Monday, March 23, 2009


I apologise for the late post. PC stuffed up at home and traffic this morning but what a sporting weekend. What a Weekend.Where do I start.

Ok Saturday and the curse of Danny Murphy returned to haunt the MANCS and I immediately went to Extension 8 Ackals and told Imraan and them to smile. I said "Make that 4 Toasted Steaks please, and Oh yes please add another two"

Poor Mancs they have been receiving a bashing and today will be no different. Everyone thought Fullham will be a breeze.

But what was Scholes trying , thats a red. Murphy slotted home and the MANCS were 1 down. I thought ok here is it, We all going to get happy for nothing and the MANCS will steal again like they do always. They were pressing and pressing. And then Fullham scored spectacularly, Rooney sent off. Great. Alot of Mancs were saying that the Referee was full of shit . What do you guys think of the Sending off. Did Rooney deserve to see red?

But great for the premiership race, great for an ABU. The fight is still on and Vidic, Rooney, Scholes are all missing and Bervatovs leg I heard is in plaster, dont know how true it is.
So when it came to Sunday Everybody expected Liverpool to f#4k up. I myself was worried as Villa were tough opposition. But a 5-0 drubbing led by Captain Fantastic. Liverpool are on fire. And now how we regret those draws against the minnows. We would have f#4king been ten points clear already.
And Rieras second goal, sheer class. Liverpool was class. gerard was fantastic and 13 goals in the last three games against big scalps.
What color suit must I wear. The tailors packed it away till next year.Now they working on it again. AND THE MANCS ARE IN PANIC STATIONS
Chelsea and Guus disappointe dearly.They lost to Spurs and failed to capitalise on the MANCS slip up. Good win for Arsenes men
In Europe Barcelona nad Madrid step up the pace and how was Barca, a 6-0 demolishon job they gave. Messi,Eto, Henry and the usual suspects were on the scoresheet.
In Italy and Serie A, I watched the game on Saturday Night,Juve vs Roma and Juve ran riot. The Atomic Ant Giovinco was terrorising the Romans. A good win for Juve. Sadly though Inter won also and that Juve slip up a month ago could prove decisive.
Milan drew and Im sure they lining up a replacement for Ancelotti
On Saturday night I stopped at the Select in Lenz. i seen some local Petrol Attendants screaming and cursing Jimm Tau. They were saying he must f#4k off and he cost Chiefs the game. They were also in shock as Chiefs were upset by TUKs. Pirates and Sundowns also lost in the Nedbank Cup and Sundowns fans wanted to moor teh ref in teh end. All three BIG BOYS sent packing. THE BOOKIES must have made money
SA wrapped up the final test in Newlands in emphatic style. It was good to watch even though it was a dead rubber. Good performances from AB De Villiers and Harris got Man of the Match awards. To the one days and PRO 20 action where our local owes Hash and Yusuf Abdullah will be featuring.
In Tennis, Rafael Nadal proved his a supreme athlete once again when he thumped Andy Murray in straight sets to win the 1000 Series Masters in Indian Wells. Nadal didnt let the heavy winds affect his game and went on to capture yet another Masters, his 29th I think


  1. Go with white or maybe even that grey away strip colour with the flashes. But I wouldn't be running just yet off to the store to buy one, UTD still need to slip up further.

  2. Breaking News!!!

    The FA are considering bringing in cheerleaders at the end of games.
    This is because the FA have noticed that the United fans are leaving the stadium long before the final whistle.
    It is hoped that the cheerleaders will keep the United fans until the end of the game.


  3. Not good times at O.T and the scousers on the other hand are flying high. We in for one of the best title finishes yet. Who will be smiling come gameweek 38.


  4. No problem with the Rooney sending off ..throwing the ball the way he did was a clear sign of dissent and it's a yellow card.The amount of times I've seen him mouth off to officials and not get booked it's about time he got what he deserved.So much for the RESPECT campaign ..

  5. gr8 weekend of where is that shobs lighty? the oke who was so certain the mancs will win..hehehehhe....they still might.....but its not a certainty.......

    where are the manc supporters....feeling the pressure hey!!!!

    I mean u dont even see these guys anymore..not at the masjid...not in the streets and certainly not on the blog..........

  6. thanks uncle muhammed fayed...... thanks danny murphy u beauty........!!!

    thanks scholes u idiot!! hehehhehehe

    A question guys... what the hell was scholes thinking ... just let the goal in . rely on u potential as a team of 11 and fight back...but the beauty handles concedes a penalty which results in a goal and they become 10 men...fucking mancs deserve to lose everything cos they THICK.... like thabos 1 slice of bread......

    VIVA LIVERPOOL.............

  7. Yes where are all the MANCS. We all waiting for Shakes and Shoobs to tell us what went wrong.

  8. Hey Swoosh, when is the bachelor party?

  9. Seth,Azee and Punisher

    I want your bguys views on Wayne Rooney.The man I love to hate!

  10. All the manc okes slate liverpoll and call them scousers.....conviently ignoring the fact that rooney is a scouser.....the ugliest,smelliest scouser of the lot....

    thanks rooney .... !!!

    SCOUSERS RULE!!!!!!!!

    Shoobs where are u mate.......

  11. Hi

    Dont I look like i shit in my pants before the game???


  12. Swoosh I reckon u go with a RED suit....

    Shoobs where are u ... got any stats 2 day....
    like maybe how liverpool get red hott towards the end and manure gonna fuck it up.....

    Shoobs where are u.........?
    where are the mancs......bastards.... njoy the caves u hiding in.........hehehhehehe

    Liverpool rule.....

  13. MINI........ rooney is an BMT....vokol......

    a man with his supposed class should never behave the way he did..........

    he`s a can we expect more...


  14. HOw was gary bailey taking rooneys part yesterday....once a manc u`ll always be a POES....

    Go learn how to be fair.......




  16. Where is Shakes and the analysis of the games?

  17. Hey Shakes! Its never too late to start supporting Liverpool again. We know you want to.

  18. There's no defense for the United performance at Craven Cottage. Fulham deserved the 3 points, no arguments there (in fact, I did say a few weeks ago, that if Fulham took 3 points off us, it would be far more acceptable than Liverpool taking 3 points off us as their performance has been consistent throughout the season)
    All said and done, the league is still ours to lose. Make no mistake, it's too late for Liverpool to "win" the title. They have dropped too many points and f**ked up way too much already, they can only be gifted the league by a United team that have pushed the self-destruct button.

    But, United have depth and quality, the only question is do our players have the ability to rise up and see this thing thru ... I hope they do.

    Bottom line, congratulations Fulham on a well deserved 3 points.

  19. swoosh never a doubt that that rooney looney retard needed to be sent's one thing being passionate and wearing your heart on your sleeve and there there is another when you constantly aggrivating the ref with foul language and dissent...he's been getting away with this crap behaviour for some time now, and it's about time a ref with the balls did something about it..rooney is a brainless fuC#r's amazing listening to the post match commentary after the pool game..gary baily was still seething about the ref in the united game..went as far as to say that the penalties we got were soft...for fuck sake...what football matches do these idiots watch..can't stand these blinkered biased united twats..when they lose it's almost always the ref that was poor..they fail to mention that they were crap against fulham and their poor display at the cottage cost them the game...

  20. Shoobs

    Gifted the League,

    United have been grinding results all season.I would be suprised if they finished 3rd.Gary Bailey has lost the plot.In all fairness Liverpool are just breathless and UNITD are dismal.

    Rafa is a King.

  21. looks like this wobble is going a bit too far.
    As for Scholes and Roooney, wtf were they thinking with stupid sending off's. No need to be hasty. Stupid stupid stupid.
    Mini - rooney is still a good player and probably needs this break to sort his freaken temper out. SAF must have been throwing some hairdryers around.

    I hope we bounce back and don;t slip any further

  22. Like last week we never played to our protential. On Saturday we looked very uninterested and Fulham showed more commitment. There are people pointing to us having played 8 or 10 more games than any other team this season and tiredness, but to me thats crap. You either there to play football and will play through any pain barrier and give it your all.

    Scholes was foolish yes, but having been in a similar situation sometimes its just instinctive that your hands go up. The score would have been 1-0 regardless of the penalty, but with 11 men, things may have been different, but there is no guarantee the 11 men would have got a better result.

    We lacked a cutting edge even when we settled and started playing. All credit to Fulham for making a game of it.

    I get the arguments about Rooney's red card, and yes maybe he was trying to get the ball back to Giggs faster, but you threading on thin ice with a reaction like that. The way he flung the ball was an angry reaction and the ref is open to interpret it as dissent and rightly so. Whether he threw it in urgency rather than anger is matter of opionion, any Manc would believe that while the Liverfool would argue the opposite, but he could have rolled it back or lobbed it back and avoided the card. I believe the ref could have made the decision either way, spoken to him or carded him. Either decision would be fair depending on interpretation, but I have no qualms about the 2nd yellow, his reaction cannot be defended.

    Milan are way behind the pack. Supersport are up to no good. Every Sunday night Serie A game was shown for the last 3 weeks. Milan get a Sunday night game and Supersport decide not to show it.
    Swoosh I hope they lining up a replacement, the Rijkaard rumour has been floating around for over a year but nothing yet.


  23. Shakes..respect...unlike shoobs who just talks kak.......

    trying to make liverpool look like lessor opponents......shame on you shoobs..that dont work here.... u r in perishaans and u dunno WTF happend....




  24. Shoobs? it's too late for Liverpool to "win" the title. WTF u talking about boet?

    If manure lose or draw.... and liverpool win... the they win...

    u forgetting that the ball is round the pitch is a rectangle and the season is made up of 38 one is gona hand the title to anyone.....whoever wins wins.........the others lost............please shoobs can we post decent intelligent fairy tales....kanala?

  25. it aint over till the final whistle.
    united messed up, but they will regroup.

    liverpool had a 10 point lead & surrendered it.
    it aint over yet.

    so, dwell in your ignorance while it lasts.

    well done to the scousers for doing what they are, "but", winning the league is what counts & nothing else.


  26. Hey Swoosh stop publishing this Shoobs lighties articles in future. I cant understand why he's getting to have a regular column in the first place. He just talks sh!t. H just talks sh1t. Why not give it to Shakes?

  27. Consistency is the key to winning the league, yes?
    If Liverpool had consistently played as well as they're playing at the moment throughout the season then the league would have been done and dusted, but their up and down performances have allowed United to overtake them and build up a lead. United have, up until the last month, played well throughout the season, grinded out results and put themselves in pole position to win the league. Granted if United drop any further points, Liverpool have to still do the business and get the points but the point I’m trying to make is that a few weeks of sublime form does not necessarily earn you the title. As a Liverpool fan you may dismiss that as “kak” talk, but it is the truth. I’m taking nothing away from Liverpool, at the moment, you are by far in the best form of any team in the league ... but go back to November and December??? All the Liverpool fans were cursing at Rafa because of his rotation policies and lamenting the performance by a Liverpool team unable to capitilise and take 3 points from games.
    You've got to be objective and be honest...

  28. shakes..fair ques to least a fair perpective from a united least we can tolerate someone who understands the game..shoobs is an out and out idiot..arrogant as they come..professing how they were going to slaughter us at their shit house and now talking like the title is in the bag...united have the experience of winning titles but that doesn't mean that the title is already won..

    Swoosh..give shankes the united least then we might have some decent debate.

  29. As much as i hate the two MANC analysts, I would say I prefer Shakes comments. Get rid of Shoobs. Shoobs must go!!

  30. Swoosh I agree... shoobs is an out and out IDIOT......... like Torres is an out and out world class striker...

    Torres is good at scoring goals while shoobs is good at talking kak......

    if liverpool win there remaining games and united draw or lose one or two.....what then...LIVERPOOL will win......dont come with that kak of united giving the lkeague away.

    A game of football is 90mins .. united steal in most games right at the end but within the allocated time...they win

    the season is made up of 38 games........if anyone wins on the last day..they WON....and everyone else lost..........cos the season is 38 games long......

    and last week u going on like its won already....just 4 u sake I sincerly hope United dont win ... just 4 u my boy!!!
    so u will finally shut that bullshit mouth....and stop being so damn ignorant..

    shoobs please talk u kak sumwhere else......

  31. If liverpool won more games they would be champions already..they didn`t but no one can change that.......y dont u shoobs give a team there due respect.....they still in it..they still trying...still grinding out the results and what results they are..

    they doing whats left in there power to win the title..they know they gotta win every game from here in and so far they are...u think united gonna do them any favors????????? WTF is this a charity organisation!!!!!

    Shoobs u r a kak talker... good bye u arrogant ass.

  32. go go join shoobs and rooney in a 3some...
    u 3 assholes make a gr8 match all round...

    all fags..all talk shit....all getting sent the fuck off....!!!!

    as 4 liverpool surrending 10 points ... united only 1 point ahead..... 8 games to go....thats 2 months worth of football......if u thought 10 is alot.....what is 1? absolutely vokol.

    the perishaans are here.......u lot are quaking in u boots........

  33. No doubt, a bad two weeks to be a United support, but I'll stand by comments and by my team and take anything thrown at us.
    Dismiss it as kak talk, no problems, slate me as much as you want, no problems, slate United and our players, no problems ... ultimately the team that lifts the title are the Champs. Come end of the season, if that team is Liverpool, I'll swallow my pride and apologise to all on the blog for my comments and congratulate Liverpool on becoming champs, but if United hold on and make it three in a row what then???

  34. Maybe YNWA and all you scouzers should go coz you don't deserve anything season. Who said you can unpack your suit swoosh, you a loser just like the nineteen years you spent crying for a league title with your scouzer friends.

    Glory, glory Man United, glory glory Man United. And we are losing but still the scouzers are licking our asses. Swoosh, how come you guys won so many games but you not on top?

  35. Bibi see says:


    The FA is going to change it's rules from next season to accommodate the scouzers. The new rule is that whoever scores more goals in the season will win the league. So it's no more three points system. So livertwats are going to draw most of their games but with a 5-5 scoreline coz they not able to win too many games in the season. It's extremely difficult for the scouzers to win as they don't have the ability to do so. As for their supporters they will each receive a hamper of jik and omo to wash their mouths as they are so used to using vulgar language that they tend to do it even if they are winning their few games.

    All a person hears from these scouzers is vulgarity, they are the worst lot of supporters together with their convict captain gerrard.

  36. bibi... shut up and go make samoosa's


  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. hey swoosh....

    looks like you blog should be re-named to

    your blog is being messed up by one fucker who is in a dead end job.

    Why all the hate on this blog?


  39. Yesterday, I decided to face the music and watch the second half of the Liverpool - Aston Villa match with my hubby.
    My hubby is a Liverpool fan and I am a ManU fan...
    I noticed something...Liverpool played harder and much better.
    In my opinion, ManU are taking this too easy. They thought coz they were leading so well a few weeks ago, that winning the premiership would be a breeze.
    I think they now have learnt the hard way---it's not over until it's over.

    Contrary to popular belief, the ManU supporters are not hiding away---we're just licking our wounds coz Liverpool has shown the world how good they really are!

    Having said that, I was always and will always be a proud ManU supporter---even though hubby tried to bully me into changing my team!

    I can only hope that ManU come out of thier funk, pull up their socks and win something dammit!

  40. heeheheheheeeeee

  41. The Guardian quotes Ferguson as saying about Scholes's dismissal for deliberate handball, two yards from the United goal: "He could have easily not given it. But it's Phil Dowd, so what do you expect?"

    He went on to question the decision to send Rooney off for two acts of dissent, the second throwing the ball in the vague direction of the referee, but with enough force to send it well beyond where United had a free-kick.

    "Did Rooney throw the ball at the referee? The ball was thrown direct to where the free-kick was taken and did it hit the referee? No, the ball didn't hit the referee. Was it thrown in anger? Yes, because he wanted the game hurried up, he threw with pace to get the game going."

    now common fungusface. wat kak are you talking?
    blady scum bags
    will they ever accept defeat?

  42. ABR- easy tiger

  43. Fergie you beauty show us all what a great manager you everyone you can still retain the title after these setbacks

  44. Hey Shoobs In November and December we were still top of the table and no one was complaining about Rafa, It was only in January that we hit a bad patch and we questioned Rafa's team selection.Talking about consistency we were never out of the top 3 the entire season unlike your team that was languishing in the bottom half for a period in the season! We right back in the title race and you guys can't handle that because you all thought it was over 2 weeks ago.


  45. I beg to differ about Sir Alex not accepting defeat. Ebi it's easy to post a small excerpt from an article to make a guy look bad. Show exactly what he said and you will see he acknowledges we didn't deserve to win and he doesn't blame the ref either for the defeat.

    Here is a small portion from with the same interview. He also had this to say,

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson acknowledged his team were simply not good enough as they surprisingly lost 2-0 at Fulham on Saturday

    "They were lively and got stuck in and we respect that - they lost 4-0 to us a couple of weeks ago. But it's disappointing we didn't meet the challenge."

    "If you lose games in March and April it can cost you. Fortunately we have a slender lead at the moment but not a lot and I'm hoping we come back from the internationals back to our best."

    The latter dismissal frustrated Ferguson, who added on MUTV: "Did he (Rooney) throw the ball at the referee? The ball was thrown direct to where the free-kick was being taken - did it hit the referee? No.

    "He threw it because he wanted to get the game going. What can you say about that?

    "There wasn't a bad tackle in the game but John Pantsil was booked in the first half for nothing - it was just a tackle. Tackling isn't always perfect - I thought it was totally unfair.

    "But there's no point talking about the referee - we didn't play well enough to win the game in the first half and that's why we lost it."

    Now do you understand why the Mancs on the blog call this a biased blog. You call us United lads arrogant and talking kak, but if you guys make assumptions like this it's easy to see why the Mancs react.
    I think that last statement from Sir Alex well and truly answers Ebi's final question with an emphatic Yes we do.


  46. i think u lot are being harsh on Shoobs. What he meant from what i understand is that Being in the position we in at the moment, Man U have the league title in their own hands, unlike liverpool who need us to drop points. Should we win every game from now on, we will win the league. However should liverpool win every game the league is not certain, yet dependent on Man U dropping points. Its not a higher grade thing. Why is everyone slating Shoobs.

    That said we in for a fantastic climax to the season and credit to liverpool for getting back into contention when all looked doomed.


  47. THanks Biggy, the first oke that actually understood my point ... no suprise that he's United man.

  48. Hey Shoobs don't worry these squeelers always have a big mouth when they win and they are shut when they draw or lose. They were non-existent for 19 years and now they want to talk their mouths verby when they are one point away. They are disgrace to football and they will always be like that. They don't compliment their team at all. Liverflops I admit, they are a graet team but not the greatest, but their supporters are the worst and this blog proves it. They don't have a clue as how to react with diplomacy, but they would rather react in an unfitting manner. Swoosh, sorry to say this but liverflops supporters have no class in them.


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