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With Uncle Bhai Gora

UBG has been very busy lately. Finally we have found out why. UBG was in India and he used his Bollywood contacts and is personally directing the new Shrek movie. Here is a sneak preview of SHREK 1V. JALEBI FOR MY PRINCESS

Watch this video. Put on the sound and we cant wait for it to hit the big screens. Well done Uncle Bhai Gora. You deserve a Oscar

Americans Out!
Its probably the most chanted slogan in the world and with no exception it echoes through the city of Liverpool. David Moores must be thinking just how did he allow Rick Parry convince him that it was a better choice to sell to the Americans instead of DIC. After 2 years of broken promises about transfers and the "new" stadium fans of LFC can't wait for them fo finally be sold.The Americans can't hold on to the club for much longer and asked Merryl Lynch to find them a buyer but nobody seems interested at their asking price.The Royal Bank of Scotland will not give them another extension beyond July on the 350 Million Pounds that they borrowed to buy the club and every passing day that they can't sell the price goes down. Que Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the man that Parry didn't want to sell to. He has publicly stated that he is no longer interested in LFC but news coming out of Liverpool today clearly state that he is still very much interested and is prepared to bide his time and wait for the right price to buy.There is no doubt that his riches will help propell LFC back to the top. Fans can say over and over again that money doesn't buy success but it does help. Look at what Chelsea achieved in the small space of time since Abromovich took over and Fergie was never denied funds season after season to out spend many teams in Europe and the new found riches at Man City will make them into a top 4 team provided they can get a "big" manager to pull in the stars.Come May, Sheikh Maktoum could be buying the League Champs and who knows what his deep pockets could buy us..........fingers crossed!!!

Whilst watching the Liverpool Pompey game the Torres song was always playing in my mind. Here is the video

All the way from the UK

Barcelona - The team to beat this season

I’ve just returned from a trip to Barcelona to watch the Catalans earn their money on the holy ground of the Camp Nou. After watching Messi and team mates put on a display of what I can only be defined as football poetry, it has become clearly apparent to me that if any team wishes to be crowned Kings of Europe, the team they would need to beat is Barcelona. I’ve watched 3 of England’s big clubs from the stands this season, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal and while most of the English media (and readers of this blog) heap praises on these clubs often citing the attractive football being played by the young Gooners and the devastating counter attack United put on display, the honest truth is that both pale in comparison to what the Catalans are producing. Fact is that television does not do justice to players and their skill and abilities and it was for this precise reason I went to Camp Nou … to witness with my own eyes if Barca are as fast and good as they look on the box – they were even better. Messi is simply phenomenal, Iniesta looks like he can keep going forever, Dani Alves was the unsung hero on Sunday night and Eto, was just well himself (and that says a lot). Granted, their opposition on the weekend wasn’t the strongest of teams in La Liga (laying 12th in the table) but the Barca players controlled the game from start to finish and it almost felt as if the 3 points were a mere formality and it was nothing more then a training session for the Catalan giants. I’ve often spoken to people who draw comparisons between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

They’re both great play makers and are the hottest property in football. They both run at players (and past them) and both do things on the pitch that seem humanly impossible. I love Ronaldo and love the fact that he’s wearing a United jersey and have had the honour and privilege to watch him from close range at a number of games over the last few seasons. He’s always delivered and I’ve always left the stadium in awe of his ability. No matter how the game plays out, you will always be guaranteed of at least 1 minute of pure brilliance in every United game featuring Ronaldo, BUT he is no Messi. Magic is the only way I can explain the devastation that is Lionel Messi, no matter how good you think he is … he’s better !!!

Ronaldo puts on a great show with his fast feet and step overs and Lionel doesn’t … that’s what makes him brilliant; his simple composure and the manner in which he seems to magically run straight thru players as if they weren’t even there. Last night, I left the Camp Nou not feeling in awe, but feeling as if I had just witnessed a miracle. I sincerely wish United come up against Barca in Europe this year, because if we miraculously manager to beat them, I will know without doubt that anything gained after that is well earned. Somehow, beating a team like the current Barcelona as opposed to last seasons Chelsea makes winning a trophy that much more special. Speaking of Chelski … surprise, surprise. Only that gangster Abramovich can manage to make a brilliant manager like Phil Scolari look like a failure. The sacking of Big Phil is naturally dominating the English media circus right now. Scolari has yet to speak to the press in detail but whispers around Stamford Bridge (which have now become public thru Scolari’s agent) is that it was solely Abramovich’s decision to kick him out. The Russian mobster has once again kicked Chelsea in the nuts … you would think someone who managed to make billions in such a short space of time would learn from his mistakes but Abramovich is coming off like man who would rather expand his ego that Chelsea’s trophy cabinet. The Chelsea fans are no help either … post Mourinho, who delivered trophies instantly (which is rare to get from any manager) the fans have been a roller coaster of support to both Mourinhos’ successors.

In his few weeks in charge of Chelsea, Grant heard nothing but chants of “bring back Mourinho” and “you don’t know what you’re doing” from the fans at the Bridge. When Chelsea accidently ended up 2nd in the League and in the CL final he was applauded and then sent on his way. Enter Big Phil and after winning 8 games, there were chants of “better than Mourinho” heard at the Bridge. At the weekend, it was the age old “you don’t know what you’re doing” which I’m fast believing should be Chelsea’s song and should be sung in honour of their crooked owner instead of the next poor soul that takes charge of the grandfathers of the Premiership …
This weeken I put down all the POLICE ACADEMY'S lol. and I just had to put this video of ZED up..The man is a legend

I say the man went for nothing. No reason for it. He is in TOP 4, Still in Europe. Must be a personal vendetta!


ARE YOU! the next RONALDO?

Cast your video!


  1. u better tell the tailor to halt on the suit. we shall talk in may.

    no news on teh mans win?
    what about adams and scolari being sacked.
    who should be taking over at Stamford. I hear avram is coming back!

  2. Chelsea have named two targets, Avram Grant and Guus Hiddink, they're hoping to get both and the idea is for Hiddink to take charge of the team with Grant acting as a sporting director.

  3. Shoobs, you could not have said it in any other way, i envy you and im sure it was an awesome experience to witness the BEST team on the planet! They playing footy on another level. To score 65 in 21 league matches is something!
    Im sure they’ll be crowned European Champions this season, i dont see any other side matching them!


  5. Word on the street is that Ancelotti is the nr 1 target

  6. and you wonder howcome Ronaldo got the tropies this year

    when it should have gone to barcelona's man

  7. Anonymous, now thats just been pretty stupid! Ronald got it for his brilliant performace last season! the next one would most certainly go to Messi hands down! stop being a prick and wake up frm your slumber. there r better players thn Ronaldo currently. his form frm last season cannot b matched! Blady bias SCUM

  8. England vs Spain

    England has 0 Liverpool players
    Spain has 5 players from Liverpool in their squad.

    Wat a thing.

    In Louw we Trust !!!

  9. Shoobs

    I aint a huge fan of English football and the only reason we follow it is because of big money (its the most watched league in the world and our league hasn't appealed as much, though I do watch very occasionally).

    The English surely know how to promote their stuff

    Personally I would watch any of the South American leagues as most of the players play with colour,flair and actually have TALENT!

    Roman has totally lost the plot.Avram Grant is talentless( He used to bench Anelka for most of the games last season and see what Anelka did this season)


  10. mini stop being a mugg! the best players in the world are in the premiership. englsih teams hav dominated the champs league in the lasy few years, you at leats 2 to 3 in the semis every year!

  11. I'm gonna agree with Mini, it's the most watched league but that does not necessarily mean it's the best league to watch of even has the better teams in Europe.

    ABM - Yes, English teams always fair well in the Champions league but that is not because they play a better, more attractive brand of football than the likes of Barca or South American teams ... it is because English football is played at a quicker pace and much more aggressive, which brings results, but not as attractive to watch. This season, Barca, have managed to combine those elements.

    Also, on a different note, United fans should check out Very sad news, Mike Dobbin, a legendary United fan has passed on. I stayed with him in Moscow last year during the CL final. Man United is a poorer club with his passing

  12. Swoosh, why do you want Sheikh Maktoum to buy Manchester United? The Glazer family is happy with them so why mention that come May the Sheikh will want to buy the league champs Manchester United? Something wrong with you swooshesh? YOU should be fired!!!!!!!!

  13. ebi kp end you dumb mutt. MANCHESTER UNITED are currently best team on the planet.BARCA will get bashed by united.
    Everybody is talking about barca this barca that. the spanish league is gone so k@k that barca look like they great. wait till they play the rest of the teams, the uniteds, milans, chelsea juve etc...


  14. well done gaan!

    gaan maro them for talking kak!
    we champs of the world, we got the best midfielder in the world in michael carrick!

    barca barca my gaan! lets see if they deliver in europe!
    mini and shoobs its results that count not pretty football!




  17. Ok A*se F*kker (gaan maro) ... f*cking hell, why would you call yourself that, unless you're in the fudge packing business

    Last I checked, Barca are 12 points clear in La Liga and have a scoring record that is on course to go into the history books. Pretty football + results

  18. ja but uniteds defence are also breaking records , & van der sar has also entered the record books.

    united cut down a 10 point lead & are now 2 points clear.

    the premier league is much tougher than la liga

    hard football + results


  19. yeh anonymous chodu, so what the fuck if i like greek.

    la liga is much weaker then premiership as gaan pointed out! we champs of the world. we want barca in champs league so we can put an end to this crap talk.

    gaan maro


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