Thursday, June 18, 2009


By Uncle Bhai Gora

Quote of The Week

Of the millions of members COSATU has, the least they can do is provide BAFANA BAFANA with 1 GOOD STRIKER:-)-N Patel (Rustenburg)

Well our Uncle Bhai Gora who is pro Sacking Santana has his update on last nites game. (For Profile on Uncle Bhai Gora)

Although many fans ver calling for Santana to be sacked Bafana Bafana pulled off a great victory last night. Bernard Parker who vas da villain on Sunday scored twice and vell there must be no big hoo haa because New Zealand are shit and a vin was compulsory. But neverderless vell played Bafana.Good for da people ,Good for da Country.

Pienaar made da difference and I thought Masileli vas class. But for Santana da Mugg its not plain sailing just yet. If Iraq beat New Zealand by great margin and Spain hump us...Den Santana and da boys are out. So let see vat happens. But for da country and da people great result. If only ve beat Iraq hey.Den ve vudnt be in da Perishaans (problems).

And vats did wit Christiano and Paris Hilton. De way it seems to me is dat dey both have a love /hate relationship wid clubs and both are banged around by da guys. Match made in heaven he he. Maybe vel see a home video wid Penaltinho and Paris called PP....One night after Manchester!

In the other game Spain were expected to demolish Iraq but ran out 1-0 winners and duely qualified thanks to a David Villa header.

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