Monday, March 02, 2009


Before I get pasted about being biased , It aint over until the fat lady sings. Yes its very difficult for the MANCS to lose four games but YOU NEVER KNOW. WE CAN HOLD ON TO THAT HOPE.

Its sad that at this stage what many predicted to be a tight finish possibly betwen Chelsea, Liverpool and Utd, mainly Liverpool taking them down to the wire , we lie at a stage where the MANCS are ten points clear in March

And sad to say lads from the Kop, But we have F#4ked it up properly. Where have oureselves to blame. All those draws and then the dismal defeat at Middlesbrough

Benites said that Liverpool missed chances and it was difficult once they were a goal down. But what do you F#4ken expect when you sell your strikers. Crouch went, Keane went. Look at Utd , they have Tevez, Rooney, Berbatov and Scholes, Giggs and Ronaldo can deputise as strikers if the need be. Who do we have Ngog and Nabil......Now thats Class coming off the Bench.


Luck follows the , MANCS. They beat Spurs on Penalties but a Win is a Win. Penalties are a lucky packet. And the MANCS have captured the Carling Cup. At the end of the day, some people might dispute whether or not its important or not, but Silverware is Silverware.

Freakin disappointing. I have nothing more to say. All that we have to do, now Is HOPE

FOR A MIRACLE.............THAT THE MANCS lose Four Games. I dont see it happening

In Europe it was also a belter of a footballing weekend. In La Liga, Madrid won and with Barcelona losing to Atletico Madrid in a seven goal thriller the lead is cut down to only 4 points now.

In Serie A, Juve won 1-0 against Napoli, Milans woes continue as they went down 2-1 and Inter and Roma drew 3-3 in thriller

Also We put down the cricket yesterday, got some class You Tube videos lol. But Its a Hash got out this morning. Its up to kallis and Dumny now to take us home


  1. finally you got that one right...your suit will be collecting dust for years to come heheheh

  2. In Rafa we Trust. We shall always win the league as long as the Liverflops still keep Rafa at the helm.

  3. Swoosh i think you rather not pack the suit away you rather sell the damn suit..IN RAFA WE TRUST

    Amien Rajah (Over and Out)

  4. Swoosh, don't cry, lousy weekend for you and it's going to get worse. It seems liverflops and AC Milan follw the same trend-they both slump together, but you guys seem to be doing it all the time these days. Don't worry, we will organize a wedding for you even if liverflops let you down.

  5. Unlike you Liverpool f%^cks we dont count our chickens before they hatch

    So just to correct you we 7 points clear with a game in hand. We only 10 if we do the business. This is something about us, amongst other things, you bias f%^ks need to learn from us.

    You will always walk alone

  6. 2 down 3 to go!
    ronaldo is like 7 down three to go when you add his individual awards up!

    what ur take on that ABR?

  7. What a thriller in the Barca game!

    Swoosh you guys should rather get Thiery Henry coz he still has quite abit of talent left in him unlike the rest of the scums!

    And which asswipe said last week that Ronaldo is better than Messi.(Go and eat your words boet coz that may have been last season NOT this season)

  8. Hey dimwit.....chickens don't hatch.....eggs do.

    Typical manc dumbfuck!

  9. season is far from over.
    yes, united have the advantage, but it aint over till the final whistle blows.

    "go" clean them out


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