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The MANCS stole ,Chelsea Stole and now Everton steal from us. This is not 2 points lost...its three, it feels like a loss. F#4K. Poor marking off a set piece. Im not explaining I leave it to RED 4 LIFE

180th Merseyside Derby
Another 3 points dropped at home. While it wasn't a loss it certainly felt like one. After going ahead through another stunning Gerrard strike LFC failed to capitalise on their lead and Everton pegged them back with a typical Cahill header. It seems that Rafa is at times content to see out 1-0 leads when playing your normal attacking football is always the better option. Its happened before and I have to admit that under Rafa its going to happen again.The return of Torres was the only bonus on the night and after a slow start he started showing signs that he is now(hopefully) over his hamstring troubles. He went on a stunning run from his own half and should have put LFC ahead only for his shot to come off the post.

He should have definetly got a penalty after being brought down by Jagielka.Everton fought back well and got their reward after *&^@%!) careless tackle on Anichebe and Cahill duly scored from the resulting free kick.Rafa must be kicking himself after surrendering the top spot in the table to MUFC on goal difference with a game in hand and with all the teams in the chasing pack winning over the week-end Rafa has to work his magic and turn LFC back on track and start winning once again.Theres still a lot of football to be played and the 08/09 season could well have the most exciting finish to an EPL season with the likes of Chelsea,Arsenal and even Villa all seperated by just 6 points at the top.Looks like this one might take a little longer to wrap up but I'm still confident that this title will end up at Anfield!


10 Claudio Gentile (AS Varese, Juventus, Fiorentina, Piacenze)

No 10: Forget contemporary softies like Materazzi and Cannavaro; this man wrote the book on cynical Italian defending. Pictured above left - unusually grappling with a team-mate (Marco Tardelli in the 1982 World Cup final) and not an opponent - Gentile was as far removed from his genial moniker as could be imagined. Positively feral

9 Norman Hunter (Leeds United, Bristol City, Barnsley)

No 9: Hunter (left) formed an obdurate partnership with Jack Charlton at the heart of the Leeds defence, and is pictured immediately before biting the legs of Southampton's Mike Channon. Hard but fair

Vinnie Jones (Wimbledon, Leeds, Sheffield United, Chelsea, QPR)

No 8: A former hod carrier, Jones (left) brought the balls of the building site onto the football pitch, as Gazza will attest. Still holds the record for the quickest booking, at a hotheaded five seconds. Unhinged

7 Tommy Smith (Liverpool, Swansea City)

The Anfield Iron in his full thunder-thighed glory. 'Tommy doesn't tackle opponents,' quipped Bill Shankly, 'so much as break them down for resale as scrap.' Born and bred within a mile of Anfield, he once handed Jimmy Greaves a hospital menu before a game. Terrifying

6 Dave Mackay (Hearts, Tottenham Hotspur, Derby County, Swindon Town)

No 6: Five foot eight of Scottish steel, when Mackay (left) tackled, opponents reeled as if colliding with a JCB. Billy Bremner's look of sheer panic (right) sums up the fear factor felt by opponents. Unbreakable

5 Roy Keane (Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Celtic)
No 5: In the lowlight of his career, Keane exacts 'revenge' on Alf-Inge Haaland in 2002. Five years earlier, the pair clashed, with the Irishman suffering cruciate ligament damage. Volatile

4 Ron Harris (Chelsea, Brentford, Aldershot)

No 4: Ron 'Chopper' Harris (left) floors QPR's Stan Bowles in typically agricultural fashion. (In)famous for his tardy tackles, and his treatment of Leeds' Eddie Gray in the 1970 FA Cup final replay. 'People say that David Webb won the Cup for Chelsea, but I think it was 90 per cent me who won the Cup for that tackle on Eddie Gray. He limped for the rest of the game,' Harris said with a smirk. Dirty

3 Billy Bremner (Leeds, Hull City, Doncaster Rovers)
No 3: Despite his small stature, the late Bremner (No 4) was famously described as 10st of barbed wire. Aside from genuine footbaling ability, special moves included ankle-biting tackles, throwing his meagre weight around and ceaselessly agitating opponents. A firebrand

2 Stuart Pearce (Coventry City, Forest, Newcastle United, Manchester City)
No 2: So hard, he tried to run off broken leg. At the age of 37. For good measure, he broke the same limb later on in the same season while at West Ham and still recovered. Dubbed 'Psycho', players of the ilk of Pearce are unlikely to be seen again. Inspirational

1 Graeme Souness (Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Sampdoria, Rangers)
No 1: After ruling England and Europe with an iron fist, the sinewy Souness (right) left his studmark on Scottish football just 37 minutes into his Rangers debut. A crunching tackle on Hibs' George McCluskey (hobbling) sparked a 22-man melee at Easter Road. Souness later admitted that he nobbled the wrong man, blaming boss Walter Smith for the premeditated assault. 'Walter said "you've got to be careful because this player will try to leave a bit on you" so I tried to get my retaliation in first,' a contrite Souness remarked. Brutal and his bite played a huge role in Liverpool’s European Cup halls.

sent in by Mo Kola
The hardmen of football. Its often a guy that doesnt have the flair of Penaltinho or Kaka, but he has the heart of a lion and he gives 300% on the field. He dies out there. A guy like Roy Keane was the perfect example. I remember when Italy were playing USA in the World Cup. I was watching in the hotel room. When Danielle De Rossi got sent off, Freds phoned me and said We need Gatusso to shore up the hole. And sure enough Gatusso had an exellent World Cup
But more often than not these guys go un-noticed for their dirty work in midfield. Claude Makele proved how Madrid suffered when he went to Chelsea. He did the dogs work in Midfield. Another hard man was Liverpools Steve Macmahon. With regards to Gentile it was said once that if you had to take any man into combat with you it would be Gentile. If I had the coice ironically it would be ROY KEANE. I have avid respect for him. The way he spilled his blood for the course. Thats passion and committment. And he would protect his teammates also.
Another b@#4tard of a man marker was Bertie Vogts. But the midfiled hardmen are a breed on their own. They men you would take into battle with you anytime anywhere.
Salute to the Hardmaen of the game


  1. level on points, ahead of goal difference and a game in hand. what a start to the week.

  2. Yeah and then wake up to the news that Kaka has turned donw City. A great start to the week.

    He's proven his heart is with Milan, turning down a reported 500 000 pounds a week, the guy is a legend to all Rosonerri fans.

    At least sanity has prevailed and we keep our inspiration. I think he learned from Sheva's mistake.


  3. the livertwats shooting their mouths off becos they were top of the log.
    we told you guys, it only counts at the end of may.

    united on top , & getting stronger.


  4. What a pity Torres is back ,but surrounded by SCUM!

    Liverpool are shit and always will be.

    Notice how the biased commentators tend to harp on Gerrard being Captain Fantastic?...Mediocre if you ask me.


    BTW notice how many of these STAR players played for a once star team?(LEEDS-pity though they phased out though)

  5. Bring back my best baker!(Ejaz)

  6. Mini is carrick better then that average stevie g??

  7. theres only 1 tim cahil!
    theres only 1 tim cahil!

    and he is an ausie after all!

    ausie! ausie! ausie!

  8. did he not take offf both keane and torres, and played with like 6 midfielders for the last bit of the game? its errors like that show he shite! alex ferguson has got rafas number!

    bring back souness he will do a better job!

  9. hey swoosh,

    what about Linda"mercedes benz"Buthelezi? hard as nails, he buggerd gaza up remember?

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  10. Hey swoosh, after giving you guys 10 point lead you still mess up. Don't worry, next season we will give you guys 20 point lead and see how long it lasts. What's wrong with these liverflops, they don't want to win the league? Or are they just not good enough.

  11. where is kopout and the rest of the muggs?

    come may....
    come jan and they fuc*ed!

    cariick is better then gerrard!
    mike phelan better then sammy lee!
    stratford end better then kop end!
    raphael better then carrager!
    welbeck better then torres!
    park ji sun better then babbel and riera put 2gether

  12. And we are now in May huh?

    Fuck off man poo we know we gonna fuck you up at ot and win the league this season!


    LFC RULEZ!!!!!

  13. Haha, anonymouse that said we in may doesnt know that we still in January. we gave you livercunts a ten point handicap but still you can't win anything. Swoosh, when last did liverflops win a league game????????

  14. Hey swoosh remember Faffa Knoetze?

    Marty McBee

  15. "GO" and all the scum out there ....go wank yourselves

  16. You dont go when u wank.U CUM!

  17. fafa knoetze the rugby player mc bee?

    marty mcfly
    back to the future

  18. go cum whatever, pls refrain from shit talk!

  19. Ja, that's it Mcfly. You remember, Dan Goldie?

    Marty McBee

  20. Hey Marty do you remember Gerbrand Grobler. Northerns cricket and rugby

  21. Shakes. Sheva was a flop

    I read yesterday that Sheva spoke to Kaka.

    Sheva scored like 9 goals in 47 games. Of course he will tell Kaka not to go to England

    Its debatable. I think. It boils down to money or passion for your club

  22. my name is kopout & i am gay


  23. mcbee he came to the lions as well, had a tragic death!

    marty mcfly
    back to the future

  24. Remember Calvin Peterson from Bush Bucks back in the day?

    Marty McBee


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