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Recently President of FIFA Sepp Blatter has made a proposal called 6+5 which is aimed at helping National Football as well as Professional Youth & Minors by implementing a law to Football Clubs around the World which states that all clubs must have at-least 6 Players of the Nationality of the side they are playing for.

With the recent 2010 World Cup Qualifiers that have taken place this past week I would like to discuss your opinion on the above 6+5 rule taking into account the following. The Spanish National Squad included 5 Players from Liverpool and only 2 from Spanish Football Giants Real Madrid and 3 from Barcelona. About 5-10 Years back if I told you that Liverpool would have more players in the Spanish National Team than both Real Madrid & Barcelona you would probably have laughed at me.
Today, the English Premier League is arguably the best league in the world today. Recently a common term “The Big Four” has been used to describe the top 4 clubs in the League. Of these top 4 clubs in the English Premier League, Arsenal has no representatives in the Current English National Team and Liverpool has just one player, Gerrard. The traditional fans of these big clubs I’m sure would love to see more of their club players playing for their respective National Teams.
An interesting fact in today’s modern transfer era of football is that Basque Team Athletic Bilbao has a policy in which any player who is not Basque (From the Spanish Province of Basque) cannot play for them. Bilbao is one of only 3 Spanish sides that have never been relegated from La Liga.
The modern game of Football has changed drastically in terms of Club & National Level Football. Football’s so called Off-Season or summer has become very exciting and interesting with all the transfers that take place during this period. The freedom of transfers that many of the Big European Clubs has assisted us as Africans. Players such as Essien, Drogba, Yahya & Kolo Toure, Keita, Samuel Eto, Pienaar are all household names on a world wide basis playing for the best clubs in Europe and the World such as Barcelona & Chelsea. If the 6+5 Rule comes into effect what would happen to many of these players coming from 3rd World Countries and making a Living in Europe.
Club Football in Europe has certainly become more exciting and versatile with its freedom of transfers. Most teams have players from multiple continents all playing together. Africans, Asians, South Americans & Europeans all playing together blending their different football styles & cultures into one unit.


Both Japan and Australia but Bahrain over the 2 Match Days and are now both in poll position to qualify from their group. Saudi Arabia beat both Iran and UAE to boost their chances of qualifying while in the battle of the Koreans, Korea Republic (South) won and now lead the group.

The final phase for African qualifiers kicked off this pass weekend. The 5 Seeds and Favourites to qualify for the World Cups had mixed fortunes over the weekend with Ivory Coast stamping their authority with a 5-0 hammering of Malawi with Drogba getting a brace. The Pharaohs were held 1-1 at home by Zambia with Zaky scoring for Egypt. Nigeria were surprisingly held to a goalless draw by Mozambique while Tunisia beat Kenya 2-1. Ghana beat Benin 1-0 and Cameroon lost to Togo, who qualified for the last World Cup, with Adebayor getting the winner. Morocco were beaten by Gabon 2-1 in Casablanca.
USA drew 2-2 against El Salvador over the weekend and then beat Trinidad 3-0 to lead the group. Costa Rica lost to Mexico but beat El Salvador to move into 2nd place. Mexico lost 3-1 to Honduras who move into 3rd place.

Well the big boys in South America had contrasting results with Argentina hammering Venezuela 4-0 over the weekend and in the surprise result of all the qualifies world wide Bolivia thumped them 6-1 last night. Brazil drew against Ecuador over the weekend but beat Peru 3-0 with Luis Fabiano scoring a brace. Log Leaders Paraguay lost to Uruguay 2-0 over the weekend and drew with Ecuador, but still maintain a 3 point lead over now 2nd place Brazil.

In Group 1 Denmark & Hungary each beat both Albania and Malta to strengthen their positions as the top 2 in the group while Portugal slipped up with a goalless draw against Sweden and are now 7 points behind the leading pair. Greece, Switzerland and Latvia all came out on top in the double headers against Israel, Moldova & Luxembourg respectively, making them the top 3 in the group with Greece in pole position. Group 3 produced the biggest victory of the Qualifiers with Poland hammering San Marino 10-0 while Leaders Northern Ireland and 2nd place Slovenia both won their matches. In Group 4 Germany and Russia won both their qualifying ties to make the 1st and 2nd respectively. In Group 5 Spain did the double against Turkey and maintained their 100% Record while Bosnia move into 2nd. Group 6 Leaders England also maintained their 100% Record by beating the Ukraine 1-0 while Croatia move into 2nd place with their 2-0 victory over Andorra. In Group 7 France did the double against Lithuania to move into 2nd place behind Serbia. Group 8’s top of the table clash between Italy and Ireland ended 1-1 and both remain in strong positions at the top of the group. The Netherlands hammered Macedonia 4-0 and are the 3rd remaining Nation with a 100% Record in World Cup Qualifiers along with Spain and England.

Swoosh's View

Pele must be having a thick boner after he seen Argentina getting demolished by Bolivia.What the hell. It must be Argentinas worst ever moment in football. will update. having connection probs today. And f#4ken Italy drew. Argentina under Maradona, with Messi,Macherano,Tevez and co.Please Argentina supporters come out and share your moment of grief.


Robbie Khan scores once in a blue for Liverpool and then he comes in and steals in the end. We were cruising toward three points when Keane slotted home from close range. Both teams were pushing for the three points and Buffon denied the Irish with a brilliant save before Keane equalised. But the whole game hinged on Italy having to defend with ten men. Pazzini got sent off for f#4kall just after Iquinta put Italy ahead. Simone Pepe also had a great chance to put Italy 2 up. The Irish had more shots on goal but Italy remain 2 points clear and there is four games to go. Lippi and Chielini were furious at the Referee. Come what may we have lost an advantage and Berbotov and his Bulgarians are indeed a threat.

Good wins for the rest of the Big Boys as Galactico said and Azee, The three lions look all set to jet into South Africa next year. The skipper John Terry who wears his heart on his sleeve popped up on 86 minutes after Shevchenko equalised. England under Capello are Winning. And Winning is what McClaren couldnt do

Perhaps the biggest news is the RIOTS IN TURIN. Juve fans including myself are furious after Arsene Wenger captured Sebastian Giovinco the Atomic Ant. F#$K WHAT WAS JUVE and Seco thinking. Giovinco is hailed as the next sensation in Italy. But thats Juve and I dunno what teh F#4k they up to. Really, as for Arsenal they are F#43ken Lucky MUGGS.

IN Turin,theres riots. And a big question on Everybodies lips is that will the Portuguese qualify or not


  1. neville , brown, carrick, scholes, rooney, rio, hargreaves are all english
    oshea,giggs, fletcher are all british!
    we dont have a problem with this new approach!
    its the scousers who will suffer!

    shearer in charge at newcastle, now i hope they get relegated! the guy was a doos, with hand in the air celebration, i hate him as much as i hate abr!

  2. its the altitude, La Paz is at i think 3 400 above sea level! we on the highveld are at about 1700to1800 above sea level and the ausie and nz rugby teams suffer even though they play here up to 6 times a year!the air is thin and you cant breathe later in the game!

    what about cot de voir winning 5 nil and more importantly the stampede. not even a mention. very poor! shows how biased the blogg is! when one guy makes a crack about hillsborough there is an out pour of emotion on the blogg. here our fellow africans have died and not even a mention! very sad shows how most of you are still white verskrik!

  3. giovinco transfer is april fool u mUGG

  4. any1 but abr : Dude you have serious issues. When was the last time you got laid?

  5. when last you got fuc*ed up observer?

  6. No, I'm very much griefed by this result. The stadium was bad, the air was bad and the bolivians put masala on the pitch, it reminded me of when Lendl used to try whatever he wanted to, to win Wimbledon and as a great player just could not. That's what it was, it reminded me of livertwats win over Mancs, it reminded me of glocks last corner, he wanted to move his ass but just could not to give Massa the championship, it reminded me of when bush bucks beat kaizer chiefs back in the days in the JPS finals, it is still reminding me of scouzers trying to win the EPL but just CAN'T!!!!!!!! No, I'm very much griefed!!!!!!!

  7. Hehehehe, fecking brilliant !!!

    Can't believe they didn't include Giggsy

    Kop Killer


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