Monday, November 17, 2008


It was a nice relaxing weekend with the lads. Did nothing except for attending a birthday of one of the FHM 100 most sexiest woman. Happy Birthday Katya Pappalardo. Have a good one. Sunday, chilled out, had a meeting and had the superb steak at my swoosh0018's venue,Cafe Nescafe. The steak was really sublime and I highly recommend it. Saw the passing traffic, sat outside on the couches and soaked up Fordsburg on a Sunday.

In terms of the footie, everyone remains happy this weekend.

Lets start off

A great performance against Bolton. In the past it is Bolton who always make life hard for us. But this time we were emphatic. How was Gerards second goal. Brilliant work by Tores. We are not just winning Ugly any more. We are rampant. These were the games that we used to throw way in the past. But heading into chistmas , any Liverpudian will be proud and confident.
Great win..................................................................................


As I said Arsenal are like Takilla. One day it skops you the next day it doesnt. The Manc fans must be pretty pi##sed off. They lose to Arsenal and Arsenal lose to the minnows. Faaiz Oz, Zam Ram and Jives.Please comment .I dont know what to say anymore


Good win for Chelsea and Bosingwa and Anelka are on song. Cheslea are doing what they do best and we could be in for a great season ahead of us with the top three in the Premiership. The excitement is heating UP.


PENALTINO. What would the Mancs be without Penaltino. I must admit that his first free kick was a belter. That paved the way for a UTD demoliton. Penaltinos second was equally admirable. And that lity, forgot his name....humdinger of a third. The Mancs were all smiling in Bescafe yesterday. Overall a good victory for all.

Other than that good wins for Sunderland over Blackburn. The rest of the teams drew

In La Liga, Real Madrid lost and Barcelona won. Hows Diego Forlan, putting away. For the MANCS he was absoulute sh@3e

In Serie A, Milan were awarded a soft penalty and Kaka converted. Inter won, Roma had something to smile about against Lazio in teh Rome Derby.

Juve wbeat Genoa in midweek to make it 7 out of 7


Pirates beat Chiefs 2-0. Great victoy for the Buccanneers. Mohsin Ethtugral, The SABC okes are right. He is overated. How can you come out in public lambast your players in public and say that there is only 7 decent players. He needs to be shot. Seth and Azee, ABR AND THE LIKES..WHAT ARE YOUR OKES VIEWS OF HENRY MICHEL getting paid 750 000 per month for Sundowns?


  1. Hey Swoosh....
    Any comment about Keanes miss from 4 yards?


  2. up the buccaneers

  3. Christiano Ronaldo. The greatest footballer of the modern generation by far

    We love you CR7

  4. hey ABR,

    Any comment about Ronaldo's form? i hope u enjoying that humble pie!

  5. Azee..What shit are you talking. He just scored two free kicks.

    Other than that he has been average. He has not shown himself in the Big Games.

  6. 2 class freekicks!

    abr was ? the guy a few weeks back. saying hhis now where near his last years form etc. but the guy is delivering! you also seem confused, in ur post you say where will the mancs be without him, and now you say its just 2 freekicks and he is not delivering?

    its a case of " ceasar u speak with a forked tongue"

  7. Liverpool are missing a striker in the mould of Heskey. We need that big burly man upfront.

    Zaki from Wigan is the answer.

    Benitez,Please buy Zaki


    PENALTINO. What would the Mancs be without Penaltino. I must admit that his first free kick was a belter. That paved the way for a UTD demoliton. Penaltinos second was equally admirable."

    Swoosh are you the author of this blog? Above is your theatre of dreams post and Ron the Don is being praised, now you say all he did is score 2 free kicks and being averaged!

    It looks like since this morning ABR shared some of that humble COCK with Swoosh and he liked it so much he changed his mind!

    I suggest Swoosh and ABR get used to eating humble COCK on a regular basis!

  9. I said he was good against Stoke.

    Lets be honest you MANCS the man is not at his best.

    You guys make a big hoo haa...Its Stoke, Why couldnt Penaltino do it against The Big Boys.

    He got no BMT. And thats the bottom line

    Fine.Against Stoke he was awesome.

    Its like singing in Partdar Hall and then you cant sing in the Dome

  10. Its like Bash Hoosain and Sharukh Khan. Bash out sings "Dan Singh" in partidar but he gets cold feet against Sharukh at the Aifa

  11. BMT PLAYER-Hello and Welcome Lionel Messi

  12. Hey Azee ,Do you remember Woorkeri Raman from India and Parvin Amre

    MARTY McFly

  13. Hey Azee

    yeah he scored 2 free kicks, but something dont look right... all the Die Hard mancs are saying his body language isnt right... he looks down.... they saying the madrid offer messed him up...
    he is lacking the hunger he had last season????

    Swoosh... concerning the R750 000 for a local player... i dont think he is worth it, but its great to see SA spending so much money...
    I was actually hoping that Sundowns sign Ruud Gullit. The man with all his experience would have been great for SA soccer...

    Sadly soccer is all about the money these days... if you dont spend, you cant attract quality. But i maintain that the bulk of the money should be spent at the grass roots level.
    If we can develop a world class youth policy, we will one day have a world class domestic league..


  14. Swoosh you obviously need a smack boy....again your freaking comments on Ronaldo are wrong

  15. Your bolg i know, you can say what you want but fuck me sideways sometimes your comments are mind boggling.

    You think you know BALL you know SHIT man

    SWOOSH for Mugg of the Week

    Everyone agrees

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  17. ABR stop talking sh*t, who are these Die Hard mancs you know that say he doesn't look the same? Introduce them to the blog and let them speak for themselves?

    The quality of your postings have really deteriorated and lack any subbstance, you scraping the barrel bra by commenting on his body language. 2 weeks ago it was how many he missed after scoring 2. I'm sure next week you'll tell us that he sold United fans out by changing his hairstyle after so many okes copied him and the week after it'll be the colour of his boots!

    Stroker to win titles you need to do it against the big boys and minnows. Just ask Arsene, beating United in between losses to Villa and Stoke is winning you nothing!
    You the one who posted that he was class now you change your tune? We not asking for much, just consistency but being a Scouser i guess that's hard to come by!

  18. swoosh stop talking kak! u back peddling now!

    just admit the lad is the best around currently and stop becoming another abr!

    swoosh for mugg of the week!

  19. go become objective before you post on the blogg!

  20. Hey swoosh, if its just stoke then how come livertwats, drew against them. The difference between last season and this season is that last season united lost to the minnows and WON the league and this season united's losing to the big teams but winning against the minnows. Nothing truly different if you really analyse it. The outcome is the same another league title for the Mancs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mugg of the Week.Il gladly except

    But you f#4kers are lambasting

    How can you even dare make a comparison between Carrick and Gerard.

    By the way how many points did Penaltino bring in for the Fantasy League

  22. swoosh 4 mugg of the week!
    swoosh 4 mugg of the week!
    swoosh 4 mugg of the week!
    swoosh 4 mugg of the week!

  23. 18 and if he was skipper 36! the most i think this week by any player!

    u shooting urself by asking these questions. it will only show his class. he was off for the 1st 4 games and yet he is in the dream team already.

  24. carrick has won more titles and the same amount of champs league as gerrard in a far shorter period playing in the same position!

    it it therefore a resonable question to ask: is carrick better then gerrard?

  25. swoosh 4 mugg of the week!
    swoosh 4 mugg of the week!
    swoosh 4 mugg of the week!
    swoosh 4 mugg of the week!

  26. Yes there was a few MANCS that said that his body language is bad.

    ABR for all the shit you talk. I do recall an article on BBC that clearly said that Ferguson blames the lads recent displays to his recovery from injury

    All Swoosh said was what would the Mancs be without Penaltino

    Does that Mean Penaltino is the best thing since sliced bread.

    He is great and class. All that is being said is that he is not the greatest. Get a life you MANCS


  27. Swoosh your Mugg

    Swoosh is the Mugg


    Swoosh is the Mugg

    Uncle Bhai Gora

    Svoosh is teh Vuking Mugg...LOL

  28. Answer Swoosh's other question youF#4ken MANCS


    Dont make LONG STORIES about MINNOWS etc.

    YES OR NO will do

  29. yes he scored in champs league final! does it get bigger then that? i dont think so!

  30. Afzal

    You seem to be missing the point, Swoosh 1st posted that his free kicks were class thereafter stated they were just 2 freekicks and he has been average. No mention of him being world class or great!

    As for ABR after being proved wrong by the lad week after week and eating humble pie or cock whichever he prefers he's now clutching at straws in has arguments - talking about how many he misses after United win and now his body language!

    I suggest you first read the posts before suggesting that any of us Mancs get a life!

  31. afzal the guy is the best player currently, thats why he will walk away with all the payer of the year awards!

    messi is quality but has not achived what he has done in the past 12 months!

  32. swoosh and afzal 4 mugg of the week!

    can we have a vote as to who is the bigger mugg?


  34. marty u remember,

    merv hughes, bruce reid, terry alderman, carl reckerman?

  35. Ronaldo is class.

    Ronaldo has scored more than TORRES so far.

    Swoosh, stop using free kicks as an excuse. Ronaldo has scored more none free kick goals.

    Swoosh, what k@k are u talking that he has not shown himself in big games ?

    In big games you have big teams & u have quality players in those big teams. Ronaldo is not going to get the freedom he gets with the big teams as when he plays against the minnows.

    So , start using the logical brain you have to think about why he may not be as effective in the bigger games against the worlds best players. "ITS COS HIS MAN MARKED & MAYBE 2 OR 3 PLAYERS ON HIM".it becomes more difficult for the lad , but he scored against chelsea in the champs league, he scored against liverpool , he scored against roma.


    who gives a shit wether he scores against the big teams or not, as long his in the team & assistsing.


  36. Seth I always said Shuster was a MUGG. Whats your views. The rumour Mill is rife that Laudrup or Mancini will be his successor

  37. So THE GO are you saying that Bash hoosain cant perform in Madison Square Gardens because the crowd and atmosphere makes him nervous.

    A great player always performs no matter what. What kuk are you talking about him being man-marked so he cant perform against the Big teams

    MARADONA was great. That means the MAN MARKING was horrid when he dribbled his way into history against Lineker and co


    Thats Great. Go get some

  38. What constitutes being Great?

    Because you so good, they Man Mark You.

    So if 3 defenders man mark Penant. Then Penant is great according to Go's Theory

  39. Christiano Ronaldo. The man that shAt in the plate that feeds him, the man that got Rooney sent off, the man that that the MANCS called a traitor in July

    Class PLayer he may be. If I was SAF I would have told him to fuck off to MADRID.

    English And Rooney Fan
    and an ABR-Anyone but Ronaldo

    I cannot forget how he cost us for England. how he cried to teh referee and made sure Rooney got sent off



    The stats say it all: 101 goals in 253 games, joint-second in the top scorers chart despite not starting a league game until September 27.

  41. hey duncan u crying over spilled milk?

    well said go!

    go you thing go!

  42. is pennant better then ronaldo?

    no i dont think pennant is better then lovers mohlala? helman mkalele was better then pennant!

    hey marty remember hellman midnight express mkalele?

  43. Is Gerrard better than Carrick?
    Is Carra better than Brown?
    Is Torres better than Wellbeck?
    Is Reina better than Foster?
    Is Agger better than Evans?

    And the list goes on....

  44. Hey Marty and Azee

    You remember Kim Hughes and his rebels - Rod McCurdy and Johan McGuire staying on after the tour to represent EP?

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. Bif Tannen.Come on bro

    no need to get my personal life embroiled in this fiasco.

    Keep it clean.please bro

    "I am the first, second and third best player in the world," joked Ronaldo in an interview with Brazilian daily O Estado de Sao Paulo.

  49. Coz he is the best player in the WORLD....who gives a fuk

    Seems like you jealous

  50. The lity doesnt have to perform against the big teams, all he has to do is score!!!! Since when does performing against big teams equate to winning titles. Ask gerrard if he performs against big teams, or even ask torres that question. What wins titles is the ability to score and not stop scoring!!!!!!

  51. Greatness in a player is definied by INTERNATIONAL football..

    And time and time gain, Ronaldo has shown how true a "GREAT" player he is. He cant do fokol on the international stage.

    That is weher guys like Maradona, Pele, Zidane, Matthaus, the "REAL" Ronaldo and even of late, messi make their marks.

    This is what counts. Maradona didnt have class around him, neither did Zidane when it was crunch time. And yet they produced when it mattered most.

    "go" but Ronaldo a FIFA WORLD CUP replica trophy..

  52. Dont be stupid, franz beckenbauer, those players careers are over already(except Messi), Ronaldo has still a long way to go. How can you comment on that when the lity is still so young!!!! At least he is getting all the awards-if he was not getting themm then he wudnt be debated about!!!!!!! Give the lity 2 years and he will be greater than them


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