Tuesday, March 03, 2009

THE MANCS ARE...............

When Newcastle went 1-0 up I though this could be something. Then Ebie Jay smsed me to say Rooney scored. F#@4K. and when I checked again Berbatov made it 2-1.Apparantly PARK had a blinder.I wanna ask the MANC FANS, Is this gonna be a better season than last year. In Europe everyones making a big hoo ha or was making noise about Barcelona. They can be beaten.

This is a big week for MANC fans. Inter at home and then the Jihad, Abus vs Alis on the weekend.

You see thats the difference. Who does Benites have as strikers beside Torres. NcOG IS NOT CLASS. The MANCS have Tevez, Rooney, Berbatov and Giggs and Scholes to deputise.

The MANCS are on route for yet another title and its sad how we F#4ked it up with so many draws.

City beat Villa and I hink O Neil must be furious. Good win for Spurs though

Well, Liverpool beat Sunderland last nite thanks to goals from Ngog and Ben Ayoun. Its no big hoo ha as it all depends if Newcaste can take some points against the MANCS. Is it possible. I dont think so.

I didnt watch the game but the three points was important. Chelsea also kept up the pressure with a win over POMPEY and finally Arsenal scored and won.The stinkers have finally moved on after going for Van De Sars record.

The only sad thing for the evening was that Juve went down to Lazio in the Copa Italia after being a goal up. Like Ancelotti, Ranieri must f#2k off. Its about Time


  1. Yes they can do it, against liverflops and chelsea, not against United. Now I know some of you livertwats maybe be saying "but livermonkeys beat newcastle 5-1" So what? That 5-1 got you livercrybabies nowhere. Rather beat teams 1-0 consistently than beat one team 5-1 and then draw 10 games and then lose few more then win one. I think liversoups have got it wrong this season and thought that the league is cut down to 12 games. Try and understand their is no recession in soccer so their is no need to cut down on the amount of games in one season.

    Glory glory Man United!!!!!!!!

  2. abr i miss you abr! where are you abr?

  3. Its been a very long time since i commented on this blog. Well done to Swoosh for keeping it running even though there so many stupid comments still floating around.

    Now to Football. Man Utd look certain to retain what would be their 3rd title in as many seasons. Surely a great feat, however its not in the bag yet. The Premiership is proving to be a league where any side can pull the right result on the day. Makes me wonder howcome the scousers thought they had the title wrapped up by Xmas.

    As a Utd fan i'm thinking about the thought of taking a clean sweep this year. Something thats sounds almost laughable, yet ever so slightly possible. One game at a time. However should we loose our next two games it could all be over. Lets hope we keep our feet on the ground and treat every game like a cup final. This could be a remarkable year for us.

    (P.S Swoosh org me my password)

  4. oh Rooney you beauty u have just won us the league....

    hahahahah liverflops livertwats fucked it up again heheheheeh


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