Monday, April 10, 2006

Soccer-Weekend Round Up

I just knew it. Arsenal will beat us(Juventus) and go lose to those mugs Man Utd. I mean I had guys sms'ing me from Rashid Cassim Sports saying "Watch Supersport and get some lessons on how to f%$k Arsenal up.
I still believe Man Utd are Shit. I mean Van Nistelrooy will be on his way to Madrid. But they will sign Chuck Norris so no worries there.

Juventus , looking stressful there.
1-1 draw against Fiorentina. The only good thing there is a Del Piero Equaliser. Kaka got a hat trick so the deficit is now 7 points.
Barcelona. They are gone.

So chaps, things seem to be heading as per plan. Lots of things to look forward to now. The World Cup, Champions League

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