Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is what Mams had to say.......... He caught the game last year against Hull at Anfield

Got to Anfield on Saturday...made the trip from London to Liverpool(2+ hrs) ...managed to get a ticket 3 days before the game..;put out a request on the RAWK(Red and White Kop) forum. This oke had a spare for me cause his wife could not make the game..had a seat on the centenary stand...very close to the pitch and the away fans...atmosphere was electric...the rendition of YNWA make the hair stand dude..the KOP is amazing..everything you've heard about that famous KOP atmosphere is true.

The game was also good..although the result didn't do us any favours i thought that we dominated the game..watching some of the players live is just amazing...we don't take note of how hard these okes work on TV..Stevie G is simply amazing..his passing, control and strength is something to behold..the players that really caught my eye was Alonso and Hyppia...these guys are amazing..Alonso is a pass master..he hits 40 yarders like he is playing park ball..simply awesome..Sami might be in the twighlight of his career and might have lost pace, but his reading of the game is second to none...he is a giant of a man and has a no nonsence approach to defending..he will go down as one of my favourite pool players...dossena is as shite as he looks :-(....arbeloa is impressive...sitting at Anfield as a lifelong pool supporter was a dream come true..thought of all the amazing footballers who plyed their trade at this wonderful arena..the place is full of history..

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