Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Its off to the semi final and many pundits are saying Will South Africa Choke. We have the stigma. And just like last year with Bodi,Yusuf Abdullah has not yet played. Why. Im sure he deserved a run against Ireland or even against India. Its form. If Morne Morkel played Im sure Abdullah deserved a run. Abdullah was in great form during the IPL. I cant understand why he hasnt least once.

For SA on the whole they have been solid and Im tipping them to go all the way to the Final.The Pakis are unpredictable. We dont know what to expect from them. Its gonna be a great contest.

The whole country has sporting fever and it would be nice if they came home with the Gold. Whats the chances

In the other semi its favourites Sri Lanka vs Chris Gayles Windies. I predict a Lanka SA Final.Lets see what happens

Its Semi Finals and again our IPL Champion Anees Mayet is looking good. He is closely pursued by FC Toby, who is amking a name for himself in Fantasy Competition now. It all to play for in the semis. Who will choke and who will pave their way to the Lingerie he he

1. Irshad Latiff FC Toby 3684
2.Anees Mayet ANZO'S STARS 3675
3. Jameel Nagdee Matla Bee 213 800 899 3599
4. Yusuf Alli The Drunken Masters 3427
5. Muhammed Riaz Gani Goodfella's 3418
6. Yusuf Seth Hash should be here! 3412
7. ziyaad mayet The gilly 3319
8. Ayesha Nagdee Ice's Okes 3273
9. Mohsin Seth Mocca's Mastee Maker 3238
10. zaheer Mayet Choker 3228

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