Wednesday, December 08, 2010


In other results Arsenal overcame a scare to defeat Partisan Belgrade at Home. Was a fantastic second half and fantastic 3rd Arsenal goal. The Build up was superb. Other than that no excitement to talk about as everybody that we anticipated to qualify, qualified....So on to the draw next week

Benitez humiliates Inter
Inter Milan have made it clear that they will not be humiliated anymore.And Rafa has done that too many times. The defending Champions failed to top the group after being humiliated 3-0 away to Bremen. Leonardo the former Milan Coach has been tipped to succeed Rafa.
But amazing how Rafa has turned Inter from Champions into bazzlers.
There were good wins for Peps youngsters and the MANCS. It wasnt a sizzling matchday as most teams have qualified. We await the fate of Arsenal tomorow and then cant wait for the draw.


  1. Swoosh - I could not believe how many years u guys said "In Rafa we trust". He was shit then and he is shit now. Maybe you will realise that now.


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