Friday, July 04, 2008


Lets be brutally honest here. The name Ellis Park is synonymous to the word Great. Its a cauldron of history. Now When Mr Bairoo from Model Primary.pulled out the History 2000 text book, Did he say scratch out the word Dingaan for Shakas half brother and changed it to Sipho Hotstix Mabuse.
Ofcourse he f#4ken didnt.
How can he alter something so rich in culture and tradition...

Thats my point..Its like changing the stadium Camp Nou to "The Chimichanga Stadium"

You just f#4ken cant. Its history. The Morocca Swallows, Kaizer chiefs, Pienaar and his lads. They have all spilled blood there.

Its where Madiba walked out hoisted the Web Ellis Trophy with Pienaar. The Mainstay Cups with JOMO. Ellis Park is tradition and History.

How the F#4k can we change the name to Coca Cola Park. What if Uncle Bai Gora buys Twiza. Then will it be Twiza or Squeeza Park.

So whats next we gonna chnage the name of other historical things.

F3$k I need your views here.

I mean if those goes on how is my GRANDFATHER AND HIS FRIENDS ever tell us "You know in Fietas Days.......................

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