Friday, March 20, 2009


Well so thats it hey, Chelsea again. We are tired of Chelsea but weay of Guus. The MANCS are lucky to get Porto and avoid the big boys. Arsenal should beat Villareal and the Clash of the round Bayern Munich vs Barcelona.

I say we meet the MANCS in Rome. Arsenal vs Utd. Liverpool vs Bayern. Thats my prediction.The Stage is set

Quarter Finals (April 7th-8th, April 14th-15th, 2009)
1. Villarreal vs Arsenal
2. Manchester United vs Porto
3. Liverpool vs Chelsea
4. Barcelona vs Bayern

Semi Finals (April 28th-29th, May 5th-6th, 2009)
5. Winner of Match 2 vs Winner of Match 1
6. Winner of Match 4 vs Winner of Match 3

Final (May 27th, 2009, Rome)
Winner of Match 6 vs Winner of Match 5

Also Hash and Imraan Khan both gone. Hash just cant seem to be taking those solid starts to big ones. He hit 8 fours in his knock though. Imraan well good on ya lad. Its your debut

The quarter final draw takes place today and I have a feeling we going to draw Man utd and continue the Jihad.
Funny story I met this Liverpool fan who said he had lunch last week Friday by his MANC connections. On the lunch table he asked his cousin so did you see the draw. His cousin said who ,what when.Who did we get.He said Liverpool. He said his cousin had that look of fear on him and was


  1. yippee chelsea you beauty u gonna kick some a$$ dump the reds outta the competition do the mancs a favour please

  2. Wats new the MANCS get the easy draw again. Chelsea again. Its not that we scared, but we tired of playing them.

    Book your tickest for the Jihad in Rome

    E tu Brute.
    To the Colosseum we go

  3. cos the manc need favours now......hahahah

    we are chelseas dadaas.........

  4. You always crying about man utd get it easy. You so fucken bias it makes me sick just listening to you. Its about time you stop whining. Stop being such a girl

  5. Could have been liverpool VS Juve Swoosh your Mugg

  6. We are tired of playing these Chelsea Chops. But bring it on

  7. Many are hailing this years competition as the repeat of 1999.

    Glory Glory man Utd

  8. The MANCS r beadeen easy and happy they didnt get Liverpool.

    E soup E

  9. Liverpool fans claim to be the best side in Europe. So any draw should be in their favour. Why the moaning now. You guys will stroll past Chelsea and Barca/ Bayern. Its almost like a formality. Also with Rafa getting his new contract and your best week in football ever, things can only get better. Lets hope you make it all the way and meet the Holders in the final. Perhaps then we could hit you where it hurts most and put our 4-1 loss behind us for good! GLORY GLRY MAN UTD


  10. Nice one Biggy tell the flops we are the best

  11. Bring the catalun Giants to Munchen..
    We will unleash..



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