Friday, June 19, 2009



What can I say, I am gutted. The Pharoahs came to Ellis Park and showed why they are the Champions of Africa. They beat Italy 1-0. In truth though the Italians had plenty chances. Egypt took their one chance and buried it. Buffon could do nothing. And Italy must have themselves to blame as they next face the Mighty Brazil on Sunday in the game of the Confeds Cup.
The atmosphere again was electric. We were in Category four.Upper terraces. You could view the game properly and it was amazing to see from the view we had, a bit cold up there lol. We with a full Swoosh0018 Crew with myself and Freds the die hard Italy owes. The crowd was amazing. Also in Defence you could clearly see the class of Fabio Cannavaro. The Italian stopper made some classy interventions and rescued Chiellini on a few occations. But to see him Marshalling his troops live, was class. Theres lots of things you miss on TV.The Park and Ride was awesome going to the ground but for some a nightmare again.Please share your input again for the second game at Ellis Park,logistics etc.

But tonight was a sad night and I cannot say more. The atmosphere awesome.The result ...Well its off to Bloemfontein on Saturday for Swoosh0018 and Pretoria on Sunday...but for now

Forza Azurri
On Sunday we out dance the Samba Dancers

Swoosh0018's undercover reporter Ary Karolia was on hand to capture these two interviews with Miss Egypt and Miss Italy. Now thats sublime

The Italian Anthem.My dream of chanting the Italian Anthem on South African Soil


  1. swoosh...

    i dig u passion for italia... but it seems everytime you open your mouth about them or any other team..the team you want to win loses....

    im not complaining.. cos the pharoas did the business......

  2. cmon brazil..dump the italians out...

  3. Is Ahmed Eid better then Toni?


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