Sunday, July 20, 2008


Tonight i just wish to share with my members one of the projects we working on and trying to make crossroads and something I have experienced. As I said on my foundation I will write and be myself.

My intention is not to be disturbing or offensive to anyoneWe embarking on this project to assist burnt Children.

Recently I checked out this Burnt home for kids. Now Ive been asked by some. Swoosh! How do you handle these situations. Fair Enough its reality and not for the faint hearted or soft people..whatever, But lemme continue.

Im 31 now and Heck Ive seen life, lived life.seen the best of the best,the worst of the Worst but nothing prepared me for this. You know personally I have suffered setbacks,been knocked down and I used to ask myself, Why me. Its human nature. Often in life as human beings we become disgruntled and discontent.We always want more...or maybe I speak for myself.

Anyways lemme continue. So we went to this Burnt Unit.And I seen this kid.She must have been three. No this is not her pic. But there she stood. Alone ,,,,,,burnt to the bone. She was only three.

Her face was so badly burnt that I could just see her eyes,,,two holes to breath and her mouth...Jeez she was only three.Between you and I.....I stumbled out of the room for a while and there are those wakeful moments when you just put all the phoniness of life behind you. There is that time when all the crud of this world fades away.You stare into the mirror of reality for once. You sweep your problems aside in an instant, Your eyes get filled with tears and your heart feels heavy. You become grateful that God has given you the strength to make a difference to this little kid. And again When you see a person in this disposition smile..........You weep from inside.Where does she go...

What does she look forward to in life. I bet that she'd kill to be you and bare the burden of your petty problems which at any given point you see as major.Wouldnt she?

And then you see that will in her eyes.That will to Survive. It reminds me of a scene in last of the mohicansWhen he says...No matter where you go I will find You"You stay alive you hear me.No matter how long it takes, No matter how Far, You dont ever quit..You strive to survive, You stay alive and no matter you go I will find you,even if it takes a thousand years.In context,,You feel helpless...But you say TO YOURSELF...that I will come back and I will find you and help you and we will try together to make a Difference ....And thats Reality...So the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation will find you...And we will make that difference even if it takes a thousand years trying,Thats our intention.So with your support and assistance we can do this. Il keep you posted on the developments of this project

Another moment Id like to share with you is my visit to the Johannesburg General Cancer Ward. The plan here is Swoosh0018 CF are going in with sweets and party packs to share some smiles. We still working on it...waiting for permission to Execute OPERATION CANDY LAND. So will keep you posted. My visit entailed a visit of the ward and got to meet a few kids. So we we will dream , we wil dream of you and Swoosh0018 will try their utmost best to make your dreams come true. So please everyone we need your support. In anyway if you can assist, with party hampers, sweets, money. whatever to make these kids smile please email

Again I have lost a few people close to me through Cancer. Im not gonna go there.But I can tell you one thing, I had a feel of the journey.Chemo supposed to make you feel better right, instead it makes you feel more ill. Now when a normal kid just has the flu.......they need to be cheered up. They need to smile. They need that support because for them its a mundane routine of being always sick. That one smile can change sadness. It can change and alter that horrid dayThats what the Swoosh0018 CF aims to do...We gonna go there and share some smiles....We gonna go there and make an inch of a difference.
Because theres a chance that these little kids can close their eyes and never wake Up


  1. Tell me do you know of a place i can donate baby clothes

    0-12 months.
    I have a big packet full that i want to donate.
    Please advise


    Captain Jonathan R PAYNE
    64 Davies Street
    011 402 8101

    This is an orphanage that houses babies from the age of 0 to 3 years. They always in the need of anything. going there in two months time for teh second drive. We took clothes and toys to them.

    If you want also....we can arrange a pick up and Swoosh0018 will distribute for you


  3. shot will contact you sooon


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