Sunday, April 05, 2009


What a sporting weekend. Celebrated Cleavage day on I said this will be a good week. Uncle and his family arrived from Cape town and we had supper at Wimpy in Lenz. And watched the Liverpool game. Got sms's from the owes,Ebie,Kop out and then it just wasn't going in. Torres hitting the woodwork.It just wasn't going in. And it was cruscial that we got three points as we were confident Villa will do the business on Sunday.

0-0.Not the perfect result. And than we stole in the 92nd minute. Super Sub Yossi Benayoun popped up and gave Liverpool 3 points. And thats all we wanted,3 points. Dont care how it came. Our job was done. We were just worried about SUNDAYS result

When Penaltino put the MANCS ahead, it seemed like OK. Villa are fading. But then two headers by Villas hitmen Carew and Agbonlahor put Villa 2 up. And the Kop owes were going crazy. I looged on to and staretd searching. Villa were really going to Pull it off.
Then Penaltino steeped up and it was 2-2 and I said f#4k,But a draw we'l settle for to narrow the gap.And then as United do what they do Best up steeped this Italian.Whats his name and scored a howler to take three points and dent every KOP Spirit around the World

I mean look you credit the toppie Ferguson,He had no resources left. He bring son this lity thats only 17, he was 2-1 down, The Mancs never gave up.they fought,Penaltino came up Big.

I dunno,it was just From Pure Xstacy to pure Agony for as Abus. How,What,When,Why.
Who was this lity
It was big,it was crucial and even though there is 7 games to go. This was crucial
I open the floor
Elsewhere in the premiership good wins for Chelsea led by an inspired Frank lampard.I still think Chelsea stuffed their title hopes by losing against Spurs. Fabregas and Adebyor were awesome and Everton keep yhe momentum
7 games to go.Whats gonna happen?
In La Liga Madri and Barcelona won 1-0 and its going down there.
In Serie A, Juve threw away the any hopes for the Scudetto by conceding in Stopage time against Chievo, So it looks like itts Joses,Milan and Roma won
In Bundesliga Bayern got thrashed and slipped to fourth.Killa.What you say
The Bulls lost their first game in Super 14 and the Sharks go tops.
And SA square the ODI Series. Great win on Sunday and again a 17 year old Parnell did the damage. I was surprised at Smiths decison not bowl Parnell and humiliate the Ozzies but I guess a win is a win and the Ozzies were on the ropes anyway.
Perhaps teh biggest talking point is Hash walking in the first ODI for knicking it to the keeper. Many pundits said that Why did Hash Walk. My take is that Hash is Hash and if you know Hash,He would have walked had he knicked it. Any comments here. About hash walking.Please share ur views.!
Also I heard last night that Yusuf Abdullah got snapped up for an IPL Team. What a thing and all the best Abbers!


  1. Vital Vital goal for the young Italian. It will prove definitive in the title run in. I do however still think that liverpool will give it a go and you never know what can happen... Go you REDS

    With regard to Hash walking... as a cricketer in the modern game I think you should stand your ground. You get good decisions and bad decisions against you and they even out over a time period so by walking you putting yourself at a disadvantage.

  2. His Name is Fedrico Macheda. Remember it well you Liverfools

  3. Or as some of his teammates call him Kiko Macheda. A youngster that joined United just under 2 years ago from Lazio's youth setup.
    He's got 10 goals in 16 games for Solksjaer's reserves.
    He scored a hattrick against Newcastle reserves last week and was thrown into the deep end.

    But he showed maturity in his all round play and in the way he took the goal. Swoosh that must have been like a dagger to the heart, an Italian sending you into agony.

    Speaking of which it was a weekend for late goals. After liverfool on saturday and United on Sunday, Milan followed up with to injury tme goals themselves in another not so impressive display. But how was Dhino's backheel to send Sheva clear in the build up to the second? Class and Sheva's run and cross brought back memories of the old Milan. If only we can find that consistency again.

    Swoosh Inter had the Scudetto sewn up weeks ago man. It's all they have to concentrate on.


  4. abr u mug where are you now?
    big players come up big when it counts and ronaldo came up massive! what kak were u talking about no BMT etc? the squad was thin no rooney, berbatov scholes in attack, and he delivered! its time for you to eat your words you mugg!

  5. is carrick better then gerrard?

  6. The tale of two games

    Liverpool fully dominated but only just won the match.

    Aston Villa dominated only for a 17 year rookie to pop up and destroy their ambitions.

    Luck as it may seem was on UNTD's side this weekend.

    I would be supprised if UNTD's luck carry's on as in reality they not playing good football.

  7. Swoosh.. Bayern took the lead and then they plummeted.. We got 5 of the best.. Wolfsburg now top and 3 point ahead.. Any of the top 5 in Germany can still win the league..

    Is there Champ League football at nescafe this week..

  8. Did u check the fight between Podolski and Ballack i the qualifier last week.. Apparently Podolski slapped him in the locker room.. Slap not confirmed tho..

    And the BULLS lost 2 now.. Last week and this week. Not 1 as was reported..

  9. The Bulls are a disgrace!

    They should stop cavorting with strippers and snorting KAT! For a team with more than 10 Boks they play hopelessly!

    That Lions reject Ludeke will never win anything!

    Bring back LIEFLING!

  10. Yusuf Abdulla has become the first South African signing of the King’s XI Punjab, a replacement for West Indian bowler, Jerome Talyor, who was forced to withdraw, due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Oh and by the way Priety Zinta is a co-owner of this team! Well done Yusuf, good luck and all the best. Show the SA Selectors what you made of against the worlds best.

  11. Lucas is better than Carrick

  12. Gentleman... the race to be crowned champions is on. With Man U still in the driving seat, and the Scousers closely behind we are in for a grand finish to the season. Utd struggled to get back to winning ways but the injury time winner over villa keeps us at the top of the table.

    Both Utd and Pool fans need to eat their words after both claiming the season was wrapped up. Pool fans claimed it in December and Utd fans claimed it in Feb.

    Consolation for Utd is that they can still drop points and be crowned Champions, also the fact this this is the first time that Pool are going after the league and Champions League, Lets see how they hold out.

    As for ABR, that boy Ronaldo came in with two goals in, what is my opinion a very big match!!

    Question to the scousers: If you could choose winning the league or champions league, which would you prefer having???

    Peace out!


  13. ynwa go get ur head examined u clown!

    are u killa in disguise?

  14. Yo shoobs were you at OT for the game?

  15. die blou bull eet van die vloer af nie. die blou bul................

    burton francis must get a run! waht about the lions what a sublime 60 mins against the chiefs and then they lost it all together! but signs are good!

  16. hey seth what do marty roebuck, john timu, jonathan webb, and gavin hastings have in common?

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  17. Bwahaha ......"I logged into MUSLIMA.COM and started searching"

  18. Well they're all ex fullbacks!

    Other than that i'm not sure? Hey Swoosh what did it feel like to see an Italian kid pierce the dagger through your heart!

    Marty, Pretorius's goalkicking is costing the Lions dearly. The last 2 weeks he's missed a minimum of 2 goalable kicks per match. But he's all round play has been superb.


  20. yeh seth thats true they all full backs and they all played in the world cup semis in 1991!

    Pretorius, looking good even doppies is playing well! also ludik awesome talent!

    marty mcfly
    "back to teh future"

  21. is Macheda better the Torres?

  22. Match Winner at the Stretford End ... is there a better way to announce your arrival?

    Didn't go for the game, left tickets for the last minute and couldn't afford them ... North and South Stand lower tiers were going for £200+

  23. What Macheda did in ten minutes, torres could not do in two seasons hehehehe!!!!! But we will have to see, still a long way to go in the EPL, 8 games, anything can happen. United may race away with it!!!!!!!


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