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Congratulations to the Champions of Europe, England and the World

Man United have claimed yet another trophy in what is fast becoming another golden era of football under Ferguson’s watch. Despite a decent set of fixtures, a test match in the Windies and the Tigers’ return to international golf, the British media has primarily been focusing on one thing – “The Quintuple”. Journo’s, fellow managers, ex-players and pretty much anyone who’s watched Man United play over the last season are lining up to voice their expectation on the Reds making it a clean sweep, everyone except the players and their Gaffer that is. Following Sundays victory at Wembley, everything has been awash with talks of United claiming an unprecedented Quintuple. SAF, Giggs and other Reds have had to dismiss the talk as simply being a media thing, which is exactly what it is. It wouldn’t be the first time the English media hyped up some long shot achievement, got the masses rallied up and then turned nasty when expectations were not met. They did it to England at the World Cup in 2006, the English cricket squad at the 2006/7 Ashes, Steve Mclaren when he took over as Gaffer for England, Phil Scolari when he started at Chelsea ... this list goes on and on. Hopefully, the United squad won’t fall victim to all the media bullshit and SAF keeps the boys grounded. As a lifelong Red, I’m fairly confident about the league and won’t rule out the possibility of a domestic treble but nothing is certain in football (and definitely not in Europe when Jose Mourinho is waiting in the wings). Any title or trophy we bring to OT this season can only seem like a bonus on the back of the brilliance we finished on last season.
Apart from the above, there has been media interest in Tiger’s return and although he fell to a fellow South African at the second hurdle at the WGC, everyone on tour must be shitting in their pants. The man’s swing looks great and he seems a lot more solid throughout his game. It’s evident he’s lost a lot of feel, but spending a few months out will do that. I reckon another major is coming his way this year. As soon as he gets his feel back watch him kick Mickelson and company’s asses up and down the links. Someone posted a comment on the blog last week about Tiger not going to ever recover and be as good as he was, I’m sure you’ve now changed your mind after watching him.
It was also interesting to note the pressure at the Blackburn/Hull game with Sam Allardyce going up against his old number two Phil Brown – “no friendship for 90 minutes” was the motto for both Gaffers before the game, should have been “teach Giovanni to stop acting like a baby” for Phil Brown. Villa’s shock draw has also drawn a lot of interest so did the other shock result of the weekend which I won’t say anything about out of sympathy for our man Swoosh and his scouse brethren except that a few publications have branded a certain premiership club “LiverPOO”, could have been a typo ...


Now its been said that our boys recieved a pasting on the boundaries out there in Austrailia. Myself, Hazrat & Rio went to see Hasg bat on the 4th day and we managed to get seats right on the fence. There was a local lad who was pounding Peter Siddle. I just had to capture this and this is SA's retaliation to the Ozzies for what they did to our Boys out there. All in good fun though. This is the passsion of the Protea Fans. Turn up the volume for SIDDLE IS A WANKER


Rafa Must Go
After watching our dismall performance against Middlesborogh I can't help but feel that the Americans should call time on Rafa's tenure at Anfield.Once again his rotation policy killed us and to make matters worst our only two match winners are injured.Torres will be sidelined for up to 2 more games and Gerrard's injury is sill unclear.While Rafa still hasn't signed his new contract I think the Americans should withdraw the offer and let him go in the summer and he should take his underachieving players with him. I was pleased to see that we were linked with Mourinho but I would rather bring in Rijkaard. I would like to see us play good football while winning trophies and I think his fresh approach and attacking instict would go down well with LFC fans all over.Just look at what he did with Barca, they played some of the most attractive football in the world at the time while winning La Liga and the Champions League.Rafa once again stuttered in the league and since his public outburts against Fergie we have only won 2 league games and have sinced been passed by a resurgent Chelsea who are now 2nd. He made everything about himself and the team sufferred for it. Confidence is at an all time low and the way we played on Saturday is a huge worry with big games against Man U, Real Madrid and Villa all coming up in the next few weeks.Our season could be wrecked from a title pushing position to our customary 4th in the table.



Five Sri Lanka players have been injured after gunmen opened fire on the team bus in Lahore.
Thilan Samaraweera, Ajantha Mendis, Tharanga Paranavitana, Kumar Sangakkara and Thilan Thushara were hurt after being shot at on the way to the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore ahead of the third day of the second Test against Pakistan, Sri Lanka sports minister Gamini Lokuge confirmed.
Lokuge added two players are receiving treatment in hospital including Samaraweera, who was shot in the thigh.
There are reports former captain Mahela Jayawardene was also hurt in the attack.
Reports also suggest five policemen were killed when the team bus was fired upon by armed gunmen 100 metres from the stadium.
"We were told that there was a shooting incident while the team was on its way to the stadium. The players have returned to the hotel," Lokuge told CNN-INB.
"Two players are still receiving treatment in hospital. Thilan Samaraweera, Ajantha Mendis, Tharanga Paranavitana, Kumar Sangakkara, Thilan Thushara are those that have been injured. Samaraweera is still in hospital, he has been hit in the thigh."
The condition of the injured players is not known but Lokuge added: "We are waiting for more information and a report from the High Commission and Pakistan Cricket Board.
"We are shocked by this incident and we are worried about the players' safety. We are discussing with the other members of the cricket board about what steps to take now. In all, probability we will withdraw the team."
Unsurprisingly the Test match and the remainder of the tour to Pakistan has been abandoned.
Punjab Governor Salmaan Tahseer added: "The team is shaken, but I can confirm that there are no serious injuries to the players. None of them are critical.
"This was an organised attack. They were terrorists. They used sophisticated weapons. Five Pakistani policemen have been killed.
"Obviously the tour has been cancelled. We have arranged for the Sri Lankan players to be taken out to the airport and they will fly out of the country this afternoon."
Former Sri Lanka captain Sanath Jayasuriya said: "I just spoke to Kumar (Sangakkara) and the good news is everybody is safe and okay at the moment.
"Mahela Jayawardene was also injured, but they are all safe at the moment.
"When we played three one-day games there we had no problems. That is why the team went back to Pakistan again for the Test series.
"We had a good game in Karachi and then they went to Lahore where this unfortunate incident has happened.
"These are things you cannot control and the players are shocked at the moment.
"This is obviously something they haven't gone through before as a cricket team. I feel for them. It's a terrible time.
"I can't say at the moment what impact this would have on Pakistan cricket, but the priority at the moment is to see that the Sri Lankan players are safe."
International Cricket Council chief executive Haroon Lorgat, responding to the terror attack, said: "We note with dismay and regret the events of this morning in Lahore and we condemn this attack without reservation.
"It is a source of great sadness that there have been a number of fatalities in this attack and it is also very upsetting for the wider cricket family that some of the Sri Lanka players and one match official have been injured in this attack.
"At this time our thoughts and prayers are with the injured people and also the families of those who have died.
"I have confirmed with both member boards that the remainder of the tour has been cancelled and we are working hard to get our match officials out of the area as safely and as quickly as possible.
"I know, also, that the Pakistan Cricket Board is working with Sri Lanka Cricket to make sure the players are flown home at the earliest opportunity."
Sri Lanka were contesting the first Test series to take place in Pakistan in 14 months.
Several teams have recently refused to tour Pakistan due to security concerns and last year's Champions Trophy was postponed over similar worries.
Sri Lanka were only in Pakistan after India had been barred by the Indian government from touring the country following the Mumbai terror attacks last November.
The incident will undoubtedly now place a huge question mark over the immediate future of international cricket in the troubled country.



  1. It seems like Azee has won the Adega cup.

  2. its sad what happened in Sri Lanka. Its a tragedy. Bad for Sport on the whole. Bad for Cricket and PAKISTANI cricket.

    It will be many years before someone tours in Pakistan

  3. The GAAM of KHOLVAD is celebrating!

    Azee, as pure bred a Kholvad as you could get has triumphed over the Alipore Herbly!

    Fireworks were seen on the rooftops of Khovad, Eadie and Orient House. Rumour has it that a parade will be held on the streets of Ferreirastown!

  4. haroon is that you?

  5. operation "vat alles" is well on its way! united going to clean up everything!

  6. As long as it aint a Mayet we cool coiz then we know that it aint rigged.

  7. Cockney power!!!!!!!!! Botso bes hai!!!!! Botsos



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