Monday, May 25, 2009


What a sporting weekend. The IPL Finale was concluded at the Wanderers and the atmosphere was electric. Hats of to the South African public as we hosted a magnificent event. This weekend the crowd at the FC Mayfair Awards dinner were treated to the charisma of Abdul Bhamgee. Abdul razzled and dazzled the crowd with what he was known for as he represented FC Mayfair and rallied for community support.First though I will start of with some sad news. On Saturday the community of Lenasia and well the sporting community as a whole lost a legend as Mr Abdulhaq "Blikkies" Bismillah sadly passed away.

The Sporting community has again lost one of the individuals who in the past has motivated many sportsman that I firmly believe would have succeeded at the top level but were sadly denied by Politics. Blikkies also sacrificed his time and effort to motivate youngsters from all walks of life to excel and succeed in fullfilling their dreams. Blikkies Bismillah you will be sorely missed.

Now the guys from Lenz High, Mamad Kaloo, Yusufi Bhamjee from Spur Rosebank., you guys can add to some of the quotes by the legendry Mr Bismillah. Il leave you with a few..............

When I went to High School on my first meeting with Blikkies he asked me. "Boy, Who are you Boy? I said "Sir Im Zahier Mayets from Lesco's nephew and Big Mooses cuzzy. He said to me " Boy, Zahier Mayet is a talented footballer. You are a trickster. You look more like an Alipor Elvis"

Jack Manack was walking with Blikkies during a game. Blikkies said to him, "Boy look closely. I am the next Dickie Bird"

Blikkies was famous for making us do frog jumps and jogging. He often used to say. "You know boy. When you jogging boy. You dont have to get tired boy, because you breathing in an out"

"When an Alipor falls in love, His sporting career is over"

Some more Blikkies quotes

“You know boy – Bhamjee is a trickster. He and Ziyaad Patel will burn this school out”

About some footballer – “This boy has got %#$ing talent but then he met this girl and now his mind is f&^$ed up”

After I had an argument about a disallowed goal in a five a side game in Standard six – I had the audacity to call him a Chor He simply said to me “Boy – Your Father is a chor” He then banned me from 5 a side for the rest of the year. Two days later he felt me sorry an lifted the ban.Simply saying “ no discipline will not be tolerated” we then went on to beat alpha primary school 8-0 the next day when they did a school visit.

After doing frog jumps for two full periods – numb legs, couldn’t walk - Mohamed Lorgat cried out “Allah Paak”Blikkies just said : “God won’t even help you now boy” and proceeded to cane us.

After playing for Achievers winning all our games for the season scoring 141 goals including a 17-0 thrashing of greyville city – we lost in the final of the Roshnee tournament to Swaraj 1-0.The lads were upset – I am sure I saw some tears in Freddies eyes.Monday morning with a smug look on his face – He told me “ Boy achievers achieved F&^%all this weekend”

I remember playing for Lenz High in std six against the best of Lenz Primary Schools – Some of those primary school okes like Amit Gandabhai and Tyrone had bigger beards than I have now.I was having a kak game playing centre midfield we were one down and Gandabhai was all over me. I couldn’t do anything. At half time he moved me to left back and took Dean Naidoo off. I though this toppie is crazy – I never played left back in my life.But he said “ Boy Trust me”We ended up winning 3 – 1 . I made all 3 goals down the left cos he took Gandabhai out of the game for me.After the game he told me “Boy - I was coaching Bells while you were in your fathers sack”

These are some of the words and quotes by the Legendry Mr Bismillah. Sir.........You will forever be remembered by sportmen that grew up in front of you..........and difficult to replace.. Swoosh0018 extends condolences to the Bismilla family on the loss of Mr Bismillah. Our thoughts are with you



The Red Army have already begun heading towards Rome and for Red fans, getting to this year’s CL final has actually been much harder than last year’s trip to Moscow. Rome being much more accessible to the UK and the rest of the world has meant that MUFC supporters that wouldn’t ordinarily make an effort to watch United play are flocking to Rome for this epic final. Italian authorities are expecting 30 000 Reds to overwhelm Rome, 10 000 of which are arriving ticketless for the match. Moscow was an awkward destination last year primarily because of distance and visa requirements for UK nationals (which fortunately was done away with at the last minute – match tickets served as visas). Being an all-English affair, both sets of fans found it very difficult (and costly) to get to Moscow which resulted in ticket availability for anyone who needed them. This year has been a different story ... Rome is accessible to the UK, by road, rail and air with no visa issues. At worst, if you choose to drive, you are looking at no more than 15-16 hours drive time, if 4 people go in one car the driving can be shared and the costs would be minimal. This has meant that United have been oversubscribed with ticket applications for the final and have created a ballot system awarding tickets to season ticket holders only favouring those who have been for away CL games. You can’t argue with that as it guarantees hardcore, non-plastic fans tickets. Outside of the official channels, tickets have been extremely difficult and costly to come by and I’ve heard about tickets changing hands for £1500+. Apart from the match ticket costs, airline companies have exploited the situation by boosting up their airfares big time. A typical mid-week return ticket to Rome on Easyjet (Europe’s leading budget airline) would cost less than £100.00. The price for a flight leaving the UK tomorrow and returning on Thursday is now around £900.00. It’s f**king sickening to see these companies rape football fans like that. But, if you were fortunate enough to get a ticket to the game and get a decently priced flight to Rome, the biggest concern for Reds in Rome is the massive threat being issued by the Roma hooligans. Italian and British authorities have issued a warning after it was discovered hardcore Roma fans are planning to attack United fans in Rome. There is a genuine fear for travelling Reds and Italian authorities are going to deploy additional police and bring in the army to try and ensure the safety of United Fans. There are also rumours floating around about Roma and Barca firms teaming up to take out the Reds. I’ve been warned by a few Reds to always travel in a group and try to take a taxi whenever possible as opposed to walking.

It’s a pity that the sour Roma fans would look to disrupt what is shaping up to be one of the greatest European finals ever.
As for the result, it’s too hard to call. The fitness of Henry and Iniesta obviously play a vital role in how this tie is going to play out and the fact that they’re back in training with the Barca squad is not the best news for United fans. Ultimately, whatever the result, the team that walks away with the trophy will truly deserve it ... Champions in their own leagues and both playing good football will mean this year’s European Champion will truly be a great one. GO ON YOU REDS !!!

Swoosh0018 was at the IPL Final and we got random interviews from the fans, captured the atmosphere. It was terriffic and simply sublime. SA take a bow. The IPL final and atmosphere as well as closing ceremony certainly lived up to its billing. I wanted the Deccon Chargers to win and win they did. Gibbs came big. I was dissapointed not to see the explosives by Gilchrest but when Van De Merwe went and then Dravid and then Taylor it swayed the way of the Chargers.
The hype about the opening Ceremony was also justified, It was nothing short of spectecular. The entertainers were exellent,Akon, Katrina Kaif and Eddie Grant dazzled the fans. As a PIM man I also liked Miss IPL. She looked great. Especially when Akon sang You just so beautiful. The lights, the lasers, the entire spectacle was exhilerating especially if you were there. Stand Up South Africa, Take a bow as we entertained the Best in the World in spectecular fashion. Myself and Ebie Kop End were impressed.

Here are some interviews from some random fans at the Wanderers

This video captures the atmosphere at the Bullring. Purely Sublime

A video of the closing Ceremony. We shot from a distance as it was held on the opposite side. But just to be there was magnificent!

A picture Gallery of the fans and atmosphere at the IPL

*If anyone wants to add to this gallery,please mail your pic to


Well its Finally arrived. My party of 10 will be at Nescafe Fordsburg on Wednesday night to watch a dream final. Barcelona, the Champions of Spain vs Man United, the Champions of England. Who will be the best in Europe. Its also a battle between Lionel Messi and Christiano "Penaltinho" Ronaldo. Who will be the best in the World!
Its gonna be great and we all expecting a cracking Final really. Barcelona the masters in attack with Xavi,Iniesta, Henry, Eto and Messi. The Mancs with the guile of Fergie. Will Sir Alex stick to his formula and play a 4-5-1. Will he miss the shite Darren Fletcher. You know you get certain players that are not World Class players like Fletcher and Carrick, They premiership players. Now I know the MANCS will get pissed off with me for making that statemet. But they were all moaning when Fletch got a Yellow and missed the final.But let me not talk alot before a big game like this as is my Superstition. Let me not Kinx it for Barcelona. You all know who I favour. So tomorrow evening we hope to see Puyol Lift the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TROPHY and for once maybe we can have a Barcelona Banner floating on the top of this blog

I Do Not Fear Lionel Messi, I Respect Him - Cristiano Ronaldo
The Champions League final will not be about a game between two players, but Cristiano Ronaldo admits that he is a big fan of Lionel Messi...Lucas Brown

Cristiano Ronaldo is relishing the prospect of testing himself against Barcelona in the Champions League final - and against Lionel Messi - but he is not fearful of the Argentinian.The game in Rome is being billed as a showdown between the two best teams and the two best players as the English champions meet la Primera Division winners.While the media continue to hype the game up, Ronaldo was keen to play down his and Messi's roles in the game, and stated that he is a big fan of the Barca trickster."It is not good to go on to the pitch in awe of somebody but I very much respect Lionel Messi as a player," he is quoted as saying by the News of the World."He has a great style of play and I am sure he will be as excited about the final as I am."Manchester United are confident that they can win the Champions League for the second consecutive year and Ronaldo embodies that belief."This year, it is the final between the two best teams in the world and I think it is the showpiece that, perhaps, the football fan wanted to see," he continued."They have an excellent player in every position on the pitch but so do we. We know how well we have to play to beat them and we know how much respect we need to show them by playing to the top of our ability."But we are full of confidence at the moment and believe we can be the first team to win it back-to-back."




On the last day its always good to see the emotions and the tears that flow when teams go down. On Tyneside it was dark days as perhaps touted as teh most passionate bunch of fans were doomed to relegation. Its tragic for two young managers who shared teh same disappointment at Euro 96. But Villa and West Ham sent Shearer and Southgate to the 1st Division. Tears flowed,Hull and Sunderland survived. The rest of the teams must build for next year. I wonder what Rafa has in store for us. But the spotlight fell on Newcastle. From the time of Keegan and Robson Shearer and his Toon army are gone

In LA Liga and Serie A, It was wrapped up last year, But juve won the first game under Ferraro thanks to a brace from Alex Del Piero.

The Super 14 Final will prove to be a cracker. Fans qued at Loftus to get their match tickets for Saturdays Super 14 Final. Its going to be a belter. Will the Bulls win to our rugby pundits.?

The French Open has started and all eyes are on Nadal and Federer again. Clay is about guts and tactics and the will to out think an opponent and where stamina is vital.

In the Monaco Grand Prix. Yes its the only time the Britons are winning something. Jenson Button won again


This week AC Milan, The San Siro and now the blog will say goodbye to a loyal servant of football, Poalo Maldini on Sunday played his last game for AC Milan. Its remarkable that at his age he kept going. I remember coming back from madressah in 1990 and watching Maldini at left back, and now to see him retire as a legend. AT HIS AGE!.Its astonishing. Arivadeci Poalo Maldini. Shakes your thought on this.There were a few Milan Die hards that marred the send off by displaying banners about Baresi being the greatest defender. Franco obviously was disappointed by the Milan loyals. However Football had lost its servant. Many greats paued tribute to Maldini. Goodbye Poalo!


We are looking for the following "look-a-likes" so if you think you or someone you know has the look, please email me a a head & shoulders & full length photograph to or call 087-808-8482.


1. Looking for LOOK-A-LIKES of the following soccer players
2. Preferably need to be able to play soccer well.
3. If you cannot play but look like these guys, then you will still be given a chance to cast.
4. All guys need to weat a soccer outfit to the casting.

Pictures of the players we are looking for are posted on the group.











Casting Date: WEDNESDAY 27TH MAY

Casting Time: 2 – 4 PM

Venue: Greenside

Shoot Dates:

Fee: DAILY @ R 3 000 X 7 DAYS R 21 000.00 each (less agent comm & tax)

Full details to be given to applicants who apply for this and send pics.


  1. who gives a sh1t
    united are premier league kings once again !!!

    glory glory man united


  2. Ok it's been a week ..time to take that Utd shit off now Swoosh

  3. Shearer is a tosser!

  4. Abr tossers shearer

  5. Is Gerrard better than Gibson!

  6. Seth - i have Loftus tickets and would give u first option of having them.. (to witness REAL rugby)

    Gimme a call/mail/facebook if u interested..

  7. Yeah, you guys play REAL rugby just like Madrid play REAL football!

  8. So u dont want the tickets

  9. Robert Du PreezMonday, 25 May, 2009


    one het n nuwe Liefling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. IPL SUCKS!


  11. Naas van die PlaasMonday, 25 May, 2009

    Robert, wie was die laste een

  12. A legend of the likes we may never see again in modern football. The only one remaining is Giggs in the same stature for club. If Messi keeps his thinking as it is now he will be one for Barca in years to come.

    Swoosh I think he's awards and performances speak volumes for his legendary status.
    It's a pity a small group of supporters had to spoil what should have been a special and memorable farewell for one of the clubs greatest ever stalwarts.

    Maldini did make some comments about the Milan fans, the hardcore fans not backing the team in their time of need and it clearly hurt them.
    But he has been the cornerstone of Milan through the good and bad times and deserved better.

    As for Sundays result the less said the better. Still no word on Ancelotti though.


  13. "GO" give a shit!

    UTD are champs of England!
    BARCA are champs of Spain!

    Who will be champs of Europe?


    As for the lookalike competition,my blowie who died would have won hands down in the Drogba lookalike category.

    Respect for Malidini


  14. Mini

    Are you supplying Ice Creams to Barca? Coz the last time i checked Ola was an Ice Cream and not a chant!

    Ole, Ole, Ole!
    Glory, Glory Man United!
    Glory, Glory Man United!

  15. Milky lane u are shit just like ur team and comments(Google OLA OLA BARCELONA)

    Hows does it fell to equal Liverpools record and finally be worth of something?

    Pity next year Liverpool will win and again be the overall champs!

    We are goin with mini and Barcelona

  16. How does it feel not to have won a league title for 19 years? How does it feel to win nothing in your best season in 19 years? How does it feel when your team can't handle more then one competition a year?

    I wouldn't know... cos i support


  17. haagen daaz sounds like a moffie name just like their liverdrol moffie supporters. Don't worry another twenty years will go by very quickly and you won't feel too heartsore when United lift more trophies coz you will be used to it. In twenty yeras time I think United should at least be another 11 titleas ahead of liverdrols.

    Glory glory Man United!!!!!!!

  18. You see Biggy, the livercunt supporters cannot leave comments here coz they are waiting for United to lose the champions league. They will only come out if United lose. At this moment, just like last season they are scared to leave comments coz they know they have not won any titles in 3 seasons. Even if United lose, it's really not a bad thing coz we eclipsed every other team in the league and so on.

    My predictions for Wednesday, a repeat of 1991 cup winners cup 3-1 to United.

  19. asraf n imtiag bhaiTuesday, 26 May, 2009

    East West

    IP's cut hair best

  20. Swoosh any comments on the first signing under Ciro for the Bianconerri? Juve have signed Werder Bremens Brazilian Diego for 21 million pounds.

    He's not a bad player. Question is whose decesion was it to sign the guy, surely Ferrara couldn't have had much input.


  21. Haagen Daaz you wish you had market share like me. I'm surprised you're still in business!

    Ola Barcelona mean Hello Barcelona!
    It's a greeting used by the Catalans to welcome people to their city! It's not any chant or victory celebration!

    You scouse cunts will all be shut when Barca relive Athens '94!

  22. Baskin RobbinsTuesday, 26 May, 2009

    Suck me Baglios!

  23. Gattis Hi Boy SuckersTuesday, 26 May, 2009

    All u upper class ice creams suck k@k.
    Hi-boy was the best.

  24. Damn u all..
    My choc ice cream was the best

  25. who gives a sh1t cos united won the premiership

    "go" and the carling cup

  26. Ben & Jerry'sTuesday, 26 May, 2009

    You guys are all cheap imitations of me!

  27. the united song in rome !!!

    we've arrived in rome
    we've arrived in rome
    it's a scouser free zone

    "go" u red devils

  28. just shows meneer kak bang u are of liverpool...4-1 remember..hahahahah....

    u can only perform when its a scouser free zone...LOL

    we might not of won the title...but considering the depleted squad liverpool has compared to the 3 30 million plus strikers multiple midfielders and defenders on the bench..Liverpool pushed the manure to the end....defiantely played the better football and come next season with a few good purchases ..liverpool will reclaim the record of the most titles...

    until then....well donr to united for equalling the took you long but u did it...

    u guys are just about the same class as liverpool..Well done to them...

  29. come tonite..the catalans will be crowned champions of europe and to quote bra mini......OLA OLA OLA....

    Fuck manure united and fuck all there supporters(i lie only go cos he`s a poes)...the most arrogant people in the world....

  30. go my boy...always remember..

    Liverpool lead the rest just follow... kapish punk

  31. Anonymous, just like how the log eneded this season and the season before, who won and who followed, was it livercunts? I thought not. We are living the success of our club unlike your useless club, liverdrols, can't win anything in 3 seasons. Must be a record for failure and liverdrols broke it wahahwahwahahwahahwhaa. liverdrols lead and the others except Man United lead coz liverdrols broke the record first for not winning anything in 3 successive seasons. whawhawhahwhahwhahwha


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