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With Uncle Bhai Gora

UBG and Sulaiman Al-Fahim the tycoon that owns Man City are quite close. What can we say our man is connected. It was UBG who in fact persuaded Al-Fahim to buy Manchester City and make them the Biggest Club in Europe

UBG also expresses his dismay at how Pele and Madrid are reacting over the transfer of Robinho. They are ashamed of Robinho bla bla. UBG says "Benchot", When Roman burst on the scene and started splashing no one says nothing. Now Al -Fahim buys Robinho, and everyone are going halels (a state of Indian panic).

UBG says "In life you are never to big Swoosh. Someone always Bigger than you. Look at Roman and how he was splashing. Now Al-Fahim is ten times richer that Roman.

UBG also says that Why is Pele talking so much. Why didnt Pele talk when Roman started buying. And no body butted in when Pele had erection problems. UBG SAYS the following about his friend. He is labelled as the "Donald Trump of Dubai"

Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim, the CEO of Hydra Properties got the Hollywood treatment last week, hanging out with stars including Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Katherine Heigl and Charlie Sheen at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at a posh estate in Bel-Air. Who is this guy? Dr. Fahim is a bit of a one man publicity machine for the economy and investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi, he's a young entrepreneur with his hand is a whole host of real estate developments. And like Trump, he's even hosting his own reality show. The Hydra Executives show will pit two teams, eight British and eight American contestants against each other in a variety of business related challenges in Abu Dhabi competing for the standard reality-television carrot of $1 million. Hydra Properties has a variety of projects underway in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mexico and elsewhere around the world.

10 Things you need to know about Manchester City's Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim
By Ann Gripper, 1/09/2008

Sulaiman Al Fahim (Pic:Getty)
Thaksin Shinawatra will remain as honorary chairman but Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim is the new man in town as far as Manchester City are concerned.

The club have confirmed they have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), and it is Dr Al Fahim who is set to represent them on the board.

So who is he? Here is your guide to the essentials...

1 Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim, now 30, has a family background in real estate and went into the industry himself aged 18.

2 He has studied at American business schools, receiving his PhD in Real Estate Investment and an MBA in Finance and Real Estate from Kogod School of Business from the American Universtity in Washington DC.

3 He founded Hydra Properties in 2005 promising 'to be different' - the policy paid off as his company signed $2billion worth of projects in the first two years to become one of the region's fastest growing property companies.

4 They have projects underway in Mexico, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, including a Golf Walk complex near Al Raha Beach - could be a nice retreat for City's stars to spend their summers when it is completed in 2010.

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5 Other sporting interests for Hydra Properties include sponsoring Dubai sports television, a Costa Rican soccer team and the German Bundesliga. And they are building a football academy in Abu Dhabi with Italian giants Inter Milan. Al Fahim himself already has one big role in the sporting world - he is President of the UAE Chess Association.

6 Dr Al Fahim is a rising star in the Arab World, moving up 61 places on Arabian Power's list of the 100 Most Powerful Arabs this year to be ranked 16th this year.

7 TV show 'The Hydra Executives' is behind Al Fahim's leap up the rankings as he is the show's founder and host. He plays the Sir Alan Sugar figure in an Apprentice style show which pitches eight Americans against eight Brits in the UAE property business. The winner receives $1million backing for their business venture. See him in action here:

8 He is not shy of publicity and has been snapped at premieres alongside the likes of Pamela Anderson and Demi Moore, and he discussed green issues over lunch with Leonardo Di Caprio.

9 Al Fahim's approach to business: "You have to do what you believe is right, even if everyone else tells you it is wrong. I said that as a company we would be unique, and everyone said you can't be unique in property development. If you try, you will fail. Well, we are unique and we are successful."

10 He won the Visionary Award at the Middle East CEO 2007 Awards. And he has a big vision for Manchester City too, declaring: "Our goal is very simple – to make Manchester City the biggest club in the Premier League, and to begin with, to finish in the top four this season.”

Those that were following the blog knows that UBG was snubbed by Roman. When Mourinho was shown the door Uncle Bhai Gora went public on Swoosh on how with a team of superstars even Swoosh's Uncle Bai Gora can achieve success. Avram got the job. Chelsea didnt win Europe and if UBG was manager Terry wouldnt have missed. UBG always says that he would have let Kalou kick the 5th penalty

UBG now has backed Man City and has told Robinho theres nothing wrong with the move.And everyone must shove it.

Regarding money being pumped into football UBG has said Dont ask me go ask ABSA.

Again UBG didnt get the job and Arthur Got it. but he doesnt mind. UBG has been bombarded with questions on WHAT IS GONE WRONG WITH THE SA 1 DAY SQUAD.

UBG responded.....First when you put a White man in the was a problem...Now if you put a black man in the team its a problem. Black , White , Brown who cares. If i vas deh Il put players with merrit. I vas very uoset ven Bodi didnt get a chance in the PRO 20. Den I look at problem. UCB give some players all expenses payed Roger Telemachus in the World Cup. When I heard Telemachus was going to Vorld Cup i phoned my grandfather quick quick and told him put on your box and pads. He said VY1IM 70 YEARS OLD.

I say Baajie.."Age is nothing. You brown and if Telemachus can make teh squad at his age you stand a chance. Pad up quickly"

Ve ask.Vat was Telemachus doing there. He didnt even play against Ireland. I would have taken Van de Vath.

But thats the past. Vat is happening now. The players cant say its been a long tour but thats what they paid to do. Maybe out with the old and in with the new. PLEASE somebody give that lity Tshabalala a chance.
Call Morne van Wyk. Faf Du Plessis and the De Bruin brothers. I met Cricket Umpire in Newtown. He say Ahmed Amla not given chance becoz Hashim contracted to UCB and UCB dont vanna pay two Amlas. I say Baai, Den vy they paying two Morkels. The two Morkels deserve it but. They guarantee you for two years.

Kallis , I tink is class, He just going thru bad patch. Bring back Boeta Dippenaar also. But merrit dey must pick on.....But den again if dey pick on merrit Bodi vould have played in PRO 20 tournament.

I dunno, readers for Svoosh can say what they feel. But if ve going for color and not merrit den paint Philander white..he dont impress me mutch and paint Boeta Dippenaar brown..I beeg fan

Chal Apre Jaaich (Come lets go)


  1. Aaari UBG

    Ek pyaar you with all my Goolab Jhambus

    The first dhing in the morning vhen I vake up I ask myself (with last nights naan katai in my hand)

    I dhought he will come get me during dhe night

    I have some questions for you my loov

    1. Hows the roza dhikri?
    2. Hows the taraweeh bachoo?
    3. If Dr Fahim is hangin out at serbits with all these Hollyvood stars, why does he not hang out with our Bollyvood stars?
    4. Vhen you adwised Robinho to join Manchester City, did you tell him that Brazilians only become legends if they play for Barcelona or Bellevue?
    5. Vhen you advised him to join City did you ask him not to help them win anything as ve all want Liverpool to win the league because I need Svoosh to get married so he can stop troubling me with his lagaan?
    6. what do you eat for sehri ma?

    Your loving vanatic

    Aunty Juleika


  3. aunty juleijha, women should be seen and not heard!

    so stop writing on blogg, and worry about tonights samoosas!

  4. Bhai saabs even with all that rockra man city will still be second best to Manchester United. You can have the most awesome strike force but if they don't click then they can't win trophies

    By the way Iftaar Mubarak!!!!


  6. Why yoll tellin Amichand Bhai Rajbansi(ABR) jumma mubarak?????

    "GO" minority front


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