Monday, November 22, 2010


The El Classico is shaping up to be one epic showdown. Messi vs Ronaldo.Two of the greatest players in the world currently going head to head. Both teams equipped with an army of Galacticos.Both teams on sublime form and thumping teams. The rivalry is fierce. Both Messi and Ronaldo scored hat tricks this weekend and we now shaping up for a mammoth collision next week Monday. I cant wait.
Barca were emphatic as they scored 8 goals this weekend. Madrid scored 5. This ones gonna be big

In the EPL there was another fierce London Derby.Spurs vs Arsenal. Arsenal went two goals up and immediately I recieved a voice note from Faaiz Oz. He was cursing Spurs and sent me the chanting of the Arsenal Fans. I was at a function and when I was done I called him at about 8 pm for the final score.He swore me for mocking them and said that He will not watch Arsenal for a long time. They f34ked up a 2 goal lead and lost to Spurs after 17 years. The man was gutted.Moosa Areff didnt even respond to my BB message
But thats what I say about Arsenal.They play the most attractive football but just dont have what it takes to win.
Wenger says it all
Liverpool were convincing for a change and it seems like no one else wants to place a foothold on the top.Chelsea messed up again. Unbelievable.And when the MANCS smell blood of which there is plenty of they responded to the situation with a victory.

In Serie A Juve were back to winning ways along with Milan.The Nedved look a like Kraslic continues to be a revelation as his solo effort powered Juve to a win ove Genoa.Milan beat Fiorentina 1-0 ad The pressure mounts on RAFA as Inter lost to Chievo.

In cricket AB De Villiers broke the record. ABR beat me to the comment but follow the banter on his questioned posed as to Why Amla was not allowed to continue and AB was.
But Well Done AB De Villiers on his record breaking feat and becoming the highest scoring South African Test Batsmen

In Tennis the season ending ATP Championships is underway in the O2 arena in london.
In the first group Andy Murray defeated Robin Soderling while Federer beat David Ferrer
In the other group Nadal squares off against Roddick while Djokovic takes on Thomas Berdych


  1. hey Swoosh

    this is completely off topic

    I was reading an article yesterday about AB DV record.
    The article painted Smith as a truly great captain/person for allowing AB to take a stab at his record.

    Taking nothing away from AB's wonderful achievement, and regretfully playing the race card here... but what about when Amla was 253 not out, day 2 against India, in India.
    He was certainly on course for the record, but was pulled in by the captain. That was a shocker.

    Whats your thoughts?


  2. I agree ABR. I was pro Amla carrying on. I did speak to various resources about this like Aslam Khota,Doc Moose and toppies from the plaza. Many pundits cried foul.Let me take you back to that interview
    Firstly Aslam & Ashraf,great to have you back. Without further adue..
    Hashim Amlas double Ton.Lets hear it, and the big question ...Was Smith Correct in declaring?

    Aslam: Hashim had scored some really superb hundreds and the 156 he scored in Chennai in 2008 was his first on foreign soil. This must have given him confidence to know that he can bat on the surfaces in the sub-continent. This double has catapulted Hashim to another level. He has finally 'arrived' on the Test Scene. The confidence, self belief and ability will become even more clearer and evident as he continues to learn the craft of batsmanship. I am answering this blog after he got to his second hundred in the 2nd Test. Judging by how he compiled those runs vindicates the above statement. Like Kallis, Hashim is now genuinly a 'prize' wicket at the very top level of the game.
    Smith without question was justified. The end justifies the means and the Proteas won by an innings! Many captains in the history of the game have done it at some time. I recall Mike Atherton declaring the England innings when Graeme Hick was on 98. In 1982 Imran Khan declared when Javed Miandad was on 280, chasing countryman Hanif Mohameds long-standing record of 333 (1953-54) and aiming to beat Sir Garry Sobers then record of 365. The result was another win for Pakistan. Many members of the public of all colours were critical of Smith, most I guess hardly watched (or listened!) the game, but made a hulla ballu. Hashim had batted for 11 and 1/2 hours, was suffering from cramp, needed pain killers and salt-Tablets at regular intervals. In essence he was exhausted. A players rule in Tests is that when a declaration is imminent, you stay not-out, especially when you score big! Hashim will be last to even consider that his captain was selfish.

    Ashraf: I think Smith was right - the priority is to win a test match and we were not to know that India would fall so cheaply in both innings fo the first test.So SA needed enough time to bowl them out twice.( India in the first innings of the 2nd test just proved my point) Also it is common practice for teams to declare in the hope of getting a wkts or two before stumps.( India did that against SA in 2nd test) .My feeling - I think Smith declared too late I would have given the team atleast 8 overs to bowl or even 10 that day and not 4. I have followed the debate about Smith's "selfish" declaration - and I think it is mischief making .. Do we have any proof for such slander? Has anyone got it from Smith or Hash or someone on the inside that he's reason for declaring was to prevent Hash from breaking the SA record. Has anybody got it first hand from Hashim. I think if Amla is good enough he will break all records one day- but ultimately its a team game and the team is judged by victories not by individual records

  3. Gibbs mentioned in his book about the camps containing Boucher,Smith,Kallis and AB.Ask Gibbs ABR.Theres your answer

  4. Hey ABR and Swoosh

    Dont be a poepol! In SA 550 is more than enough, but in the Sub continent we need alot more runs as those wickets are flat (as I type they just avoided the follow on)

    I'm no smith fan myself, but us chaaros need to stop acting like girls and looking for conspiracy theories

    If you ask why Amla is not in the Pro 20 side yet, you'll have a better point...but come on grow up!


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