Wednesday, October 08, 2008


What ....only one Mayet in the TOP 10. This year its gonna be tough. Mo Moten still keeps his place. But stats in the past show that the top guy in the beginning fades away. Still lots of games to go........I managed to climb four places from 19 -15.I think....Oh and well done Ebie Kop End to be second place

1. woolwich14 mohammed motan 51 346
2. Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed 55 345
3. El NiƱo f.c yusuf $eedat 64 342
4. FLY F.C Farid Saloojee 61 340
5. Leyton Orient zubair kaka 62 338
6. Real Champions Riyad Loonat 74 337
7. Wanna Beeeeeez Yusuf Mayet 53 334
8. FC Toby Irshad Latiff 53 331
9. Bergkamp XI Suli G 50 326
10. Red Tide Ary Moosa 63 324

The League has now closed. Payment Cut off is on the 15 October 2008.Thereafter teams will be booted and will only be re-entered upon Payment.

Trust me .to reenter is a mission.
The Carling Cup starts on the first week of November.

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