Monday, November 03, 2008


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR F1 CHAMPION Mohamed Shakir Laher on being the Autostyle Best of the Best Champion for 2008

Unlike the Hamilton incident, The man is a deserving Champion. He led all the way and was really closely pursued by Riyad Loonat. Well done Shakes. Mini please organise the trophy and get back to me. Shakes we will make a presentation and picture for the blog. Well done on winning the Championship. In second was Fantasy guru, Riyad Loonat. He missed out on yet another title. In third was Ridwaan Mayet, also another fantasy Kingpin

Podium finishes for the Brazilian Grand Prix were as follows
2. Riyad Loonat Real Champions 192
3. Mohammed Shakir Laher The Master Senna 179
The Drivers Championship concluded as follows
1. Mohammed Shakir Laher The Master Senna 2643
2. Riyad Loonat Real Champions 2582
3. RIDWAAN MAYET Rids 2560
4. Ary Moosa Mika's pride 2555
5. Yusuf Maiter Mclaren Rulez 2554
6. Yusuf Alli The Drunken Masters 2413
7. ziyaad mayet 2388
8. Yousuf Kadwa Swaar F1 2383
9. Mohammed Mayet Ta^KiLLa 2372
10 Ebrahim Ahmed Team Schumi 2344
11.Candice Chaplin Candice's Dream Team 111 2342
12.Abu-Bakr Nadat Scuderia_2008 2318
13. Mohmmad Afzal Mahomed MINI MILES 2269
14 Farid Saloojee FAST FRED 2245
15. Irshad Latiff FC Toby 2178
16. Naseem Mayet Swoosh0018 Italians 2154

17. Yunus Suliman Benetton-The Return 2133
18 Yusuf Seth Abou Traikas 2097
19 Ejaz Khan Crash Test Dummies 1956
20. Z K Anarchists 1948

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  1. Ary it seems the Alipur beat you to it hey?

    I havent been playing so I cant be disappointed with myself


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