Thursday, February 05, 2009


Whats up with with Lucas Leiva. He just seems to be selling us against Everton. Yesterday his red card benchmarked Liverpools uphill struggle and then again Everton STOLE in the 12oth minute and Liverpool are dumped out of the league. Many Liverpool fans after that on facebook kept saying, na nevermind We need to focus on the Premierleague.

I Disagree. I remember in the 80's as a lity when we used to go to Riyad Loonats house time and time again and we used to make a yearly pilgrimadge in May to watch the FA CUP, WHICH HAD LIVERPOOL IN IT OF COURSE. Me and my bro wearing the respective merchandise Riyads father used to bring for us. Riyad and my bro were Linekers toffees and me and a few other couzins Liverpool. We couldnt wait for half time. Running out and playing for 15 minutes , then getting back and hearing the roar when Dalglish and Co lifted the FA CUP. Thats what the FA CUP WAS ABOUT. Making your way up Wembly and as soon as you lift the Cup you hear the roar. It was pride and it belonged to Liverpool.

And now sadly last night we are dumped out of this historical cup.

Could this be the sign of a repetition of yet nother year when it goes pear shaped. I dunno. I open it up to the Kop owes to say their say.

Is being dumped out of the FA Cup a bad thing.? Is this a tragedy? Please leave your comments.

Good win for Aston Villa and of course Juventus beat Napoli to progress to the Semi Finals of the Copa Italia on penalties in dramatic form. They will meet Lazio who beat Milan

And david Beckham now wants out of LA, Why didnt he just go to Milan in the first place instead of wasting the years......Then again his bank balance isnt complaining


  1. Lucas does not have the quality to be a midfielder in any of the top 6 premiership teams.

    When RAFA leaves (soon i hope), Lucas must carry his bags and jump on the plane with him.

    His a poor excuse for a Brazilian footballer, along with Jo..

    The needless penalty last week, and the silly card last night.

    In Podolski We Trust !!!


    I ask the scum to define TRUST?


    Why do you have to always use the term THEFT?

    As far as I could see that goal came outa nowhere and was absolute class!

    LORD HAVE "MERSEY" on them!

  3. You scousers should be pleased Lucas got sent off, at least he can't play for the next couple of games.

    The big problem is the injury to Stevie GAY, if he's out for a while you scum are F**KED!

    BTW you scum should've known that Keane would flop because everyone knows that:

    There's only 1 KEANO
    There's only 1 KEANO
    There's only 1 KEANO

    and his name is ROY!

    Is Klinsmann Killa in disguise?

  4. Hold the invites on the wedding swoosh...

    Liverpool are looking suspect.
    How long will they be without Gerrad???
    the performance against Chelski looks like it was a once off.
    Do they have the depth to win silverware this season???


  5. Mick.

    Is that you Azee in disguise?

    Liverpool wont miss Gerrard as he is a mediocre player,but they will be totally F@#ked i something must happen to Torres.

  6. "KING" Kenny DalglishThursday, 05 February, 2009

    Ian maybe you and i should come out of retirement and show them how it's done. Like we used to rock it in the 80's, the 80's!

    And if we get Souness at the back we'll show the F**KEN kids of today how it's done.

    Rush, is that Seth in disguise?

  7. livertwats are useless, they can only win once in a while, it's already February and they only won one game. They havent won any silverware for 3 years. They need one of those sangomas from the pirates/chiefs games to sort them out.

  8. Seth where r U?

  9. these muggs are a sad excuse for a football team! to be given such a tough time byt the toffees, disgusting!

  10. theres is only one team on merseyside and its blue!

  11. there is another team on merseyside tony, its tranmere rovers!

  12. if we had a faggot like lucas in our team he would have never lasted! we would have gotten rid of the mugg!

  13. seth u a scouser in disguise!

  14. jurgen has to be killa. no other oke will think podolski is the answer!

    mini when last did leeds win anything of substance?

  15. Seth Johnson is a fake SETH!

    Hey Mini why don't you acknowledge Seth Johnson as one of your boys?

    As i recall the signing of him was the beginning of the end at Leeds! Risdale offered him 35k when all he was looking for was 15k.

    Don't be a selective Yorkshiteman!

  16. seth green screw u!

  17. Read this and weep the rest of you fake Seth's

    Seth in the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, is the third listed son of Adam and Eve and brother of Cain and Abel and is the only other son mentioned by name. According to Genesis 4:25, Seth was born after the slaying of Abel by Cain, and Eve believed God had appointed him as "replacement" for Abel "because Cain killed him."

  18. You may have been the first but i'm the most powerful:

    Seth is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, the embodiment of hostility and even of outright evil. He is also a god of war, deserts, storms, and foreign lands. As the god of deserts he protects the caravans which travel through the desert, but he also causes sandstorms.

  19. In Lucas we Trust

    Lucas Podolski that is..

    Go Lucas Go

    In Joachim Louw We Trust

  20. Swoosh. u must only be referring to 2 years in your youth (80's) that you saw the scum winning the trophey. You guys never dominsated the trophy and never will. For the record the 80's winners are

    Utd - 2 times
    Scum - 2 times
    Spurs - 2 times
    Everton - 1 time
    West Ham - 1 time
    Coventry - 1 time
    Wimbledon - 1 time

    So how do you come to the conclusion that this was the socusers cup?
    And for the record MUFC hold the record number of wins (11) and appearances in a final (18). In fact your scum are only 5th in FA Cup history after Arsnal, Spurs and Villa

  21. Swoosh, I think you have fed this blog a bunch of lies, how can you be lifting the trophy in your early days in the FA Cup when one of your worst records are in the FA Cup? United has the best record. Maybe when you saw red you thought of liverflops, coz all the time you saw red was the SHARP jerseys lifting the FA Cup. Or maybe you used to play on the street with that trash you wear saying crown paints and used to cheat the lities and win on default and lift your own trophy.

    I'm quite appalled at this article and I think for the sake of your liitle izzat you should rephrase this article. Maybe you were watching a different sport where the players also wore crown paints jerseys and they used to win all the time in May. Please explain swoosh coz this article makes nonesense.

  22. Ok....Ok.....

    My article needs to be rephrased.

    I just remember that in the 80's It was just liverpool, Liverpool...

    Labelled as the team of the decade.

    And we had two FA Cups in the 80's

  23. 1st seth u mugg,

    we all the decendents of adam and eve! what makes you more special?

    and swoosh i see u taking stick again!u aint gona win this one!

  24. any1 but seth (abs)Friday, 06 February, 2009

    some body been googling the name seth and acting all clever now!

  25. Why did Fucken Benitez play Lucas in the first place

  26. Bring in Martin O Neil


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