Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well. I have packed the suit away in the cupboard. It looks bleak now. Despite Liverpools fans optimism.We needed three points. And I just knew it when I seen Ashavin in the line up.I knew that this ba@#ard will hurt us, and hurt he did. Scoring four past a shoddy Liverpool defense. but what a GAME.I couldn't believe the score line and once again Liverpool scored four and conceded four. Torres was brilliant and so was the underated Ben Ayoun, but no matter how much we say and convince ourselves that it was the match of the season bla bla we came away with a point.Just not good enough.

No dispute about Benitez selection,it was spot on I thought, but we gifted Ashavin the third goal. IL give UGB a SAY on his one Theory.3-2,3-3 4-3.We were done and dusted. 4-4. Sms's were just flowing.

What made it worse is that Chelsea drew and teh MANCS beat POMPEY. And despite so many Liverpool fans pinning their hopes on POMPEY ...the old man GIGGS turned out a master class performance to set up a 2-0 victory which UTD could have won by lots more. Again we see the importance of Scholes and Giggs in killing the game in midfield.The Toppie should have used them in the FA Cup semi.
And once again now all the focus is on Arsenal to rip the MANCS Apart. The question is Will they do it or buckle under the pressure.


By Uncle Bhai Gora


Areh whah, funny topic you might think. But wid IPL Euphoria and Chowla everywhere I was at Svoosh's cousins vedding house and you know da toppies ven dey smoking and talking serious after tea, dey mean beeznis. First vas elections and veder or not ANC vud get 2 thirds majority.Den Uncle Mamat say he vvoted for Raj Bansi. Den dey ver talking about how Raj Bansi got a tight vun from dat AWB owe and how he status in society reduced from aTiger to a Cub/

Den vas da halaal haraam issue and dey ver saying how Uncle Farouk saw da owner of a famous restaurant buying Chickens from Pick n Pay bla bla. Den finally it vas on Benitez and Liverpool on teh take.Dey say de vun goal ..vas dubious. And you know ven dey take a puff of Camel cigarette and say....."But something is just not right".Its either dat or Liverpool just cant defend and vin games.But to score so many goals and end up losing. Barlies say it dont make sense. Eider vay de scousers are patigia (finished) ans Svoosh must pack he suit avay.

Maybe Russia is meant for him for a vife he he. Ask Asahvin. He Russian

A REALLY FUNNY VIDEO. Everyone dishing the MANCS

In other Football news Juves misery continued when they were dumped out of the Copa Italia by Lazio and Madrid beat Getafe 3-2.


  1. united 3 points clear & a game in hand.
    the title aint won yet.

    we've seen liverpools 13 point gap cut as well as uniteds 10 point gap cut over this season.

    arshavin, what a boytjie. where the hell did the ref get 6 mins of added time in the game ?

    2 points dropped for chelsea & liverpool. fine results for united.

    a tough game against spurs this weekend , & i think we in for a nail biting finale to the end of the season.

    "go" wrap it up you red devils

  2. You might not like some teams but as a football supporter you have to appreciate good football when you see it no matter who the team!!
    Arshavins ability to play with both feet was simply incredible. If you look at the way he took his goals, the accuracy & power he generates with both feet left me in awe of quite an amazing prospect. Hats off to Wenger once again , possibly the best man manager in football today & talent acquisition specialist.


  3. Swoosh.. It hurts to admit and tough to swallow.. But YES, i think the title race is over now. I dont see the MANCS slipping up points and chances are we are going to slip up a few more.. And with Chelski pressuring for 2nd that could be a tough ask also..

    That poor excuse for a defensive dislplay cost us 2 vital points. Those were the points we needed to keep pressure on the MANCS and we lost that..

    Lets see what transpires in weeks to come.. And see if Yossi's equaliser was vital or not..

    Azee - Ask Shilton from how far out, Brehme beat him from !!

  4. Aleast the lads played much better last nite. Rooney was magical and Giggs approach play was superb. Even Anderson had a good game, but we should have scored more. The chances were there but Giggsy in particular wasn't clinical enough. 600 games for Scholes, wasn't vintage Scholesy, but he got better as the game went on and what a pass to send Carrick free. Can you imagine 600 games for 1 club in this day and age of money, that is amazing.
    Spurs are gonna make it tough for us, but it is a must win game. I dunno where Gary Bailey gets his calculations from, saying we can afford to lose two games, we can only afford one loss from our 6 remaining matches.

    And good point Waseem, the league aint won yet and is far from over.

    Oh ya and as my lity was screaming Arshabeen, Arshabeen...


  5. Winston ChurchillThursday, 23 April, 2009


    Ask Ollie Khan how to catch a ball in the World Cup Final?

    2 World Wars and a World Cup!
    Eng-er-land, Eng-er-land!

  6. Winston do you want me to blerrie skop your behind you fat stinky Englishmen?

  7. Winston - 66 was a great year in English Football.. I was born !!!

    And i saw the replays.. The BALL DID NOT CROSS THE LINE

  8. The Russian LinesmanThursday, 23 April, 2009

    It is not whether Eric or a million Germans saw the ball or not. it is whether i saw the ball cross the line and i did!

    So screw you Hitler and Eric - would you like us to whip the sh*t out of you like we did in WWII?

  9. Abdullah AkhalwayaThursday, 23 April, 2009

    Russian special buy 4 get 1 @ akhals!!!!

  10. killa it deflected of paul parker!
    stop talkng kak!

    11 goals conceded in three games against chelsea and arsenal? what is shows is that when the socusers try to be attacking they start leaking at the back!

    and abr needs a hiding!


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