Sunday, November 02, 2008


For my cuzies in London & Durbz and Cape Town. From left to right. My Grandfather Ahmed Bhaai mayet, Mr Ebrahim Bhaai Patel, Dinker Manga, Imtaiz Kola and my toppie Baboo Mayet

Imtiaz Kola showing me the ropes

I was in a zone

Admiring my throw

Two weeks ago I had to present the Wits underwear Cup at the Lenasia Bowling Green. Now my Grantoppie is an avid Bowler and along with his mates Esoep Bhai Casco, Late Baboo Pahad, Imtiaz Kola, Mr Ebrahim Patel and co have developed great passion for Bowls otherwise know as Old mans Marbles. So my family decided that we would donate the annual Wits Underwear Tripples Bowling trophy. I had to be there with my Toppie to present the award. At the same time I said to my oom Imtiaz Kola, Well let me give this a bash.
Now that Im heading into the 40s lol...I might as well take up the sport.
At the presentation obviously there was no talk about badaams and FTV etc, But let me tell you the old timers were sending out some belters. As for the Bowling......I quickly realised the skill needed .......Its not like Tenpin bowling where you just let rip

After teh chows thats where the fun started, the Old Timers were letting some belters rip. Here are a few jokes from the day as told by a few bowlers
This is a condition whereby your chest colapses and your stomach sticks out. A common sign of old age, many of the bowlers had a chuckle.
Another joke was two chinese businessman come to Fordsburg. Ones name was Mr Choo and ones name was Mr Tia. They decided to open a shop. Two months of trading went by. There ws no business. Not even a single customer. The chinamen were worried. So they phoned Uncle Bhai Gora. UBG got to the scene and looked at the signage. He said benchot look at teh name of your business.
But the real ripper was when Uncle Bhai Gora went for a prostrate op a few years ago. Now he was in alot of pain. And he was resting. Magan Bhaai came to see him but magan Bhaai stuttered really badly. So Magan Bhaai started BBBBBBBBBBBBB, BHAAAAI GGGGGGoooooraaaah. Teeeeeee teeee neh hoe tttttew (Gujatrati translation-What happened to you?) UBG said I went for a prostrate op. Magan Bhaai said. BBBBBBBBBBBB HHHHHH BBBBhai gora..MMMMMMMMMhhhh neh kkkkkkkeyhe pppppppPPPPPP prostrate hoe che (Tell me UBG What is a prostrate op)
Bhaai Gora said ay if Im gonna sit here explaining this whole thing it going to take me long
So he cut it short and said "Areh magan Bhaai, Jem toe bolleh, gem too ooe Pisaap Kare"
(AY Magan Bhaai, The way you talk thats the way I piss. Are you happy now)
Overall it was a superb day and The Wits Underwear cup will now be hosted as an annual event.


  1. ari bhai toe tow dohaa taighya?
    playing old timers games

  2. yoh doha
    and looking thin too

  3. u were good at pocket bowls so u should not be too bad at the real thing!


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