Sunday, February 15, 2009


On Saturday the Swoosh0018 Team spent the afternoon of Valentines day at the JHB General Cancer ward for kids. Now Im gonna give you my version of this visit. It was really emotional ,sad but yet fullfilling to see some smiles when we gave every kid and mum a feathered scented rose for Valentines day. The Swoosh0018 CF really appreciated the warmth and hospitality showed by the staff of that ward. We then embarked on meeting every kid. We were not allowed to take any pictures of the kids. The first room we went to housed kids that were +_3 years of age all diagnosed with stomach and brain cancer. Yet when we arrived there with just roses a little girl lay with a severe case of brain cancer. She clutched the rose and kept it next to her the whole time, smiling.

We asked the nurse whats wrong, coz whilst we there she kept screaming. The nurse said that she seems to be in alot of pain. My heart went out. Across the bed lay a boy of three diagnosed with stomach cancer. As we made our way toward the end of the room there was a little girl sitting all by herself. She was four I think. She had all blisters on her mouth which were were told was a result of the chemo. She too was diagnosed with stomach cancer. And to be honest I dont think she had a clue of what her condition was ,yet she clutched the rose dearly.It was really sad to see them suffering and we were only in the first room.As we made our way through the ward we visited every kid ,most of them with a severe case of cancer, Kidney, Liver,stomach There were even some kids with a rare form of cancer where their legs had to be amputated because of this cancer. As we were walking through the passage we seen this two year old kid walking with a drip and he had just returned from an operation. he was diagnosed with cancer of the Liver. Then there was a baby of three months that was awaiting a possible diagnosis of cancer in the brain. For me personally it was amazing to see the fight in them. The smiles, the Will to survive and stay alive despite their condition and surroundings and yet they have not even begun the course of life.You look into their eyes, and you see this distinctive message. "Beyond this sickness lies immortality, Take it for its yours"Our hopes and prayers lie with these kids , their families and friends. We wish them a speedy recovery and the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation will do its utmost to make their pain and anguish lesser.

To me they are an inspiration to shake the small trials and tribulations that plague us everyday And they have the will to survive


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