Sunday, April 23, 2006


Tannie was the sport at Wits. Pronounced as THUNN NHI. On my blog I want to pay a special Tribute to the Official reignhing Champions at Wits.
Boys the last official tournament produced two great Champions. There has been many greats in the past. Maaling went on and on. Yes there were great Maarlers of the game. Rid Wan and Shaka, Zubair and Momo. Bilal and Big MoH. Tasnim and Zakiyah, The Govenor, Azee Moola, Talia and the B, Wasim Koor an Zee Mayet, Riyad loonat and the Beard. From Gknotts shaking the card and preventing a WUSH to Saalim and his puttner karvee.The zippo lighter and the camel guaais.How can we forget Zakiya and Ayesha Gani. Maaling went on till the late hours.
The Official Champions are GKNOTTS AND GMINTY.
You owes are legends and will be remembered as the Last Champions.
This is a tribute to you owes.
You guys are F#@@@N legends!!!!!!!!!.
Post your tibutes to the Official Thannie Champs. Click on the comment tab


  1. Those were the days when Naseem used to play cards and tennis on campus .

    Now he moves with Isamil to .....

    Good going lad you've come a long way since the late 90's

  2. well done lads... fair enough you guys were the champs of the last official tournament, but we have seen two soccer world cups since then and haley's comet... i think it's time for a new tournament to see if you guys still deserve the title of champs.. anybody agreee with me?

  3. Brazil won the cup in 1970. Everybody remembers Pele, Jarzinho, Tostoa, Garincha & even Dino ZOFF.The fucken greats WILL always be remembered.

    And if they win it again, they will get to keep the cup like the Jules Rimet.


    Not Mollies and Ballie

  4. well swoosh good to see that you are not wasting your time, and finally doing something productive. a tribute to the beautiful game of thunni, certainly brings back memories.

  5. well i have one thing to remind you of the mid 90's Swooah you F... Bastard , you fucked my side burns up

  6. hey GKNOTTS and GMINTY..
    if it weren't for me, u bloody guys wudn't have passed ecos101, your toppies wud have taken you out of campus and you would not have been on campus to be crowned the last official thunnie champs...

    PS: Now gknotts is gonna be getting fawbowled big time :-)


  7. What about Ridwan & Shaaka
    Ridwaan I told you cant play without me!!!

    East Campus Stair Guy

  8. I think GNOTTS & GMINTY deserve the title. To win the title you have to be allrounders in other departments.
    You guys are worthy Champions

  9. The only guys that were missing from the tournament taht could have posed a threat was Saleem & Karvee, Rid-one & Shaaka, Mollies & Ballie, Neelan & Sivanessan. But even if they were there Your guys team spirit would have PUNISHED THEM.

    A fan of Collection Time

  10. You Bastards are lucky.
    If we were there we would have 20 KARNUCKED YOU.


  11. Even though knotts and minty were champions... They still haven't many to beat till they can prove it... West campus tunnie still happens... Its on like donkey kong nowadays... But the people haven't really seen champions of the game... I mean guys who are really good at it... Raadiya khan(she won the tournament),yaaseen mohamed,rameez latif,waseem thokan,joe amla, moe mayet(green eyes),other moe mayet,chris,humphrey,ryan, raeesa bob,laila essop,shuaib gaibee,jibu... Maybe knotts and minty should have a crack at them...


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