Sunday, December 12, 2010


I remember the Arsenal vs Man Utd games of the past.Always heated affairs. There was alot of hype going into this game. It was big. Arsenal again let us down. They lost to the MANCS.And teh way Chelsea are playing the MANCS might just take 6 points in two weeks. Arsenal went a goal down to a Park fluke or dink or doink. But a goal is a goal. The encounter was not as passionate as the past. Remember when Keown and them were ruffling up Van Nistelrooy or when Keane fought Viera in the tunnel. We miss those days. The MANCS could have been two up but Rooney missed his penalty
What does he try with that funny run up of his. No wonder he blasted the ball over. But the MANCS win, they may not be playing well but they Won. And while everyone else crumbles SIR ALEX holds his head and keeps his cool. I think if the MANCS beat Chelsea the title is theres. For me it may be early but next weekend will define the Premiership

Hodgeson and the Liverpool teams answer to the humiliation of a great club
Tyneside...Saint James Park. Amazing atmosphere

On Saturday I attended the wedding of Banjo. It was a glittering function. Top Class and well the Banjo played its last tune. Seen many badaams and well back to football. At Tyneside Liverpools banjo played it last toon. After the wedding myself Moe and Oz ended up at nescafe Fordsburg and watched he second half. Okes were hissing and cursing. The Alis were laughing. Liverpool were outgunned by Newcastle. I was on Wats UP with and ex bird who stays in UK now and amazingly supports Newcastle. She was chatting to me from the stadium on how terrific the atmosphere was at Saint James Park. The Toons are known as one of the most passionate fans in the UK. So Hodgesons pudgy sad Liverpool loss face graces the Web again. As Rashid Cassim says a mid table manager will give you a mid table result. I dunno wats happening. I have no comment. Maybe I agree with the Mandela Post below lol. Again as the rain poured heavily on Saturday,It became another dark night
At White Heat Lane Spurs and Chelsea drew 1-1 with the Drog returning and becoming from Hero to Villain.Spurs took the lead to Pavlechenko only for Drog to equalise with sheer power. And in stoppage time the Ivorians penalty was saved....for Chelseas miserable run to continue
There were good wins for Bolton,Aston Villa and Man City. Tevez though seems like he is gone. There would be no English club for him as Tevez says he is missing his family and wan st to go home back to Argentina.

All eyes though will fall on tonight's massive clash between the MANCS and Arsenal

In LA LIGA Barcelona and Real again were rampant. 5-0 and 3-1 respectively. Penaltinho with a vinatge free kick and brace.

In Seria A, Milan went to the top of the table after a 3-0 win.Inter were on Internationa duty and a great win for Juve as they beat Lazio 2-1 thanks to an own goal in stoppage time. And the find of Krasic the Serb continues to pay dividends as he was Juves star. Another notable performance was that of Alberto Aquilani. The former Roman is now finding his form and is simply majestic in the centre of the park.I cant understand how this Juve tea has crashed out of the Europa Leage

Aquilani in majestic form for Juve
Oh and lastly we look forward to the Test and One Day Series against India next week. I went for Asr in Quwats yesterday. Saw a man from India standing next to me and in the 4th rakaat the bastard burped.
Now all Im saying is that was it necessary. I have broke it down to the following synopsis


A. There stomachs cannot hold out in the temperature of the Masiets (Mosques)
B. Its part of culture which I dont think.
C. Its just habit
D. The climate in South Africa or the environment or lets go as far as the food nixed with the air in South Africa affects the stomach
E. It cant be Indians that only do it. We are Indians from South Africa why dont we do it. Is it a Continent thing
F. They just do it to Piss you the f#4k off .

Look its not on so when you sitting in the stands this Summer please be careful of that dreaded BURP. Yes a man from Eden Gardens said that it happens not only in ramadaan and mosques but stadiums also


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