Tuesday, January 20, 2009


1.kalgats akiel asvat 43 1193
2. Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed 50 1184
3. FC Toby Irshad Latiff 78 1127
5. FLY F.C Farid Saloojee 42 1119
6. Pops f.c. Riaz Ismail 47 1117
7. THE CHAMPION SETH Junaid Seth 52 1105
8. I'm better than UBG! Mohsin Seth 47 1096
9. Number 19 Muhammed Carim 56 1094
10. Fordsburg Lighties Bilal Coovadia 46 1089


1.Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed vs 22. ridsz fc ridwaan Mayet
2 kalgats akiel asvat vs 26 Better Than My Bro's Sumayya Seth
3 FLY F.C Farid Saloojee vs 28. Raihans Boys Zaheer Moosa
4 ANZO STARS ANEES MAYET vs 32. Goodfella's Muhammed Riaz Gani
5FC Toby Irshad Latiff vs 23. azzuriboys shaheer laher
6 Pops f.c.Riaz Ismail vs 20. FAT FRANKS XI Yusuf Seth
7ZamRamFaiyaz Mayet vs 21.Akhtars zaheer mayet
8 I'm better than UBG!Mohsin Seth vs 19. Swoosh0018 FC Naseem Mayet
9THE CHAMPION SETHJunaid Seth vs 30. Swaar FC Yousuf Kadwa
10 Fordsburg Lighties Bilal Coovadia vs 18. woolwich14 mohammed motan
11Number 19Muhammed Carim vs 27. HUFC Hoosain Mayet
12 Real Champions Riyad Loonat vs 31. suleiman's 11 suleiman asvat
13. PORN STARS Azhar Mohamed Moola vs 17. Wanna Beeeeeez Yusuf Mayet
14 F C HAZRATS yusuf rasool vs 25 **(Jomo$ Boy$)** Yusuf Saloojee
15 Leyton Orient zubair kaka vs 29. Munawwar FC Mohammed Mayet
16 Gunned Down Faaiz Loonat vs 24. Captain Caveman Sir Ish Loonat

1st Round Qualifiers. Beginning weekend 17th.
17. Wanna Beeeeeez Yusuf Mayet vs bye
18. woolwich14 mohammed motan vs bye
19. Swoosh0018 FC Naseem Mayet vs bye
20. FAT FRANKS XI Yusuf Seth vs bye
21. Akhtars zaheer mayet vs bye
22. ridsz fc ridwaan Mayet vs bye
23 azzuriboys shaheer laher 60 vs Miroslav's XI afzal mayet 45
24 Captain Caveman Sir Ish Loonat 42 vs Naughty Boys Zunaid Patel 36
25 Red Tide Ary Moosa 42 vs **(Jomo$ Boy$)** Yusuf Saloojee 59
26 cape goalscores Mohammed Faeez Mayet 29 vs Better Than My Bro's Sumayya Seth 52
27 Adega II Muhammad Osmany 31 vs HUFC Hoosain Mayet 42
28Dangerous Darkies Mohammad Afzal Mahomed 40 vs Raihans Boys Zaheer Moosa 42
29 Rafa'ello's ziyaad mayet 34 vs Munawwar FC Mohammed Mayet 54
30The KIngs 11 Yusuf Maiter 28 vs Swaar FC Yousuf Kadwa 37
31 suleiman's 11 suleiman asvat 52 vs Riyaad Dudz FCZahed Dudhia 42
32 Goodfella's Muhammed Riaz Gani 47 vs ammaar's armada zain mayet 32


  1. i see that we are now going to wembley as well. can this week get better

  2. now all i need is that SA crush teh aussies on Friday and I can have a groot mond at work. That will be just a befitting way to end the week.

    BTW - Mini you should not shoot your mouth off cause your kak fantasy team is knocked out of the cup in the 1st round qualifiers. if you listened to me you would have at least got through

  3. Pops vs Seth in the 2nd round! That's a big one, winners of Best of the Best for the last 2 years!

    It's like Man Utd playing Man Utd reserves, one of the big guns will be falling!

  4. Martin you are such a BIG poes!!!

  5. Andy Gray is a soup, Martin talks a lot of sense. Nobody to challenge Mancs except their hectic schedule.

  6. the 5 trophies are on!

    carrick better then gerrard!

  7. hey martin and andy gray, stop talking kak, its like a durban derby golden arrows v amazulu!

    swoosh no game week this week its fa cup!

  8. Ive dumped one Seth out in the Debonairs Cup ,and now another Seth....awaits in the Adega Cup

    Tough one. To dump two Seths out in two cups will be Sublime

    Ya pick of the round POPS VS Seth.

    Good to see Hoosain Mayet Back in the main draw. Some Big Guns here

    If you dont know, the winner gets a Adega Cup Trophy and a meal for him and his partner
    *terms and conditions apply

    Pity the host Shahid Osmany dumped out last week by two points against Herbly

    Bring it on.
    Debonairs Cup Champion Ebie Jay goes in as a favourite

  9. theres only 1 seth!
    and thats mohsin seth!

  10. i want you early in the 1st few rounds swoosh. so i can get rid of you! with no mancs in your team how you gonna win this thing? swoosh?

  11. Andy you're a wanker!

    You sound like you're about to CUM everytime you talk about John Terry.

    As GO would say: "GO BUTTER YOUR MIELIE!"

  12. ooh !!


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