Monday, June 22, 2009


What a sporting weekend....Fantastic. PRO 20 World Cup,Lions, and of course Confeds Cup. Myself and the boys embarked on a road trip of Football. JHB to Bloemfontein,Spent the Night in Bloemfontein and then to Loftus for Brazil Italy. Being back with the Boys was amazing

But first PRO 20 Action and it was Shahid Afridi that led Pakistan to victory over Sri Lanka. I didnt watch the final because of Confeds but I spoke to Paki Supporter Hazrat and he was exstatic saying the Pakis pulled it off. But thats the Pakis for you. Unpredictable.....they lose against England and then come back and win the tournament. With all the problems they have been having its good for Pakistani Cricket and cricket in General to see the Pakis back on TOP for a change. Well done Hazrat. Leave a comment Please!

In Rugby I was watching Divs interview and he was mumbling something about taking your car to garage and owner is a black man and he messes it up,You will never go back there again, If it was a white man,They will say sorry and go Back".PDV says he doesnt worry what the people say
But good win for the Boks again. Azee and Seth.I await your input.

And so to the Weekend of football. 15 of us made the round trip to Bloemfontein and Pretoria. Shazo organised a Quantum,our own iTransie and we moved. It was amazing to be with the lads again and we rocked Bloemfontein. Got You Tube videos of the Road trip and loads of pics.All the lads in one vehicle ,draped in a flag, with our own Driver, excellent accommodation and amazing atmosphere. We set off at 10.30 and stopped over at an Engen Garage.The garage was rocking, Football fans making the trip, hooters and voovozellas,fans in their colours. I can only imagine what 2010s gonna be guys, brace yourselves for something spectacular.
We got a few interviews,Mingled withe the fans and set off again. We reached Bloemfontein at 4pm. Checked in the Urban Hotel.Funky Hotel. Hotel was filled with journalist,press and obviously the Fans. At 5pm we grabbed the match tickets and made our way to The Bloemfontein Waterfront. And believe it or not, You walk from the mall straight to the Stadium. And the mall was freaking rocking. From the time we got there,their were singing and dancing Bafana and Spanish Fans, flags and colourful supporters. Can you picture Sandton full of shoppers wearing Soccer Kits. Amazing I tell you. We had supper at Ocean Basket and mingled with the fans. I can tell you this much Bloemfontein is gonna rock as a 2010 venue.Then it was off to the game

And guys Ive watched Bafana Bafana play many times, But Bloemfontein Rocks, The Celtic Fans are unbelievable, The people were friendly, the Fans magnificent. They just dont stop. Theres never a dull moment. The stadium was like a Cauldron.

I was glad Bafana Bafana qualified. Great for the country. It was also the first time I watched the Spanish, and Spain make it look so easy. They dont make you play, They play in Midfield and opposition just cant play. Xavi,Fabregas, Villa, Puyol...Magic. I even noticed Torres.Hes pace is phenominal. He is on his marker and in a solit second hes gone. Spain are awesome. For Bafana its Brazil now and its gonna be tough.

After the game myself and Oz went to a local hotspot in Bloems.Lemme tell you..Class. Fans were all dressed up in all colours. Place was rocking.rocking

But to conclude...Bloemfontein was magical.




From Bloemfontein it was off to Loftus and Pretoria and for the big one....Italy vs Brazil. And I coudnt wait. I was nervous to be honest...and excited. Got to the stadium to a Carnival like atmosphere...Stadium laden with Yellow and Blue. It was a big one for Italy, they had to win or draw...and nothing prepared me for the shocking display by the Italians. We had great seats..In the Azurri stronghold. And we with a a crew of 20. But when Brazil scored one,two and three I was gutted. What was happening. The fans behind us, the Italians and myself were in a state of shock. It was a a horrific Italian display. Brazil still hit the bar twice. The Italian fans were quiet. Many said that the team shouldn't come out. I was low in morale. It was Izzet(pride) now. Everytime Brazil had the ball there was danger. I was so afriad that we would catch 6. It was extraordinary. Ive never felt like that. Normally Italian defences were rock solid. I mean Toni was poor and so was Dosenna. Why didnt Lippi start with Santon or Grosso and not start with Toni. Montlivio was out of depth against calibre opposition and Kaka,Robinho and Fabiano were menacing. We were shell shocked, embarrassed and outplayed by the Brazilians. Then there was wind of Egypt down 3-0. Fans were anxious and logging on to cellphones to see if Italy made it. We needed one more.Some said Italy made it. The truth though is we never deserved it. Whats worse is that Egypt messed it up and the USA of all people strolled in through the back door. The Egyptians who had been playing so well.....were dumped out much to the dismay of their fans. We couldnt believe it. And when the final whistle blew I was glad that we were put out of our misery. The Egyptians in Lenz were fuming also.I chatted to a few of them.

I dint too any post match coverage, Italians were gutted and trudging out of the stadium. The Brazillians were dancing and I limped out of the stadium ,boarded our quantum,had a final drive home with the boys and hit the bed with voice going. It was a splendid weekend...of football and Swoosh0018 now goes to Ellis Park for Brazil vs Bafana Bafana. ant wait.....But lets be realistic......
We all will brace ourselves for a Brazil vs Spain Final


Other pics from Swoosh0018 GF (Ground Force)

And Wimbledon has started...........With Nadal pulling out, Federer is favourite


  1. Luigi Fatti and the Brothers MoniTuesday, 23 June, 2009

    We had a dream, that you would be thrashed

  2. Who is that MUGG with a GERMAN flag

  3. Pakistan Zindabaad

  4. The only reason Italy did not qualify was because of that scouser piece of shit. Had he not scored a freakin OG we would hav been in the next round.
    As I always say, the only good scouser is a dead one

    Killa - What an ass taking your rubbish German flag all around. Have you still not realised that Ze Germans are not playing in this tournie? And where is your scum buddy mini who is a 3 lions man. Have you heard him sing "God save the queen"?


  5. Wahahawahahwahahaha, the italians are ironically dumped out of confed cup coz of a scouzer. Imagine that, even when the scouzers are not playing they still cause it. Dossena's goal was probably one of the best.

    Go Dossena, do it again dossena, 1st for liverflops and then for italy next year.

  6. Dosena had to score the own goal.If he didnt intercept Fabiano would have punished

  7. Watch Bafana Bafana tomorow nite.something tells me they goin all the way.

    a true patriot

  8. Brazil 3-0.Brazil vs Spain Dream Final

  9. watched Kaka in action.Surely worth the money madrid payed for him
    thye going to thum bafana


    "Since arriving, I have seen a lot of people with Liverpool banners and wearing Liverpool shirts with my name on the back," said the 25-year-old, who with three goals is the tournament's joint top scorer alongside strike partner David Villa.

    "To tell the truth, it came as a surprise because I didn't expect this so far from Spain and England.

    "I have not grown tired of signing autographs as it's a delight to have so many fans so far from my own country. It's surprising to see how people with just the minimum resources available have more drive and enthusiasm than anyone. The children, for example, come up to you wearing a smile from ear to ear."


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