Thursday, November 27, 2008


It was decided that we going to go right through with the Debonairs Cup

So this week is the 4th Round and here is the draw

1. FLY F.C Farid Saloojee vs Wanna Beeeeeez Yusuf Mayet 51
2.Zunaid Patel naughty Boys vs Swoosh0018 FC Naseem Mayet
3.Yusuf The Jozie Maiter. Kings x11 vs Azurri Boys. Shaheer Laher
4. .I'm better than UBG! Mohsin Seth vs ANZO STARS ANEES MAYET
5. FC HAZRATS yusuf rasool vs Gunned Down . Faaiz Oz
6. 17 ZamRam Faiyaz Mayet vs FC Toby Irshad Latiff
7. Shahid Osmany Adega vs Fordsburg Lighties Bilal Coovadia
8. Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed vs Pops f.c. Riaz Ismail

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