Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Why dont we just go to the nearest Ballet Shop, Get us some Doodoos and there will be no tackling,eye gourging etc"- It goes something like that.Peter De Villiers entertaining uis again,after the eye gourging incident by Schalk Burger


  1. Why doesnt PDV Keep his mouth closed and avoid controversy

  2. Carel Du PlessisWednesday, 01 July, 2009

    PDV is right to make those comments.
    We didn't play our best and won the series but the F**ken Lions don't have the decency to congratulate us on the win.

    What Schalk did was ridiculous but there were numerous incidents of skullduggery by the Lions.
    The high tackles on Habana and others, what about Sheridan punching Bekker in the balls!

    The British press have quietly avoided any of those matters!

  3. The British Tabloid are so predictable

  4. cos he is a dronk MUGG.....

    hey swoosh.... sorry for the comment.... your blog is lacking comments during the EPL off season.... time to spice is up a bit.

    PDV has lots to learn about the english media... they live for this stuff...
    why did he have to make all those dumb comments when we won the series.... and to be quite honest, we won it without playing our best


  5. Vat is dis man tinking.The position should have gone to me.Vy dont you keep quite De Villiers.Now evervun laughing at you.Why must you say"If your car is damaged and you take it to garadge wid black man and he dont fix it den you will nerver go back.But if he vas a white man den youl say sorry and go back.

    He is coach of da country,not Raj Bansie

    Uncle Bhai Gora

  6. The Lions were no saints.PVD just needs to talk appropriately in public


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