Monday, March 30, 2009


Last night we entered the gates of Anfield for a glittering function. Fellow Kop Lad Saheer Laher went down. The function was glittering,nothing short of spectecular and the food sublime.
The Liverppol toppies were kitted in flashy suits and I bumped into a few MANC toppies in the back of the line during tea time. I asked Uncle Saleem Laher,Shaheers father if he had indeed caught invited these MANC fans in the family because I didn't see any.

I didn't know whether Uncle Saleem was more happier that Liverpool reduced the deficit to one point or that his son got married. I caught up with Uncle Saleem later and told him the function was magnificent. He told me Swoosh, "You know if it wasn't for the ladies I would have mad the men's section standing,synonymous to the KOP.
But congratulations Shaheer Laher. You will Never Walk alone now for sure. The usual suspects were present from our Champions League crew, with Riyad Loonat shining. The Madrid man had too after we dumped them out of Europe. But was good to see the lads again and commentary was filtering in as Yusuf Abdullah was bowling his spell during chow time. I also met Imraan Khans father and from teh Bernabeau to Anfield, another lad bites the dust.

In terms of Sport though there was World Cup Qualifiers, PRO 20 Action,Super 14 and the Euphoria of the IPL

In World Cup qualifiers there were no major surprises. Spain, Italy, Holland,Germany and most of the big guns won. But Portugal are floundering and SA mite not see Penaltino and the Portuguese.This will be a tragedy for the South African Portuguese contingent.

The Portuguese drew with Sweden 0-0.

Maradona in his first important game had lots to smile about as Messi and Co ripped their opponents apart. Are the Argies favourites to win 2010. As for Brazil tehy conceded late and drew.

England and Wayne Rooney were sublime in thumping Slovakia 5-0,was it Azee. The English had a new kit and even though it was a friendly they look set for Ukraine.

And SA Well they put it in impressive display to beat Norway 2-1, and the only question on peoples lips is that should Benny Play or Not? Please send your comments


The Bullring was superb I hear. Ebie Kop End was in the thick of things so I'l await his comments.

Yusuf Abdullah didnt start on Friday but he certainly did yesterday and it was great to see him in action and producing a gem of a delivery. Also a good debut from Roelof van de Merwe. SA 2-0 up in the series and the question now is that who will make the PRO 20 World Cup Squad in June. Albie Morkel your Beauty. How was that one six by Morkel on Friday.Massive.


Blues 22 Waratahs 27 Highlanders 36 Bulls 12 Crusaders 11 Stormers 7 Reds 26 Chiefs 50 Sharks 35 Brumbies 14 Lions 32 Hurricanes 38

In Super 14 the time has come where SA teams have to rely on one another. But Bulls still rule the roost

I thought I would post this interesting statement made by legend Diego Maradona
Pele Lost His Virginity To A Man - Diego Maradona
The Argentine coach responded to claims made by the Brazilian that he is not a good role model, and he did not hold back...James Walker-Roberts
27 Mar 2009 15:50:39

Diego Maradona has reacted to claims made by Pele that he is not a good role model for children, by declaring that he lost his virginity with a man.
The Brazilian legend claimed last week that both
Ronaldo and Robinho have taken drugs, and that Maradona is not someone to look up to because of his history with narcotics.
The Argentine coach was asked for his thoughts on these statements at a press conference today, and did not twist his words when responding.
"What do you want me to say? He debuted (lost his virginity) with a lad (a man)," is what the coach told a press conference, attended by's Martin Decaux.
"I don't know if that's a good example or a bad one."
This response prompted plenty of laughter from many of the journalists present at the conference but it is unlikely to go down to well with the Brazilian, nor with some onlookers, due to content that could be viewed as homophobic.
Pele has already had to track back on his claims that Robinho had taken drugs, after the Manchester City man threatened to take legal action.
The now retired Pele claimed that what had been quoted was a "misunderstanding" and suggested the drugs claims were not true.
This latest remark by Maradona has dragged the Brazilian legend into the spotlight yet again and it will be intriguing to see if, or how, he reacts to the comments.


I apologise lads for the Fantasy F1. I totaly forgot and I didnt even realise. We will have to skip a season.

As for the Austrailian Grand Prix, Hazrat phoned me on Sunday Morning From Mekbourne. I could hear teh cars in teh background. Lucky bastardo, He will bring some pics back for "Been There Done That"

Button finally silences critics
30 March 2009 (07:55)

The 29-year-old Briton's roller-coaster career pulled out of a two-year plunge to soar sky-high in spectacular fashion on Sunday with a commanding pole-to-chequered flag victory in the Australian season-opener.
The one-two finish for Brawn GP, with Brazilian Rubens Barrichello following Button across the line, was the most successful debut by a team in 55 years and delivered a long-awaited payback for their English driver.
In the space of one afternoon he had scored more points than in all of the last two years with Honda, the existing team bought out by Ross Brawn.
The driver who took a massive pay cut to help keep Brawn on the road got his reward with a second career win that left him on top of the world.
"This is a fairytale ending really to the first race of our career together and I hope that we can continue this way," Button told a news conference.
"I said on the radio to my engineer 'can you please pinch me next time round'. It was at the start of the race after five laps when I had a five second lead or something."
In 18 races last season, Button scored a meager three points. The year before he had gathered just six. And yet in 2006 he won in Hungary and ended the season sixth overall. In 2004, he was third overall with 85 points when BAR (fore-runner of the Honda team) finished as runners-up.
"The last two years have been very tough, for both of us," he said, sitting alongside a beaming Barrichello.
"To drive that car we had last season, it was a handful. Every corner we got to we didn't know what was really going to happen. It was a beast but that's what we had to deal with."
Button, who made his debut with Williams in 2000, has had plenty of criticism over the years but he refused to take aim at his detractors.
"I don't need to poke anyone in the eye about what they've said about me in the past," he said. "There have been a lot of positive comments in the past and those are the ones that you obviously enjoy. I'm just happy to be here and I've worked bloody hard to be here."
The one-two finish reflected the grid positions and yet was also unexpected, with Barrichello making a terrible start and dropping to seventh by the end of the first lap.
It was only when Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and BMW-Sauber's Robert Kubica collided three laps from the end while battling for second place that the road to the podium was opened for the Brazilian.
"I have to admit to feeling slightly guilty that we were rather unsporting," said Brawn chief executive Nick Fry.
"There was a bit of a cheer that went up... it was slightly nerve wracking and at that point all the stress went away. We needed that accident to happen... first and second is indescribable."
As night fell over the paddock, rock greats The Who entertained the crowd by belting out classics such as 'Who Are You?'
For Button, the simple answer was a winner again and with much more to come.


  1. Well done Yusuf Abdullah........gr8 bowling performance and great team effort by SA....we fucked the Aussies up...

    Swoosh not to long ago during Tigers 1st tournament back after his operation ... some guy commented that Tiger wont get back to his best.....Shoobs was it you...cos u always talking kak.....

    the man was suberb .. eating up a 5 shot deficet with a gr8 putt on the 72nd just like last year.........

    the mans short game is better than ever...better than its ever been......

    Jack nicklaus`s record is set to disapear very very soon....

  2. Wayne 'the scouser' rooneyMonday, 30 March, 2009

    ne swoosh.......England thumped slovakia?????
    cos they fucking slovakia..........WTF

    Azee they kak dude......... lets see what they do with real opposition....

    they more like 3 cubs on a shirt

  3. we cruising in qualifiers isnt that real opposition?
    what about the boy becks? only shilton now ahead of him!
    the gerrard/lampard problem remains and it looks like capello can also not sort that out! when the both play in midfield we look shit. i think he slotted gerrard on the left in the game!

  4. tiger woods!
    tiger woods!
    tiger woods!tiger woods!tiger woods!

    thats all i have to say! no better sportsmen in the world then him!

  5. simba hoping to be a mufasa in a few years..hahaMonday, 30 March, 2009

    azee? what have england won? the 66 world cup that we always hearing about?

    benchod... it 2008 we in a different century already.........

    they might have good players thats a given.. but they are a shit team.....

    they always just scraping through or having to win just to make it to the next round...

    When are they gonna win....sumthing? AZEE? WHEN?

    every other team thats won the world cup has done so more than once .. at least...

    the only reason england won was it was at home in `66..........

    if they were a dominant force in football they would of won the world cup again ... last euro they did not even qualify......

    Its a disgusting effort from a team who boast the worlds best football league.........

    3 cubs on a shirt

  6. Brumbies hotel room robbed
    30/03/2009 11:32 - (SA)

    Want to know more?
    Answerit can help.

    Brumbies player paralysed?

    Paper IDs hurt Brumbies player

    Brumbies player critical

    Brumbies player hit by car

    Sharks run riot in Durban

    Get published on News24!
    Send your news photos to us

    Durban - Laptops and cellphones were stolen from a hotel room where some players from the Brumbies rugby team were staying, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Monday.

    Superintendent Jay Naicker said the players were staying at the Elangeni hotel in Durban.

    "There was no forced entry into the players room.

    "Hotel management did not report the robbery and resolved to solve the matter internally," he said.

    Naicker was not able to confirm when the theft took place.

    The Brumbies team was in Durban to play Sharks on Saturday. The team lost 35-14.

    In addition, Brumbies rugby forward Shawn Mackay was in a Durban hospital after being hit by a car outside a nightclub in the city in the early hours of Sunday.

    WOZA 2010 WOZA

  7. simba hoping to be a mufasa in a few yearsMonday, 30 March, 2009

    Azee... it seems like france have also won it once in 1998 .. they were also runners up in 2006.............At least they made the final of a big comp......

    2009 - 1966 = 43 years since england won....

    43 years since england made a final.......

    wot a kak team........ u musn`t be brainwashed by the media press and commentators....

    get a new team to be passionate about........

    ENGLAND r kak ..... bottom line.......
    Dont be wasting ur time with them AZEE?????

  8. 2 World Wars and a World Cup!
    2 World Wars and a World Cup!
    2 World Wars and a World Cup!


  9. 3

  10. What to say, it was sheer Magic! The BULLRING always produces classic and memorable encounters. Managed to get some last min grass tickets and the atmosphere was electrifying! Was abit disappointed not to see Yusuf Abdullah bowl his 1st spell at the Wanderers! Aussies were saved from a massive hiding thanks to Hussey who played some class strokes on his way to 80 odd runs, BUT OUR BOYS produced a great comeback and the last 5 overs belonged to Morkel and Boucher who were outstanding and scored 58 in five overs, keep im mind they came in 5 wickets down and needed 84 from 47 deliveries .
    Congrats to Yusuf Abdullah again on your 1st wicket of Ponting! Its great to see new faces coming thru. Time up for some senior players i say!
    Lets hope 17th April is gonna be another classic at the BULLRING!
    Remember 438


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