Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Il start of by saying Good Luck PENALTINO.


Portugal play Bafana Bafana tomorow night. If I was Queiroz or Sir Alex I would not play Penaltino.

Lets go back in time when Linda Mercedez Benz Buthelezi took out Gascoigne. Then later Thabang Molefi took out Beckham.

Watch out penaltino. Our owes will take you out!

Since its International break I had to post this piece written by Killa. Marty McFly.Where are you

THEORY OF RETRO-ASAL NOO WAKAT (Gujrati for back in the day)
I remember the mini Nutella tubs.. Looked like em hotel jam tubs.. Smuggle one of those into class with that mini plastic spoon and you sorted.. Many people have different taste.. Differnt strokes for different folks as they say.. I was at a wedding in Roshnee this past weekend.. And i saw something unique there.. Something that took me back to the days of Italia 90 and Boris Becker.. Something that lit up the spark inside me that died a while ago.. I saw an empty packet (freakin old) of RASCALS.. i shit u not.. This oke kept it for donkey years.. RASCALS were the shit.. Back in the day, MJC stood for “maar just chow”.. U see, u buy u eat.. Thats how we rolled.. Now we have radio stations fighting over chicken farm rights.. Its like DALLAS.. The Ewings vs the BARNES’s for the oil plants.. Back to the point..
Rascals are not the only forgotton item of pleasure.. In the chocolate section the 2 mujaahids are CHAPELAT (yellow and navy wrapper with the spelling on it) and RIPPLE CHOX.. Those 2 choc’s were affordable and flippen lekka.. CHOX would meltin your mouth.. Esp the red orig one.. That was the shit.. There was another one called GOLD… I dunno if many remember that.. Shaped like a mini gold bar.. Tasted awesome.. Tad bit costly tho..
Then there was the best combo of all time.. The creme ale cream.. The king of combos.. SHOOTERS crisp and CHERRY COKE.. Shukr i get something similar to cherry coke at my local cineama but its not the same.. But this combo was sublime.. Music in ur mouth.. The hot SHOOTERS crisp was the pinnacle of tastebud pleasure.. Downed with a cherry coke.. U go home.. U watch Liewe Heksie and u chow Shooters.. That was it.. Now theres fucken mxit and shit. Also back in the day.. The white powder on your kids jersey was the best ever.. Yes, you guessed it.. ROCKET SHERBERT.. IN peach, granidalla and banana flavor.. Rocket sherbert was a must.. If u didnt have rocket sherbert u were a social outcast..
In the frozen foods dept there are many winners.. the legendary COCONUT BAR and TONY’S chocolate ice-cream.. In the old school silver wrapping.. Fuck i bet u hungry now.. And not to mention the best after school treat ever.. HI BOY and CHOC o LINA.. 50 cent a piece i think they were.. I remember the first OLA range.. That choc ice cream with that dog pic with the big ears.. Fuck i forgot the name.. The most legendary treat to ever come out of the freezer however was the RED ICE POP.. U load ur pockets up after mads.. U come home.. One or 2 burst in ur pearl white kurta.. Ur mother TANANA’s you one, two.. U dont care.. Cos u still have red ice pops to finish..
What about the fridge items.. i see BIBO is discontinued but good ridden i say.. CAPRI SONNE (pacific cooler) was the benchmark in fruit juice.. However CERES SEcrets of the Valley deserves a mention.. Then there were those cheap flavored water drinks.. The containers were shaped like teddy bears and cars and stuff.. Those were lekka also.. And remember Sweet Aid and Kool Aid Cherry.. The Ginger Beer should gly (pronounced khley) as well..
In other categories there was popeye sherbert, syrup mango which i spoke of before, barbeton choria andthe chocolate known as TAKE-TWO.. Fanta Apple and Bubble Gum didnt stand the test of time, neither did Hubbly Bubbly.. Those were also the days of PIZZA HUT and caramel popcorn.. Do they still make quality caramel popcorn.. Ghosts PoPs made a surprise return a few years back but one crisp that didnt was HULA HOOPS…There are many otheres like the necklace and wacth sweets and the purple and green pakets of PUFF CORN.. PEZ and HAW FLAKES deserve a mention also..
In conclusion here are some of my most missed confectionary items..
O Gradys Cheese/Sour cream crisp
Cherry coke
Ripple Chox Red
Tony’s Choc Ice cream
Chupa Chups Stock Sweets




Franchise History
The Deccan Chargers franchise is owned by
Deccan Chronicle. The media group acquired the franchise from IPL for $107 million on January 24, 2008. It is announced that from 2009 season onwards the team will change its jersey(from beige-black to sparkling silver-blue), logo and also the team will have much more hype in it.[2]

2008 IPL Season
Despite the fact that the team was one of the favourites to win the
inauguaral edition of the IPL, the team failed to reach the semi-finals. In addition, Andrew Symonds (Deccan's most expensive player) batted only 3 innings before leaving to play for the Australian national team, and team captain Laxman had his season ended by an injury after 6 games. Only 3 Deccan bowlers, R. P. Singh, Pragyan Ojha and Shahid Afridi, took more than 4 wickets in the competition. In this 14 match period, the team went winless at home and only managed 2 wins overall, one against the Mumbai Indians and one against the Chennai Super Kings. They finished at the bottom of the table.

The franchise acquired players like
Adam Gilchrist, Andrew Symonds, Shahid Afridi, Scott Styris and Herschelle Gibbs. The main bowlers acquired by the franchise were R.P. Singh, Nuwan Zoysa and Chaminda Vaas. From 2009, the team will be captained by Adam Gilchrist who replaced the captain of the inaugural season, V.V.S. Laxman. In 2008, VVS Laxman was intended to be the Icon Player for the team but he relinquished his Icon Player Status and settled for a signing amount of $375,000, which allowed the team to bid for costly players and still remain under the salary cap.
A huge controversy has risen amidst the Deccan Chargers camp, as their ace player VVS Laxman has reportedly decided not to play for the team again. Laxman, a senior Indian batsman, is upset by the way the owners have overlooked his contributions and sacrifices and named Adam Gilchrist as the captain for the next season, without even informing him before-hand. People realized something was wrong when another star player Shahid Afridi accused VVS Laxman of his below-par performance and inability to lead on the field in the inaugural season. A temporary truce was resorted to, but the flames have reappeared soon. Later they have terminated the contract of
Shahid Afridi and after team management have snapped their ties with him.

2009 Season

New Administration And Support Staff
After the debacle of 2008, the team management have sacked the entire previous administration(their CEO, Managers), the Captain and the entire Coaching Staff except assistant coach Kanwaljit Singh. They have sacked their CEO
J.Kalyankrishnan after one week of the 2008 Season, Coach Robin Singh and later Captain V.V.S.Laxman and replaced them with Tim Wright(later he too resigned after violating Foreigners Act), the former Australian batsman Darren Lehmann and former Australia Wicket-Keeper Adam Gilchrist respectively.

In a low key trading of players, the Deccan Chargers management have placed
Shahid Afridi and Herschelle Gibbs up for sale, a direct result of their below par performance during the 2008 season, however no other Franchise owners were interested in acquiring these two players. Due to this the Deccan Chargers management have ceased all tieswith Shahid Afridi, due to a disagreement with former Deccan Chargers captain V.V.S.Laxman. They have also released former India all-rounder Sanjay Bangar.

Before the second player auction took place the management signed
Queensland all-rounder Ryan Harris owing to a strong recommendation from Coach Darren Lehmann.
In the resulting auction the Deccan Chargers franchise acquired two
West Indian players, Fidel Edwards for a fee of $150,000, and Dwayne Smith for $100,000
They have also signed up six new domestic players,
T.Suman and Abhinav Kumar are two batsmen,bowler S.M.Shoaib from the Hyderabad, team signed after their consistent performances on the domestic circuit, M.S.Bisla, a Wicket-Keeper from Himachal Pradesh and two fast bowlers from Punjab, Jaskarandeep Singh and H.S. Bansal. The Chargers' team are currently experiencing an unprecidented level of media hype due to rumours circulating that the all-rounder and the Chargers' highest-paid player Andrew Symonds may be available for the entire season if he is dropped from the Australia squad for their tour of Pakistan (assuming the tour goes ahead at all). Some have stated that the Chargers' spinner Pragyan Ojha will be their major asset because of his recent performance in all forms of the game.

CEO Resignation
Chargers new CEO Tim Wright have resigned, after alleged to have committed serious violations of Foreigners Registration Act and this made to resign as CEO of Deccan Chargers. Later team Vice-President
Venkat Reddy said that team will not have CEO for 2009 season.

Team Jersey
The New Deccan Chargers Team Jersey created for IPL Season 2009. Team jersey is being sponsored by Sports brand Puma.

The Deccan Chargers are represented by a charging bull, the mascot for the chargers which signifies strength, power and aggression while the red and gold bands on the flag stand for dominance and victory.

Current Squad
Deccan Chargers Roster

Chamara Silva
Herschelle Gibbs
Arjun Yadav
Venugopal Rao
Rohit Sharma
D.B.Ravi Teja
Abhinav Kumar
All Rounders
Dwayne Smith
Scott Styris
Andrew Symonds
Ryan Harris
Wicket Keepers
Adam Gilchrist(Captain)
Halhadar Das
R. P. Singh
Fidel Edwards
Chaminda Vaas
Nuwan Zoysa
Pragyan Ojha
M Sarveesh Kumar
Jaskarandeep Singh
P. Vijay Kumar



  1. I remember the red hot sherbit in school and mads. We used to use a bic pen as the filter. Then guaai away. Eish those were the days.

    Even the red choria.authentic


  2. Farzanah said...
    9:00 am - March 31st, 2009
    Ripple Chox, Rascals and Hula-Hoops…I really miss those! And rememeber Creres cold-drink and those little ‘Dracula’ chocolates? And also Ice-Cream Balls & Fire Balls? And Monster Munch?!!!
    Yeah…you can tell I was a chubby little girl coz I LOVED all the sweets and crisps and chocolates…

    Randall Graves said...
    9:18 am - March 31st, 2009
    Remember nigger balls

    Princess said...
    9:21 am - March 31st, 2009
    Ohh I loved rascals you bring back alot of memories…I liked having these ice pops / cubes that we made by a lady who lived across our Madressa…Had to make sure we got there before Madressa to have some

    Awesome post!!!!

    Aristocrat said...
    9:26 am - March 31st, 2009
    Farzanah, maybe u meant Creras. The Cola Champagne flavor was the best.

    Killa - Is that you with the published article in Al-Huda magazine. I presumed it is as it bears similarities with your post on that topic.

    Well anyways, if it is you, Congrats !!

    And lets hope you carry on writing for them on a regular basis.

    Mo said...
    9:27 am - March 31st, 2009
    I loved Bannana man from Tony’s….

    The red sucker was thee best, no ice cream comes closer today…..

    Kulfi said...
    9:29 am - March 31st, 2009
    ave bhai saheb. The cono-kulfi was the biggest hit in the Ijtima’s bhai. Along with the coconut ice-cream and the pista ice-cream bhai. Ave bhai. Vat do you know bhai.

    All this puddle-pop and the rest of the Ola krap bhai is not pure bhai

    Randall Graves said...
    9:31 am - March 31st, 2009
    Jaw Breakers was the shit

    Zayn said...
    9:36 am - March 31st, 2009
    you mother TANANA’d you. That word is so RETRO.

    Alexis said...
    9:37 am - March 31st, 2009
    The original Sugus was the best chewy to date

    Shareefa said...
    9:44 am - March 31st, 2009
    Wow. What memories. I lurrved this post.

    My favourite was that stock sweet with the china pit surrounded with that honey coating. I think you still get those tho.

    And remember china dust that came in a straw.

    Anonymous said...
    9:48 am - March 31st, 2009
    rofl @ fighting over Rainbow chickens

    Salma said...
    10:27 am - March 31st, 2009
    Wilson toffees. The cola flavor and also Toff-o-Lux sweets. What wonderful memories you brought back. Thanks

    Awesome post once again

    Farzanah said...
    10:44 am - March 31st, 2009
    Yes Aristocrat…it was a typo
    Creras cold-drink…

    This post and everyones’ comments is making me very nostalgic…I wish I was a kid again—just to have all these yummy goodies

    *Z* said...
    10:45 am - March 31st, 2009
    dont some shops still have rascals in the bottle shaped like a rascal????
    i liked the sherbet in a matchbox with a small teaspoon, and the dracula sherbert with a red stock sweet, cool-aid was lekker too, and the straw filled sherberts, some stuff u still get now but the quality has changed, the pink coconut ice cream from dairymaid was the best ice cream ever……mmmmmmmm…..the good old days

    Hitler said...
    10:47 am - March 31st, 2009
    That big chief sherbert that came in a mini red packet waz legendary! Also the 1st china powder that came out waz tops.Nowadays its crap!

    *Z* said...
    10:51 am - March 31st, 2009
    cant remember the name but what about that sweet that used to crackle in your mouth, that was cool, anyone remember??????

    KiLLa said...
    10:54 am - March 31st, 2009
    That blue Yogi Sip.. Apple flavor was legendary also. I wonder why they discontinued it. I was addcited to that thing.

    Mageu Banana is also a winner..

    shafinaaz said...
    11:00 am - March 31st, 2009
    this is legendary stuff altogether mo! lol…

    my current trends: creme soda, orange flake and paddle pop ice cream and original nik naks in keeping with childhood loves. then theres the adult cravings like nestle albany, lindt noir, and iron brew…

    ooh but cherry koolaid and rocket sherbet! omw! lol…
    ripple chox is replaceable… sorry to say

    KiLLa said...
    11:06 am - March 31st, 2009
    Shaf’s - What do u replace ripple chox with.. Say Wonder Bar and ill shoot you..

    Wonder Bar is a mediocre piece of shit chocolate made from breast milk

    Soobramony said...
    11:10 am - March 31st, 2009
    Hul ekse fella. Wat a post my laanie wat a post.
    But do u know wat a groovy is. back in the day it was bottle coke and groovy coke.

    Lets see if any of you Jozi lot knows what the term groovy means.

    Randall Graves said...
    11:29 am - March 31st, 2009
    Isnt groovy a can coke.

    CEREAL KILLA said...
    11:48 am - March 31st, 2009
    Remember PINE NUT….it was da best!The last i saw akhals in church street had some.

    MINI said...
    11:56 am - March 31st, 2009
    Mellow Yellow, Pine Nut and the oldskool 500ml nib cokes.I think you still get it in Cape Town though.

    That china powder in the packet was sublime.

    I remember the sherbet taraweeh time where the Muezzin used to bolt us for making the white towels red.

    Hey Killa remember our legendary tuckshop @ school where you used to buy stuff for 3 bucks and come back with 5 bucks change?(The lity we used to jockstrap….haha)

    Peppermint crisp and Aero when it was made by ROWNTREES was great,not anymore.

    These days if the lity comes back with white powder you take him for a drug test.

    KiLLa said...
    12:03 pm - March 31st, 2009
    Mini - That tukshop was legendary, no doubt.
    Pin Nut is still around but very rare.
    Do u remember the TV Bar advert..

    One of the best delicacies ever was SATIN CREAM..

    Randall Graves said...
    12:05 pm - March 31st, 2009
    Do any of u madders remember Kilty’s sweets.

    Creme soda and strawberry flavored. Should come like 20 in a packet. small sweets.

    Randall Graves said...
    12:08 pm - March 31st, 2009
    What about the green packet sweet SpearMint and Wilson toffees

    Anonymous said...
    12:09 pm - March 31st, 2009
    Mini and Killa, do you remember Poots and the red cakes.

    Anonymous said...
    12:46 pm - March 31st, 2009
    I remember Poots but only those outlandish RIcky Martin shirts.Refresh our memory anon!

  3. ay do you guys remember texas tortillas crisp?? those wer maaaddder!!!

  4. Anyone remember Pilkinana?

    Those were freaking awesome!

  5. How come no one mentioned Lifesavers.

  6. Majita's - pine nut still sold in Cape Town in every store. and a bottle of coke is still available ina 500ml glass bottle! So is pine ut, ginger beer, lemon twist and all the others!

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