Thursday, September 25, 2008


With regards to Penaltino Christiano Ronaldo's girlfriend being a hooker, the media is buzzing. Why is this ? Is it because she is a hooker or because its Penaltino. Richard Gere did it in Pretty Woman. So whats the Big deal.

UBG left a kleepah underneath her peelow and she took it.
I see Drogba sai that she is also a human . Hooker or no hooker she is a badaam. But whats with these UTD litys, Anderson, Penaltino ,Nani ,even Rio Ferdinand. They always involved in these sorts of shebangs. I hear Anderson and Ronaldinho are involved in a Drugs scandal too.

OH Azeee and Seth did you guys see the Peter De Villiers Home Sex Video. Its out on the net. Is it real, is it fake. DID PDV do it for fame or is it just a hidden camera that was planted to put him away.

I rest my case

*The pic of Penaltinos girlfreind will be realeased next week. Tooo hectic now


  1. i luv hookers!!!!!!!!

  2. lol... thats the difference between Becks and Ronaldo...

    Hey Swoosh... how about posting a link to the PDV video



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