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Every one has their own idea of who the Greatest World XI of all time is. In this section of the post we will be inviting users to vote for the SWOOSH0018’s BEST FIFA WORLD CUP XI of all time. Also remember that it the BEST WORLD CUP XI of all time so certain great players may not even feature in the team selected by you, SWOOSH0018’s readers. This week we will votes on who will be SWOOSH0018’s FIFA WORLD CUP XI Goalkeeper.

A list of Great World Cup Goalkeepers are given below. You are not limited to vote for the players listed below.
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Swoosh0018 will be giving a prize to the person who correctly guesses Swoosh0018’s correct World XI as well as answer all the Trivia Questions Correctly. The actual prize itself will be confirmed during the course of this competition. Any person or company interested in sponsoring a prize please contact Swoosh at

And we are going Big with the prizes, so just vote..You never know, Tickets maybe, maybe memmorabillia, sponsored hampers...


22 October 1929 – 20 March 1990
World Cups: 1958, 1962 & 1966

Undoubtedly one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, if not the greatest. Lev Yashin made his World Cup debut in 1958 which is where he made his name as a goalkeeper and a soccer legend. Lev Yashin due to his excellent performances in this World Cup, especially against The Great Brazil team of 1958 including Pele & Garrincha, where he limited Brazil to just 2 goals, revolutionized Goalkeeping forever. He was nicknamed the Black Spider because of his full Black Kit and many footballers said he was like a spider with 8 Arms.
Lev Yashin was instrumental in getting the USSR to the quarter-finals of the 1958 & 1962 World Cup despite suffering two concussions in the latter. In 1966 Lev Yashin was an important part of the USSR team that finished 4th.
He was also the first ever Goal Keeper to win the European Player of the Year Award.
FIFA also introduced the Lev Yashin Award in the 1994 World Cup for the best Goalkeeper in honour of the great goalkeeper.

Defining Moment: The Entire 1958 World Cup especially against Brazil.

Born 30 December 1937
World Cups: 1966 & 1970

Definitely another great goalkeeper following on from Lev Yashin. A Very important last line of defence in the 1966 World Cup which England won without conceding till Eusebio’s penalty in the semi-final. A True English Legend that unlike Lev Yashin WON the World Cup in 1966. Banks continued to be England’s number 1 in the 1970 World Cup and his form was still solid and spectacular.

Defining Moment: Winning the 1966 World Cup and the ‘SAVE OF THE CENTURY’ against Pele of Brazil in 1970. Check out this video and you decide.


Born February 28 1942
World Cups: 1974, 1978 & 1982

Dino Zoff was the oldest player to ever win the FIFA World Cup with Italy in 1982 as well as only the second goalkeeper to win the World Cup as Captain. His solid performances for Italy throughout this World Cup assisted Italy to win their 3rd FIFA World Cup and 1st one Post World War II. Dino Zoff played 17 World Cup games for Italy in 1974, 1978 & 1982. He also holds the record of 1142 minutes without conceding in International Football between 1972 & 1974.

Defining Moment: Winning the 1982 World Cup as captain of Italy.

Born 28 January 1978
World Cups: 2002 & 2006 (Probably 2010 as well)

Definitely the greatest goalkeeper today (Casillas & Cech may object). His defining moment came in the 2006 World Cup where Italy were champions. His performances throughout the World Cup were solid and spectacular and allowed Italy to win their 4th World Cup. Italy’s success in this World Cup was definitely due to their great defence which Buffon was the last line as they only conceded 2 goals in the entire tournament, one being an own goal against USA in the first round and the 2nd a penalty from Zidane in the final. An amazing Defensive record which Buffon was an important part of. Definitely worthy of being mentioned in this list.

Defining Moment: Winning the 2006 World Cup conceding only 2 goals in 7 games.


Who was the first player to play in 5 FIFA World Cups?
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You’ve seen Gordon Banks “SAVE OF THE CENTURY’

Now check this SAVE!

Voting Closes on Wednesday 14 January 2009.

This section of WOZA 2010 WOZA will continue in January 2009.



  1. What about Claudio Tafarel. Was he not a winner in both 94 and 2002. He deserves a mention.

  2. Firstly Claudio Tafarel was not even in the 2002 squad. Marcos was Brazil's 1st choice keeper. But if you still like Tafarel you can vote for him. I have given a choice of 4 goalkeepers. You are not limited to vote for them.


  3. I remember that comentator "WHAT A SAVE BY GORDON BANKS".

    Indeed the save of the century. Mind you a great match winning save Galactico was Buffons of Zidanes header. Brilliant save of a bullet header.

    I cant vote but for obvious reasons my keeper is definately Gigi Buffon

  4. Hey Azee and Seth ,You remember Patty Jennings who at 40 years of age played for Ireland.

    He was beaten by that Josima cracker

  5. Swoosh You Can vote and leave your trivia answer. You just Can't Win the prize. So send me your buffon vote.


  6. What about Goycochea for Argentina. He took Argentina to the finals in Italy when he was brought on as substitute for Pumpido!!!!!

  7. Oliver Khan. Had an exellent WC in 2002 and then f#4ked it all up in the final

  8. Great stuff Galactico. You guys keep it coming.

    Some great keepers over the years.
    Shilton, Zenga, Bodo Ilgner, Tony Shumacher, Narey Pumpido, Andoni Zubizeretta, Joel Bats, Fabian Barthez, Rinat Daseav, Felix from Brazil.

    The list is long.

    But I would say Yashin.


  9. Thing about Italain goalkeepers is that they are awesome shot stoppers etc. But Penalties they could never pull off. There are penalty stoppers and shot stoppers. Anyone agree. Like Pepe Reyna is probably the best penalty stopper

    Buffon and Zenga were helpless in both the World Cup Shootouts.

    A penalty stopper that changed his countries destination in the World Cup 1990 was certainly Goycochea. The Mat Le Blanc looking goalee was a revelation


  10. peter schmeical?

    why not ? is it coz he only won euro 92 and this is a world cup team?

  11. what about rene heguita and chelevert? jorge campos the dimunitive mexican with the colorful kits?

  12. tony meola!


  13. Chilavert used to kiss a medal or something no!

    What about our very own Spiderman Brain Baloi.

    The master of crosses

  14. Italy had the best line of Goalkeepers.

    Zoff, Tacouni, Zenga, Pagliuca, Peruzzi,Buffon

    Thats why they give away little in all competions

  15. Azee, Who would you rate as Englands best. Anonymous I agree with you bout Italy, but same can be said for France, Germany, Spain etc.

    England were also class in the stix
    Shilton, Banks, Seaman. But from Seaman onward the Calamaties started. Remember the Ronaldinho howler in 2002.

    Azee...Out of Englands list of GK'S who would you choose to save a penalty if your life depended on it

  16. Seth do you remember Hans van Breukelan. Former Notts Forest and Dutch goalkeeper

  17. Gary Bailey!!!!!!!!!

    on a serious note, banks was quality and shilton! u right since say chris woods, we have had some shockers, seaman i never rated, calamity james, robinson. carson shockers!

    zubizarata deserves a mention, coventry city's steve ogrisovitch one 4 marty?

  18. wasn'y that mugg Grobelaar at the end where the shit started at hillsborough?

  19. Yeah i remember old Hans.

    I remember one game after the striker had placed the ball for a penalty he walked up to the spot, picked up the ball, spat on it and put it back down. The striker went on to miss the spot kick.

    Azee, Marty, Swoosh you remember crazy German Schumacher who took out Batiston in the '82 semi with a flying kick?

  20. What about Schmeichel you effen madders....

    Have you forgotten what class he was, think before you comment muggs

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