Matthew for making a difference to Young Tabo Chibafa and going the extra mile to assist the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation in making dreams come true.All the best .................


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