Thursday, October 30, 2008


I phoned Rashid Cassim and asked him who was the guy that made the sheesh kebaabs at his braai. Sheesh Kebaabs will go down at a function

Once again it was three points. A hard fought three points. A penalty again but the MANCS can burn and call it theft. Fact is we got three points. I ahd no DSTV so I had my soccernet window open and was having some banter with two chicks on facebook and Azee. Tony Adams at the helm of Portsmouth was gonna be tough. Whenever there is a new Boss, there is that buzz to impress him. But Gerard to the rescue is all I can say.

The Mancs, Thanks to Penaltino beat West Ham 2-0. Anything less than a victory would have been a tragedy. Why is the media saying that Penaltino looks so glum. Is Penaltino happy. Does he have the same spark as he did last year. Honestly he looks like he wants to party at a new club, eat at a new joint, Leave Teasers and go to the Grand...thats sort of a thing

I remember how the MANCS used to say in July...."He must F#4K OFF IF HE WANTS TO GO"

Big Phils blues led by Lampard cruised and made Hull who everybody has been touting as UEFA Qualifiers look ordinary. Thats Chelsea

Good wins for Fullham, Everton, Aston Villa and Bourough...But the game of the evening was the London Derby deemed by many Arsenal Fans as one of the most passionate games for an Arsenal Fan. Spurs now led by Rednapp seem to be on the up. Arsenal led 4-2 before Spurs came back. Modric hit the bar at the death and Lennon slotted home.

The Arsenal Litys party the whole night but dont save the last dance. Wenger must be fuming. You cannot and simply cannot concede two goals at the end. Its not On. 3 points is three points

In Serie A, Juve are back to winning ways, Thanks to Pavel Nedved, Milan won. Whats great was that Inter drew again in Florence

Other talking points are that Sir Alex Ferguson and his mates claim they go the PUB and have a laugh at Sepp Blatter because of all the k##k he talks. Good on ya mate

And for Woza2010 ..........There is that remote chance that the Argies will lift the World Cup in 2010 with Maradona as Manager. The legend Diego Maradona is the new Manager of Argentina. I can only imagine playing under this Legend. Im sure his presence will make Argentina formidable. I mean which player would not want to play under this man.

What do the readers think. 2010...We cant wait. If Liverpool dont win the league, they must win it in 2011.........and NOT BEFORE lol



  1. what a sublime piece of skill by Berba to creat the goal for Ronaldo

  2. Maradona - Sublime player, but too many troubles. I think that the Argies won't have a chance because the coach won't be able to stand straight in training or at the games. hehehe.
    He is too unpredictable but has not yet proven himslef in management. It will be interesting to see how the qualifiers go for them

  3. Berbatov's setup of the second was class.

    I was watching the LFC game. It was heading towards one of those frustrated games like against Stoke City. They kept attacking and fumbled the moved when it mattered most. As u say, 3 points is 3 points.

    Wat about HULL CITY. Will they bounce back from this defeat ??

    And MAN CITY lost 2-0.. If they wanna break into the BIG FOUR.. Middelsbrough are a team you are expected to beat.. Esp with okes like Elano, Jo, Robinho,Wright Phillips and Ireland.

    I will comment about Liverpool in May..

  4. Ronaldo looks like a oke thats playing with a gun to his head bhai.

    He is clearly not happy. U can see it on his face. Or maybe he just a sour puss (as in cat)

  5. Hey Punisher Beware I am in the rising!

    How was Spurs?Class man!My larnies toppie is a Spurs fan and he came running to me today just to tell me bout his team!

    Hey Marty I see someone mentioned Sanchez Vigario in tennis.What about Gabriella Sabatini(what a babe from the past)
    How about Yanik Noah,Matts Wilander,Stefan Edburg

  6. What about Ivan Lendl and Bjorn

  7. And what about that Mahomed guy? Sorry, he is in the future.

  8. Mohammed Ali Amr a.k.a NAYImThursday, 30 October, 2008

    Sorry you racist boet!

    I used to play for Spurs!

  9. Lendl was class too.(Who can forget those long wristbands)

    Bjorg still is a legend!(for the ladies twas Navrtilova)

    Dude remember Pat Cash with his Grand Prix style headband?

  10. Marty and Mini

    What about Thomas Muster, the man used to eat clay every morning?

    And do you remeber how Jana Novotna threw away the Wimbledon final against Graf. She then chunked all over the Duchess of Kent!

    What about the GP greats of Senna, Prost, Piquet, Mansell, Fittapaldi?

  11. Marty

    Remeber swoosh with his Agassi inspired look?

    Blast from the past

  12. all those were muggs compared to ROD LAVER! THE MEN WON 2 GRAND SLAMS IE: WINNING ALL 4 IN ONE YEAR!

    that is a legend!

    spare a thought 4 seve ballesteros! a legend!has a brain tumor! no better short game in the history of golf then seve!

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  13. where is that abr mugg! on monday he was ? ronaldo again! he has scored 5 already 4 the season and he has only been playing for a month!

    viva ronaldo! viva ronaldo1

  14. I dont understand why Benitez changes his team and plays the Mugg Penant

  15. Hey marty

    remember Vijay Amritraj in Wimbledon. the guy that starred in Octopussy. Class doubles player he was

  16. There's only 1 DARREN FLETCHER!
    There's only 1 DARREN FLETCHER!
    There's only 1 DARREN FLETCHER!

    How sublime has the form of Darren Fletcher been? The man has been on fire and his goal against Everton was sheer class.


    Is Gerrard better than Fletcher?
    Is Gomes better than Fatty Robinson?

  17. No guys, not Bjorn Borg, Bjorn 2000 I meant!!!!!!

  18. Coz Benitez is a mugg

  19. Hey Azee

    thanks for thinking of me....
    i missed you too...

    United boss Sir Alex Ferguson believes the 23-year old is close to finding his best form, but come the end of the season he warned that he will be some way off the 42 he totalled last term.

    "He is getting there," Sir Alex is reported to have said. "It is unfortunate due to his ankle operation he is effectively coming through his pre-season in competitive games.


  20. was punisher watching the game at like 7 in the morning?

    has he been to the GABBA as yet?

    is he a real "bruce" ?

  21. was punisher watching the game at like 7 in the morning?

    has he been to the GABBA as yet?

    is he a real "bruce" ?

  22. Gillett refuses to comment on Liverpool sale rumours

    • Co-owner claims there will be no more public feuds
    • Denies plans for new stadium have been permanently shelved

    Thursday October 30 2008 14.03 GMT

    Liverpool co-owner George Gillett has refused to comment on speculation which suggested that the club is up for sale. There have been strong rumours in recent weeks that Gillett and co-owner Tom Hicks were ready to sell their stake at Anfield, with the investment bank Merrill Lynch believed to have been contacted to find a buyer for the club.

    Last week Hicks confirmed that Merrill Lynch had been retained by the duo, but stated that they were merely providing advice on the refinancing of their £350m loan package with the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is due to expire in January. Gillett, however, has now refused to be drawn on what future plans the two have for the club. "With regard to what we're doing we would not have any comment on that - there has already been enough speculation on that," he said.

    Gillett also revealed that the relationship between the owners' and the fans has improved significantly and, after months of public feuds, they now wish to conduct their business behind the scenes. "There are some of things which have happened which have upset the fans and got them mad at Tom and myself," Gillett told Toronto Sport's Radio.

    "At this point, based on the media that we are seeing and an awful lot of the fan communication, I think they are at a point now where they are allowing the boys to demonstrate their skill. And also to allow Rafael Benítez - who is one of the great coaches - to do his thing and we just want to leave it that way and we will operate behind the scenes and let the club do the talking."

    Gillett also denied that plans for a new stadium in Stanley Park have been permantly shelved, and claimed that his relationship with Hicks has improved significantly. "We put [the stadium] off on a temporary basis and we continue to invest substantial money every month in both engineering, architecture, planning, approving and zoning. All of the various measures you go through, so there is still a substantial effort going on, but the current situation in the financial world has made it prudent to delay it for an immediate period of time until the money market eases up.

    "Tom and I are talking and we are working together. They seem to have a measure over in England as to how well you getting along as friends by whether use first names to each or other or not. And the answer to that is that we are talking to each other on a first-name basis. Things are good. Tom is a great guy and he is smart as hell. We got off on the wrong basis and I think we are a little embarrassed by that."

    Gillett remains confident that Liverpool - and Premier League clubs overall - are in a good financial position despite the large debts they have to survive in testing economic times. "I don't know all of the facts. What I read is not in the newspapers because it is an unreliable source - what I am looking at are other financial filings which I think are more reliable," Gillett said. "There are certain sports which have felt the impact. It's a good time to be cautious but it's a bit early to write the obituary of professional sports."

  23. liverpool for sale?
    what happens to the swooshing plans?

  24. hope liverpool go through a Souness period again sell the club to some mugg wanting to make a quick buck or two then sell all the twats and they end up like leeds utd....fuck i can write a book

    Berba you muthafuckin hero sublime skill this season we are winning the league again say what you want we are the champions

    As i said before liverpool will stay top for a while then the blues and the mancs will dominate top spot

    I guess swoosh aint getting married for a while

  25. Nobody will buy that rubbish team liverpool-they will rot and get kicked out of soccer. They are a disgrace to soccer coz after all that hype of winning so may titles they want to burn down gerrards home when he wanted to leave the club. No manners they got. They should rot and fade away-even the banks don't want them!!!!!!!!!

  26. Today,Tomorrow,Together......You will always walk alone!

  27. Seth

    Muster was sublime on the clay,pity though the man couldn't do on the other turfs what he did on clay!

    Hey Swoosh

    Why no golf news on this sporting blog?????


    How was the "GREAT WHITE" with his crocodile dundee hat teeeing off?:"

  28. Where is ABR??????? Amichand "Bhai" Rajbansi

  29. Hey Marty you remember marty feldman hehehehe!!! What about zina garrison ho used to shake her ass before the return of serves!!!!!!! So I hear the score is going to be Tottenham 2-livertwtats maybe 1 or nil.

  30. anon remember Frankkie Fredriecks?

    Harry Redknapps boys are gonna bury the scum


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