Monday, November 01, 2010


Swoosh0018 has just formed an exciting synergy with Buzz Entertainment. So we have 5 double tickets to give away for the show this Saturday at Carnival City.
If anyone is interested please mail the two names to

First Ten applicants will get the tickets.If your email is responded to then I will fill you in on the details.

CHOPS, CHOONS AND SPANO TUNESJozi audiences can expect a cracker of a comedy this Diwali.

Popular Durban based theatre Company Dinaglings will be staging their hot show Chops Choons and Spano Tunes at the Carnival City Big Top on 6 November 2010.

You never again have to say…. THOSE WERE THE DAYS! Performing skits, stand-up comedy and live music, the cast of Chops, Choons and Spano Tunes take you to good ol’ Park Rynie for a real boys night out … where … if it itches, you can scratch it… Join the cast for fun, laughter and sing-a-long tunes that will leave you begging for more as the guys spend an evening of moans, groans and tunes And for this stag night - ladies… you’re also invited.
This is not some dreamy “pre-wedding journey” where men “discover” themselves. This is real men telling you about men LIKE IT IS! The guys are camping out for a stag weekend at Park Rynie. Unlike their female counterparts at a hen-party, they don’t challenge social norms or debate fashion. Away from their wives and girlfriends, all they do is sit back, let their stomachs out, scratch, fart, and enjoy Chops, Choons and Span of Tunes.

The increasing inebriation as the weekend progresses allows the guys to reveal their views on the funny side of life, women and marriage. Girls – this play is not only about men and sex. It’s also about men not getting enough of sex!!! All the way its guy-talk truthfully uttered in jest.

Chops, Choons and Span of Tunes is a laugh-a-minute comedy combining both skit and stand-up routines. The guys also try their luck at a talent contest where they comically mix bollywood/zollywood skits. For the guys – this is a camping trip never to be missed. And to the girls – you’ll definitely want to be a fly on this gazebo!

This all-guy cast directed by Kumseela Naidoo stars, Senzo Mthethwa, Koobeshan Naidoo, Henry Ramkissoon, Pranesh Maharaj and Ravi Subramoney. This Dingaling Production conceived by Yugan Naidoo.

Chops, Choons and Spano Tunes will be staged at the Carnival city Big Top on Saturday 6 November at 8.00 pm. Tickets can be booked at Computicket. Tickets are priced from R100:00 – R150:00.

Due to the adult content of the show which unfortunately excludes explicit pornography, the show carries a no under 18 age restriction.

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