Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last night I met up with Hash, Yusuf Abdullah and the Doc briefly and the boys were looking good and ready for tonight. Long time ago when we were still playing ball at Tech for Lesco my toppie was managing a under 10 team. His team were sweeping all in the division at the time and there was this lity, a striker called Yusuf Adam that was putting away. My father always talked about him. He used to come to the grounds with his brew,the notorius Cuchee as he was known and their father in that famous land rover. It so happened they stayed behind us in mosquito Valley. Years later we were watching the Dolphins and my father asked me If I remember Yusuf Abdullah.I couldn't make him out. He said thats Yusuf Adam that played for my team. It so happened I met Abbers as his known by Hash and Co,and he came home top see the toppie and have lunch. We chatted and talked about Abbers making it for the national team one day insha-allah. I mean since Bret Shultz he was a natural lefty and he could swing the ball. When I checked him last night and seen the look on his face I felt proud. He was soaking up the euphoria and anticipating the atmosphere of the Bull Ring where he should start. And start he must as he will get Swing and he must make the strike bowler position his own. Off the field "THE HEATER" as he is also known as is a top owe. Obviously under the guidance of Hash, Abbers is a gentleman,calm and collected and well he's our owe. No doubt its a great achievement and it takes lots of hard work. And the heater has deserved it.
For me its wonderful to see that our neighbourhood owe from back in the day who is again a role model off the field making it and leading the attack for South Africa in the Pro 20's.This will be a start for our man for great things to come. Its certainly a proud moment for Hash, Bodi,Imraan Khan and now the Heater. What a thing.
So in this post I just wanna say Congratulations "Heater". Enjoy the moment my man. Tonight is your night. Make us proud and we will support you 100% of the way.
Get a fiver Abbers. This is a start for bigger things. Good Luck also to Hash and the rest of the Proteas squad. 20/20 Cricket is no more a social. Its the real thing


  1. Oaks be on alert, the next time you hear a knock at the door it might just be the SA Cricket team Jamaat coming to make tashkeel to join them for

    Good on ya Lads may you grow from strength to strength

  2. Well done Yusuf. You make us proud. Tonite is the night. We are right behind you


  3. Now show them what the Heater is all about!

    Abdullah vs Warner.Go Proteas

  4. apra wara at the highest level, brings tears to my eyes! its great! it proves the point that cricket is in our blood, and back in the day we would have also produced stars like the pollocks,richards, d'oliviera, etc!

    APRA WARA RULE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kevin Pietersen- This the reason i left SA no opportunities

  6. Well done Yusuf on getting your 1st scalp in Ponting! wat a ball it was and wat a wicket to get Ponting! May you continue and flourish and make that opening spell yours for the future!

    who the Fuck cares of Kevin Pieterson, he and all his supporters can go get stuffed!

  7. Another Asian player in South Africa who is very likely to get Protea colours is Sayed Abdul Parwez. Sayed won the under 19 Western Provice player of the year award. This youngster is a tall Pakistani born left arn seamer who is seen as the next 'Wasim Akram'

  8. I cant wait for Yusuf Abdullah to bowl Kevin Pietersens middle stump.


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