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Azee and Seth ,when your father speaks to you..listen. Iphoned Azee on Saturday. He started citing injuries and a depleted Bok squad for the defeat.

Wing Bryan Habana pre-empted any criticism from afar on Saturday when he magnaminously took the blame for the Springboks' failure to score a try in their 16-9 defeat to the Wallabies in Perth.
Calling all Springbok supporters! Send us your Fan pictures and videos to and win great prizes from Sony and Sony Ericsson! Habana is at ease with the fact that supporters back home expect him to score every time he gets the ball within sight of the tryline, even if the rest of the Springbok attack was missing a few prongs on Saturday.
With the second half drawing to a furious conclusion, Habana could have really ruffled the Aussies if he had squeezed in at the left corner for a try that would have levelled the game if converted.
He seemed to have enough space for the try to be a certainty, but replacement centre Ryan Cross, on for injured captain Stirling Mortlock, pulled off a great tackle and Habana dropped the ball on the line. After consultation with television match official Glenn Newman, the try was quite rightly disallowed. It summed up a match in which the Springboks paid for a lack of attention to detail in their finishing.
Habana later called it a situation in which he would have expected to score.
"By my standards, in that situation I would back myself to convert so I feel that I let the team down and myself. We pride ourselves on our execution, but I wasn't able to finish the job off," Habana said without a hint of affectation.
Habana said the near miss had brought home to him the importance of taking every chance that came his way.
"At this level you don't get many opportunities. Things didn't go as planned for us today, we had a couple of chances that we didn't take and that cost us the game," he said.
There promises to be a nervous wait for the Springboks to see how serious Habana's shoulder injury, which forced him off after 66 minutes, is.
Schalk Burger, who as usual had the fur flying in the loose exchanges, went off with a neck injury after 49 minutes. No one is daring to contemplate that it might be a recurrence of the injury that kept him out of most of the 2006 season.
Burger hid a cracked vertebra remarkably well in completing a 29-15 win over Scotland in Port Elizabeth but then had to have an operation and there were serious doubts that he would ever be seen on a rugby field again.
It does not bear thinking about that a similar sort of injury could see the son going down on a glorious career.


I pit stopped at Riyad Loonat on Friday evening. I went to deliver his fantasy trophies. We were watching the close of play and the AMLA vs Vaughn Catching incident, that sparked alot of controversy. obviously Hash being the man that he is began walking and in my opinion not doubting the England Captain Vaughn. Though replays clearly showed that Hash was not Out. Smith and Arthur ordered Hash back. The incident wasnt made easier after AB'S catching incident with Straus. It was good to see the doc getting all emotional out there with Smith, enhancing his passion to the cause.

In my opinion f#4k the English...Has showed sportsmanship, It was Vaughn thats was the MUGG. But England are reeling with two days to play

According to the theory of the presenter during Italia 90.
Chelsea drew with Man Utd. Man Utd drew with Chiefs ,therefore Chiefs are on par with Chelsea and better than liverpool

Obviously it was a game where the MANCS were not going to go all out and I was surprised that they had so many first teamers on hand. Maybe Ferguson was afraid of Cape Town after his incident from the last time. So he couldnt express himself and his tactics.

The draw obviously didnt stop the Liverpool fans from having a go at teh MANCS. Drawing against f#4ken Kaiser Chiefs.

But when I always talk about that Man Utd p#$@ mentality. We could see it on Wayne Rooney, going in recklessly and getting carded in a friendly.

Apart from that, lets see the bucanners, and what they can do come the week


  1. Swoosh

    Call it like it is:

    Man United hammered the Scum, Chiefs drew against Man United so Chiefs would hammer the scum along with Arsenal and Chelsea too! Respect the great African club that we are!

    If Santana picked the whole of Chiefs for Bafana we would be world champions!

    UBG, is it true that you handled Sir Alex's Cape Town stock live at Newlands that is why he was scared to beat Chiefs!

    Doc Khumalo

  2. Ay doc bhai..

    That rumour u heard was correct.. There was this one time i handled POSH spice while beckham was getting a new hair cut..He was cutting while his wife was blowing..



  4. Hey Marty bhai..

    Do U remember Thomas Ravelli ??

  5. Finally went back home and caught a springbok game with the dad and uncle (miss those sessions) anyway as my uncle put it "the stupid coach made some awful stupid changes"!
    I've been defending de villiers right through and saying that he should be given a chance but this match may be my undoing. The Boks played pathetic and did not deserve to win. Simple tackles they didn't commit to and the result was a loss.
    Something else my father pointed out was that "when the proteas are losing the boks are winning and when the Proteas start playing well the Boks lose -- you can't have them both'. he seemed to have a point as the proteas were piling on the runs while the boks let it all slip away from them.

    O and Chiefs played well good on them for a draw and rooney is an idiot!!!

  6. Hey Azee

    Do you know Roy Pienaar from northen Tansvaal

    Marty McfLY bACK TO THE fUTURE

  7. Wasnt Roy Pienaar in the Tertius Bosch era..

  8. Het Marty..

    remember Kosie Venter from Orange Free State..

  9. Becareful ZK coz you might get punished for saying Rooney is an idiot on this blog from the Rooney lovers!(p.S.I am in total agreement with you on the comment)

  10. Hey Ubg

    u got a daughter i can marry?
    i want her to have my children, i want your genes in my kids!


  11. Pienaar came to transvaaal later on! no more beautiful shot to watch then a roy pienaar cover drive, it was just like poetry in motion!

    marty what about noel day, terence lazard, lawrence seef, phillip amm, spook hanley, allan kourie,mandy yachad? ring any bells?


  12. hey ubg

    i may be your dad!

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  13. Kosie was a short fat f*&k! who bowled a bit of spin and slogged a bit lower down the order!

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  14. Now thats what Im talking about?

    Can anyone talk more bout the mean machine back in the day. If they were playing International Cricket the SA squad would be Transvaal

    Azee.Do you know Henry Fotheringham?
    And what about Gerbrand Grobler.Northern transvaal rugby and Cricket

    Sylvester Clark,Cook, Fothers, jeenings, Yachad, Radford, PAge, Mcmillan, Rice, Kourie


    Mcfly anybody Home.Are you there Mcfly

  15. Talking about batting In Alsm Khota Interview I asked him Who would he have to bat for his Life.

    His answer was swift

    Sunil Gavaskar. Pure Class

  16. Maradona Best Ever, Ronaldo Close Second - Maldini
    Milan captain Paolo Maldini says that Argentine God Diego Maradona is the best player he has ever played against in his career, but he says that Brazilian striker Ronaldo is a close second.
    »Comments (30) Print This Story Send To A Friend Contact Us galleria zoom Maradona is widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time, following his amazing exploits for Napoli and Argentina during the 1980s and early 90s.

    Ronaldo meanwhile was seen by many as the best in the world during the late 1990s, and like Maradona he also blessed Italian football, first with Inter from 1997 to 2002, and then with Milan from 2007 until his contract expired at the beginning of this month.

    "Maradona is the best opponent I've ever played against in my career,” Maldini told Il Giornale.

    “However Ronaldo, when he was at Inter, was very close to him. He was devastating.”

    Maldini further praised his former team-mate, by stating that his arrival at Milan in January 2007 played a big role in their Champions League triumph at the end of that season, despite the fact that the Brazilian was cup-tied for the competition.

    "When he arrived he gave us an incredible lift, just as Ronaldinho has done now.

    “We won the Champions League thanks to him. He did not play, but we arrived in Athens exploiting the emotional wave of his signing."

    Milan defeated Liverpool in the final 2-1, with Pippo Inzaghi scoring both of the Rossoneri’s goals.

  17. hey swoosh you know dan van zyl northerns rugby and cricket as well! went on springbok rugby tour as well.

    hey marty you know, collis king and alvin kalicharan?


  18. What about Louis Wilkonson and Gerhardus Liebenburg for Free Sate.

    Marty Mcfly AND THE BEST DEATH BOWLER Richard Snel

  19. f#4K OFF Marty.

    I remember tears ago...Nataal as the old owes pronounced it needed 7 of 1 ball against Transval.Snel was bowling. I was watching with my toppie. Rhodes was facing. If Snel bowled a no ball and a six, it was game down. IF....

    and teh b#4tard did the very thing. Full toss, No Ball and Jonty smacked it out off the park.

    BNH NITE SERIES. I remember my oom, the Late Uncle Ismail Kola from Lesco. He was down to tears, couldnt believe it. heavy Transvall supporter he was

  20. the mean machine can suck my balls! WP had the team, seef, lazard, peter kirsten, eric simons, adrian kuiper, richie ryall, stephen jefferies, garth le roux.

    if i needed someone to bat for my life, steven "tugger" waugh. they dont come harder and more gutsy then him!

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  21. The Good old days.Fans smacking the advertising borads and saying do doood ddoooo do ddoooo dddooo


    Those days you could run on the pitch and grab the neon stumps.

    The Quwatul Saatie

  22. Fu3k WP.

    Mark Waugh was more classier than Steve.

    Does anyone remember Clive Rise destroying the Rebel Ozzies long time ago. Magnificent bowling

    Shabeer Dai

  23. what about louis vorster who was to be the next graham pollock?

    i recall snell making that mess up! b&h night series and the 55 over nissan shield, that was cricket of class!

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  24. hey shabeer, but mark had a shitter record!
    that was at st georges in PE, he took like 5 wickets in 2 overs for like 3 runs! kim hughes was crusing. kinda like what waqar and wasim did in total power series of 1992!

    mart mcfly
    "back to the future"

  25. ".................... series crickets the attraction on a hot summers night............"

    remember the b&h adverts! sublime!

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  26. Any Mancs remember Michael Duxberry, Frank Stapleton and Remi Moses

  27. hey seth

    u recall Frik DU Preez?

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  28. UBG was present at the B&H game between Natal and Tvl..

    Also do u remember Craig Matthews and how can u forget Andrew Hudson..

    Marty do u know who is Clive Eksteen..Mark Rushmere..Rudi Bryson..Meryck Pringle..Dave Richardson and Brett Schultz..

  29. Alvin kalicharan, suzanne lenglen, lottie dodd, mangosuthu buthelezi, cesar sampao, johan kriek, christo van rensburg, vlam michau, steve smith, chi chi rodriguez. Glory glory man united, glory glory man united, glory glory man united and the scouzers won't come to south africa coz they don't have no money for Airplane tickets, and they need money to buy barry who is worth R2 but livertwats are paying 15 million pounds and they dont have money to buy anyone coz they are stupid.

  30. rushmere went to world cup 92 when rice and cook were dropped. u talking of merick " pringle u make me tingle" who took 4 for 11 at the basin reserve in wellington against the windies in 92 world cup? he got it in the eye by a kapil dev bouncer at the bull ring as well!

    do u know Bobby Locke?or Guy Forget? and the scousers are just plain old shit!

    marty mcfly

    "back to the future"

  31. Hey Marty you know the good sides.WP were the kings and Kuiper was a legend.(hey but you forgot McMillan)

    Snell knew how to F@#k up constantly.What a wanker.

    Hey remember the streakers doing their thing @ the B&H final against the Banana Boys

    anonymous just before Marty comment>You a new Legend!

  32. what about Fat Pat Symcox that used to rub the ball under his arms for the sweat???


  33. what about abr? what a mugg?

    "adrian kuiper die apple boer van die kaap" as edwill van aarde used to say! is 100 of 49 balls against gattings lads! Edwill and Trevor Quirk now that was commentary of high class? what about charles fortune?> or were u lads too young to have heard his commentary?

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  34. mini,
    mcmillan was a transvaal lad who moved down to WP!


  35. Yeah Marty i recall Frik, the greatest Springbok ever! The man could catch, kick and run and he was a lock!

    But remember how the 74 Lions f**ked us up, they gave us a paneling of note!

  36. Remember Sweet n Short when they walked passed a statue of a rugby player and Alfred Khumalo said, "Ah Ah! Thees can not be Naas Botha coz thees man is running with the ball"

  37. Hey Marty, the scouzers will remember a great hero ,Graeme Souness hehehehehe. The best thing that happened to livertwats was souness-he fucked their whole history and everything up.

  38. ZK is an idiot, he dnt knw nothing. He dnt knw what an idiot is, but when he looks in the mirror he sees one. Rooney is no idiot. He is good player

  39. Anon you twat i'm not a guy :P
    Rooney is a pig


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