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Full Name: Carlos Alberto Torres
Born 17 July 1944
World Cups: 1970

Carlos Alberto is best known for captaining arguably the greatest World Cup team ever, Brazil 1970, to its third success. He also became the last captain ever to hold aloft the Jules Rimet Trophy. Carlos Alberto is considered a Brazilian football Legend, which is an achievement on it’s own as Brazil were not known to recognize defenders but rather praise their attacking players. A Great Right Back Defensively as well as in Attack. His greatest moment came in the 1970 finals when he scored the 4th goal in Brazil’s 4-1 victory over Italy which is considered to be one of the greatest goals of all time.

Full Name: Hans-Hubert “Berti” Vogts
Born 30 December 1946
World Cups: 1970, 1974 & 1978

Berti Vogts was one of the toughest defenders in the game of football. He fought for every ball tirelessly. “Der Terrier” was part of the 1974 German squad that won the World Cup by Beating Johan Cruyff’s Total Football Netherlands against all the odds. Vogts was instrumental in this victory by man marking Cruyff out of the game and subduing him as an attacking force altogether. In 1978 Vogts again had another outstanding tournament. In 1970 Vogts was part of the German squad that finished 3rd.

Full Name: Djalma Dos Santos
Born 27 February 1929
World Cups: 1954, 1958, 1962 & 1966

Djalma Santos was part of the Legendary Brazil Era of the World Cup. He was an important part of Brazil’s 1958 & 1962 success. He was a solid right back defensively as well as in True Brazilian Fullback style also raided up the pitch to aid in many of Brazil’s attacks. He assisted in Brazil’s 3rd goal in the 1962 Final against Czechoslovakia by sending a high cross through to Vava who secured the game by converting. Djalma also became the first Brazilian player to obtain 100 caps.

Full Name: Ruddy Lilian Thuram-Ulien
Born 1 January 1972
World Cups: 1998, 2002 & 2006

Thuram was an important part of the Great French World Cup Winning Defence of 1998 that conceded only 2 Goals on route to their success. Thuram was brilliant in defence throughout the tournament and in the semi-finals against Croatia when France were 1-0 down, Thuram produced a Man of the Match performance by scoring both goals showing his attacking ability to add to his already established brilliant defensive qualities. Thuram And France’s 2002 World Cup is one all would much rather forget as the defending champions were eliminated in the first round without a win and a without a goal. Thuram was then recalled to the French squad along with Zidane and Makalele and assisted in France reaching the final only to lose out on penalties to Italy. This time Thuram, playing as a centre back, again produced a Man of the Match Performance in France’s semi-final win over Portugal. Thuram is also France’s most capped player with 142 Caps in Total.

Who is the only player to have actually played (Actual Game Time) in 3 World Cup Final Matches (Championship Matches)?

Same rules as Goalkeeper section applies: You can vote for any player you like and are not limited to the ones mentioned above. Voting procedure is same as last: Send your vote and answer via email to as well as email/cell phone number. Voting for this section closes on 13th February 2009.

The prize for the overall winner of the competition which is the person who correctly guesses the correct World XI and answers all Trivia Questions Correctly is yet to be decided. Swoosh has also provided Autographed Hashim Amla Mini bats and T Shirt for the course of the competition to guys who vote & answer correctly. The 1st Signed Mini Bat will be given after the selection of the Centre Backs

Antonio Carbajal of Mexico was the first player to feature in 5 World Cups. He played in 1950, 1954, 1958, 1962 & 1966.
Lev Yashin 3 Votes
Gianluca Buffon 2 Votes
Gordon Banks 2 Votes
Dino Zoff 2 Votes
Claudio Taffarel 1 Vote


On my way to Sun City I took some pics of the Rustenburg Stadium.It was from a distance..but things look sublime there. Anyone from Rustenburg, wanna brief us about the latest developments.

Royal Bafokeng Development

The finished product Royal Bafokeng


  1. Gary Stevens from England , Garry Neville not to shoddy either

    Garark Obama

  2. Galactico. I would definately have Giannluca Zambrotta in my team. The man is class

  3. Swoosh. Is your World XI Gonna have anyone that's not Italian. Zambrotta is good but not my choice. Like I say it's your vote and you can vote for anyone.

  4. Look Galactico.

    As opposed to the past the modern generation of full backs are wingers. Fitness personified.

    Its a difficult choice. have a hard man in the mould of Vogts, Stuart pearce etc or wing back like Zambrotta or Lahm,

    But Italian defences are the best in the world.

    How could a squad go wrong with Zambrotta, Maldini, Cannavaro, Baresi.But if you talking Right Back Il go for Zambrotta.

    Mind you Javier Zanetti is not bad player to have. Pity he didnt win anything

  5. Ok Swoosh, We know you love the Italians but everyone knows that the Brazilians mastered the Wing Back Poisition. Vote for Zambrotta but Carlos Alberto is a better Wingback. Send me Your Vote & let's see who agrees with you.

  6. Lets go into something more challenging, how bout this one,"volante de marca" I'll toss a few names

    Marlon Ayovi
    Juan C Burbano
    Edwin Tenorio
    Alfonso Obregon
    Julio Cesar Rosero
    Klever Fajardo
    Wilfredo Verduga
    Jimmy Blandon

  7. Swoosh why do you even bother making comments on your World XI!

    We all know this is what it'll be:
    1. DEL
    2. DEL
    3. DEL
    4. DEL
    5. DEL
    6. DEL
    7. DEL
    8. DEL
    9. DEL
    10. DEL
    11. DEL

    Coach: DEL
    Physio: DEL
    Manager: DEL
    Baggage Master: DEL
    Reserve Orange Peeler: DEL
    Reserve Water Boy: DEL

    Guys like Carlos Alberto, and Jorginho from the 94 WC and Cafu were setting games alight ages ago as wingbacks!

    Oh and United supporters know exactly how good Zambrotta is, his pass to Scholes in the 2008 CL semi was sublime for Scholes to hammer it pass Valdes!

  8. Yes..Cafu was a loyal servant toiling down the wings.

    He has even won the cup on two occations.

    and yes he epitomises a wing back

    Good choice and a worthy mention

    Zambrotta should have never eft Juve

  9. Swoosh you helluva biased man. How can you say wing backs have come now in the modern era?

    If you watch that carlos alberto goal in 1970, what a strike, thundering down the right, pele layed it off on the edge of the area nad he powered it past the Italian keeper. I remember scoring a similar one in a school tournament, from the left though.

    What about the Dutch and their total football in the 70's which meant any player could play anywhere on the field and they were all comfortable on the ball. Their right back Ari Haan was involved in alot of the build up play.

    In 1994 Brazil unveiled 3 wingbacks in one tournament. Cafu was a regular and Leonardo was the find of the tourney, till his sending off against the USA. He's replacement for the rest of the tournament Branco wasn't bad either, that free kick that knocked the dutch out was exactly like the one roberto carlos took against france. I still remember it, bitterly though.

    So taking all these other names into consideration I think Zambrotta slips further down the pecking order.

    I still think he has to prove himself in a Milan shirt, he looks very ordinary at the moment, but then again Milan are looking very ordinary at the moment.


  10. I think you should put in swoosh as the manager of this team

  11. Correction Shakes, in '94 Brazil had 4 wingbacks - Jorginho was the regular Brazilian rightback and got injured in the final giving CAFU who was then a kid to shine!

    Branco was an old war horse who replaced Leonardo and cracked home a thunderbolt against the Dutch in the Quarters!

    Hey Swoosh what about my great signings as wingbacks - Stig Inge Bjornebe, Bjorn Kvarme, Veggard Heggam and the great Steve Staunton!

  12. F#$K Staunton was never a Wingback.

    But he was a tough bloke

    Galactico or Killa who was the German Rightback from 86-90.Was it Thomas Berthold


  13. F#$K Staunton was never a Wingback.

    But he was a tough bloke

    Galactico or Killa who was the German Rightback from 86-90.Was it Thomas Berthold


  14. Manuelle Amoros. Class

  15. Matthias Sammer
    Born - 5th September 1967
    74 caps for Germany.
    A sweeper with absolute class. Started out in midfield but became a wonderful defender. European footballer of the year in 1996.

  16. . Alessandro Nesta
    Born - 19th March 1976
    78 caps for Italy
    Uefa team of the year four times, Italian defender of the year four times and runner-up four times, FIFpro world XI twice. Quite simply one of the best.

  17. Lilian Thuram is one of the greatest right backs to ever play the game of soccer, only surpassed by the brilliance of Brazilian World Cup winner Cafu.
    Cafu was known for his fantastic fitness and ability to make overlapping runs to help his team attack. These skills enabled the Brazilian to play a record-breaking 156 times for his country, winning two FIFA World Cup finals as well as a runners up medal.

  18. Cafu FOR SURE!

  19. Christiano Ronaldo

  20. i second that ronaldo!

  21. mcbee, remember basil steenkamp?

    marty mcfly

  22. stefan reuter was the german right back at italia 90!

    what about Paul Parker was awesome at italia 90! not to mention his days at mufc!

    maro tassotti, panucci the tailor,guiseppi bergomi?

  23. ubg u mugg we talking of right backs not center backs or sweepers! old age catching up ubg?

  24. 1 nil to the arsenalThursday, 22 January, 2009

    lee dixon part of the dixon, keone winterburn adams back 4?

  25. Marty you remember Basil Steenkamp's nickname?
    Kaap se dans is what the commentators called him back in the day


  26. And what about Clive Barkers right hand man Sizwe Motaung?

    In those days Bafana used to play some ball


  27. McFly you remember luke chadwick?

    I think robbie keane must stop playing golf, he is always missing the hole.


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