Sunday, February 15, 2009


It was FA CUP weekend and as the guys said a rest weekend for Liverpool.
It was a lekker weekend. Something interesting I have to point out . On Firday I was at a function, finished at 1, felt a bit hungry so myself and Shazo and I went to McDonalds in Morningside, now that McDonalds is 24 hours its quite lekker.
We got our food, parked off and started eating. At about 2 in morning I checked two lities from Marlboro walking through the drive through. We called them over.I asked them what are you guys doing on foot this time of the morning. the bastards were gonna get food and walk back to Marlboro. I said are you Muggs crazy thats like a two day walk from here. They said that this was one of the best nites and they described it as one of the best nights ever. I should have let them walk but I said na...It was f#4ken far. Crazy lities man

The MANCS were emphatic in victory against Derby. I dont know why they were stressing in the first place about Derby, Mammoo and Co at the wedding house. They ran out 4-1 winners and SAF is on a desperate push to win 5 titles this year. Great win for them and it on to the quarter finals against Swansea. With Inter looming on the 22nd and Champions League next week, its starting to hot up.
Good win for Everton against Villa. Apart from the draws on Saturday, The quarter finals lie in wait
F#4ken Inter the Muggs. Shakers What happened. Milan disappointed in the Derby. Becks was quite. Somehow on paper I feel Milan had the names but Inter put in a resolute performance in Midfield.Especially Zanetti and Cambiaso. Many Milan fans felt hard done by as Adriano used the aid of his arm.Perhaps Cesar made the save that probably saved teh scudetto for Inter.saving from Inzaghi in stoappage time. After the Pato goal Milan tried in vain but the ba#$terds Inter Won.
What made it worse was that Juve drew against a struggling Sampodoria side.
With this the scudetto is all but gonbe and Mourinho has it all to lose now


  1. And on we go to the next round.
    Glory glory Man Utd.

  2. the next and final...

  3. Did Paoli Maldini ever win the world cup ??

    Swoosh bhai, how can u have him on the legend list if he never EVER won anything of substance with Italy..

    And i quote..

    "After Italy were eliminated in the 2002 World Cup round of sixteen, Maldini retired trophyless from international competition as Italy's most capped player."

    U see that word.. TROPHYLESS..

    I say his name be removed from that world cup dream team list..

  4. There is only one MILAN


  5. Come on Mini, I thought you were better than the Liverfool fans. After the first Derby you said nothing now you suddenly support Inter?

    Milan did have the bulk of posession but like every other week they lacked any incisiveness in the final 3rd of the field. We had chances, Pippo's last gasp chance which was well saved by the keeper. I admit posession doesn't win you matches it's goals and Inter although hardly posessed the ball in that first half took 2 of 3 chances that came their way, albeit Adriano scored with his hand.

    It would be easy to say we missed Kaka but even with him in the team this season we haven't played particularly well.

    Mini do you even support Inter?


  6. theres only 1 mini,

    and its a motor car!

  7. stand up for the special one!

    for all the kak okes have to say about jose, he delivers, and he is a colorful character to boot!

    Gaan Maro

  8. Two interesting side points

    1. Jose Mourinho has a personal record of 110 homes league games with out loss

    2. Sir Alex Ferguson once quiped "He was born in an offside positon" referring to Pippo

  9. Swoosh it was a typical Milan performance. We had the bulk of posession, moved the ball around but never threatened to score. It wasn't unexpected, this has been going on all season.

    Breaking down a Mourinho defence was always going to be tough and Kaladze struggled to keep a check on Adriano. They hit us on the break and scored twice. We still didn't deserve to win, we weren't good enough on the night and it's all about taking your chances and Inter did that.

    Still hoping Ancelotti leaves in the summer, although sadly he has said he's not interested in Chelsea.

    We can still hope though.


  10. Jurgen or should i say Killa

    What did it feel like to see Bayern losing to Hertha Berlin courtesy of 2 goals by the Scum flop Andre "Veronica" Voronin?

    It must've been a superb feeling to see that pony-tailed reject putting 2 past your boys!

  11. It felt like GaaN MARO!

  12. jurgen voeller was better then you!

  13. souness, it felt like committing beasteality!

    gaan maro

  14. gaan maro is a fucking doos!

    fuck off you wanker

  15. anonymous please support your notion that i am a doos, with some constructive reasons as to why i am a doos! its no good calling me a doos if you have no reason for it. you losing credibility by doing so!

    the floor is open, let me know why i am a doos! i can also call you a cunt, wanker, tosser, chodu, bosri,chootia, choot,etc, but it does not take things further!

    gaan maro

  16. anonymous, are you not a fan of going greek?

  17. Anon - Who the f*** was jurgen voeller


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