Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, Quite a relaxing WEEKEND. I was feeling a bit ill, so I just chilled at home.

First things first

Many people are saying postpone the wedding till after 2010, because Liverpool are not winning the league this year. I reckon ,Chelsea will come to the party on Sunday. And I was deeply disappointed.

Ok So I'm biased and I never have anything good o say about Man Utd. I was involved in a discussion the other day. Heres the scenario...If I were freezing and all that was left to keep me warm was a MANC top I would rather freeze and die than wear that s@3te.

I watched the game with Anti Liverpool man Faeez OZ and Swaar, a liverpool oke.and the toppie a MANC. As I said Chelsea were woeful. I really expected something from them. I expected a draw. I thought Jhon Terry was class again as usual.Throwing his body on the line and making two crucial blocks in the first half. but the MANCS kept pushing and pressing. The disallowed goal, well obviously. I mean its a F344king corner. Why did Giggs play it short.That's cheating and to think the MANCS still squealed as if it should stand. i watched that bas23d Rooney swearing at the ref."F#4k off"....he was raving. The Referee should have f#4ken awarded Chelsea a free kick for Giggs odessity. From the resulting corner and the worst time to concede Chelsea didn't learn and the MANCS went into the break a goal to the good. After that it was one way traffic. The MANCS fully deserving to go 3 up against a horrid Chelsea. All the goal coming from crosses. Poor marking. Terry has three defenders.

I thought Drogba was poor on the night and Chelsea hardly fired any long range efforts. They tried to walk it in. The players that stood out for me for the MANCS was Park and Evra

But worst of all the MANCS got three points and we f34ked it up against Stoke. Crucial. Absolutely crucial

There is alot of debate. Is Benitez losing the plot or is Fergusin just STOKE 'ing the fire. But more of Benitez attack on Ferguson in Super Tuesday tomorow. Firstly why did Benitez not start with Torres and Keane. I mean once again Soke put a dent to our title aspirations. As I said before these are the ones we supposed to be winning.Now we let the MANCS in. We didnt take advantage. Ok we were unlucky with gerard hitting teh post etc. And it wasnt going in. But if you have to do an analysis of all teh points Liverpool dropped, just imagine had we got at least half of them. I dunno. What can I say. We supposed to beat Stoke but we didnt. And its Merseyside DERBY NEXT WEEK. But we f34ked it up. What the Kop owes viewpoints?

More to follow

Well 3 points for Arsenal. With the opposing fans giving Wenger stick. Another average season for Arsenal.I say watch them in ten years time.

Good wins though for Villa, Everton and the likes. Now its down to the crunch

In Serie A we saw the debut of Beckham for Milan, Reasonable display Shakes.Look at the guys lining up a deadball situation for Milan, Becks, Pirlo, Kaka, Seedorf. Becks was not enough as Milan drew 2-2 against a rejuvenated Roma. I agree Shakes, Ancelotti must f#4k off. they need a new face there. When it comes to deadball situations no body can beat Alex Del Piero this season.Alex belted yet another free kick , his 6th of the season to move Juve within four points of Inter after Inter drew on Saturday

In La Liga, Madrid and Barca kept the momentum going into 2009

We got hammered at the MCG. But Pro20 cricket is entertaining. You got to hand it to the Ozzies. They throw a debutant in, And the owe bashes us to smitherines.

Im not opening up the Goolam Bodi saga again. but Stats speak for itself. The lad is having a blinder in the domestic season and he is a PRO 20 specialist. Throw him into the one day squad.When are we gonna play Bodi.When he is 40. Come now...

Look at the Ozzies they threw Warner in th deep end and it worked

Azee and Seth who is that bowler Tsolo something. Where did he come from.

But do you owes agree AGAIN. BODI should be in Auztrailia


  1. Glory glory Man utd. We shall be triumphant once again. I suppose the old toppie SAF is right, Liverflops don;t have the experience of being at the top.
    BTW Swoosh, your man Hash is here with the team in Brissie. I will call Moose to try and set up a meeting or some chai.

  2. Just had lunch with Moose and Hash, superb day.

  3. Q: Why can't you get a cup of tea at Old Trafford?
    A: All the mugs are on the field and all the cups are at Anfield.

    Q:What have manchester united and a nappy got in common?
    A: P*** upfront and crap at the back.

    Q: What's the difference between O J Simpson and manchester united ?
    A: OJ Simpson had some sort of a defence!

  4. Q: Why can't you get a cup of tea at Anfield?
    A: All the mugs are on the field and all the cups are at Old Trafford.

    Q:What have liverflops and a nappy got in common?
    A: P*** upfront and crap at the back.

    Q: What's the difference between O J Simpson and liverflops ?
    A: OJ Simpson had some sort of a

    Works better this way, it makes more sense.

  5. Swoosh...
    if u saw the replay of that 1st corner properly u wud have noticed that rooney actually took that corner...

    he tapped it and sprinted to the box

    thats why when giggs crossed, it looked as if he took the corner two metres from where he should have.

    and the goal was disallowed cos apparently the referee had not blown his whistle to take the corner.


  6. Come on Swoosh, Ronaldo's goal was legitimate. The corner routine caught Chelsea out, for a footballing man you would know, that routine is straight out of the Ajax and Johan Cruyff text book. It was used to devastating effect by Cruyff in the 70's. Rooney placed the ball in the corner quaddrant and then touched it out, which means that the corner is already taken and as long as he doesn't touch the ball again the game goes on. If the Chelsea players were switched on they could have attacked the ball but they were caught out and when Giggs collected the ball it was game on and a legitimate goal. No matter the retake was just as good.

    Another variation, from Cruyff himself is from the penalty spot where he would kick the ball to one side and while the opposition were still figuring it out a teammate would run onto it and belt the ball home, also totally legitimate as long as the penalty taker doesn't touch the ball twice in succession. Fantastic victory though.

    Milan on the otherhand throwing away 3 points again. Fought our way back into it and threw it away. Ancelotti needs to go next season. Galliani needs to make that decision soon. Seems Juve are back though. Another win.


  7. Swoosh, when you getting married. The bride can't wait for another 100 years for scouzers to win the league. What kunchas you want, i will make it for you coz you losing bets like you placed your life on it, but it's early in the season still. Your team is in sakaraat now and they will be dead before the tenth last game of the season.

  8. Bodi in for Gibbs I say. Gibbs is over now. His decision lbw decision though was incorrect


  9. Punisher how is Doc and HASH.

    Are the lads in good spirits

    Great performance by Hash in the test series

  10. Swoosh, the boys are good. Hash is a top man. I even got a t-shirt signed and a pic with teh man. I will send it to you in time.

  11. Sublime.

    Im really happy for HASH...He has passed the firts leg of Oz with flying colors

    Punisher how is the Austrailian media toward Hash. Please give us a brief synopsis. Im surprised they have not brought the Dean jones Saga out.
    Hash has shown his class with the BAT

  12. the media is good to him. the man is in sublime form scoring at over 50 for the series. they can;t fault him because his shown a level head wiuth some superb batting which has only but done his name even further good. I just came from tea and I can tell u, the people here are buzzing because he is in the area.
    Dean Jones does not even get a mention. The ppl I spoke to at work etc. think that it was good that he was fired and don;t support his comment.

  13. Anyway brothers, make a dua that Hash makes a solid score tomorrow so that I can witness a solid thrashing of the Aussies on home soil which will really make my day

  14. from keegan,dalglish,houliere,mourinho, arsene etc. have tried to take the toppie sir alex on but some have come close but all in the end fail! rafa is rattled, the fact that he had to draw up a statement and release it to the press syas it all! as they always say the tiltle aint won in the ist 1/2 of the season!
    on bodi come now this debate is over.
    to the cricket fundi's out there, is Tait chucking, to me he looks like malinga the srilankan and i think they both chuck!

  15. bodi .....
    hahaha send a topless model with him and bodi wil lbe everywhere


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