Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Café Picasso- European style ambience in Fordsburg
The latest addition to Fordsburg’s vast restaurant scene, Café Picasso, opened its doors to the public in October. The proprietors of Café Picasso, no strangers to Fordsburg, being the owners Fordsburg’s Nescafé as well, have created a unique combination of bakery, deli, coffee shop and ice cream parlour in Café Picasso. Patrons have the opportunity to create their own meal, as well as the option of ordering from a fixed menu. Meal options include, pizzas, stir fries, tramezzinis, shawarmas, chicken sandwiches and toasted specials. Picasso’s choicest offering, the scrumptious health baguette, allows patrons to custom build their own sandwich. Picasso also operates a fully functional bakery which has extended trading hours and an affordable pricing structure. Cafe Picasso prides itself in being a European-style bistro in the heart of Fordsburg. CaféPicasso will offer a delivery service.

Cafe Picasso
7-11 Commercial road, Corner Mint
011 492 0417078 002 2449
*Will be catering for deliveries SOON!

Same owners as Nescafe Fordsburg

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