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Well, Its Pre Season and whats Pre Season on the blog without a bit of Baboo and Bhenny. For those new on the blog they are advise columnists.Baboo is just a regular, wild obnoxious man and Bhenny a real liberal....the type that believes women are great,must be independent and a true Liberal.

Anyway here was the question posed to our columnists

"Dear Baboo and Bhenny.My name is Jose and I am from Spain and working in South Africa for a year. I am good looking and I have dated many South African Women.However I find that whenever I have dated an Indian women and its time to pay the Bill,They just sit and act like theres no bill, leaving me to pay for it,which I dont mind.I just wanna know.Do all Indian Women do this or have i just dated the wrong ones.Please Help?

BHENNY: Jose.This is not Europe.And its not culture.Its the right thing to do. In SA we respect women and its the chivalrous thing to do.And its the Gentlemanly thing to do
usually, here in our place, its the guy that pays the bill. they said its a sign of being a gentleman. but now, people are more open-minded and women don't mind if they pay the bill sometimes or share it with the guy. for me, during the courting stage, I prefer if the guy pays the bill. having me to share or pay the whole bill on a date would turn me off and I'd stop going out with him. for me, paying the bill is part of impressing the girl and pleasing her. now if we're already going steady, I'd be open to share or pay the whole bill. sometimes its nice to treat the guy and make him feel special as a boyfriend.
Also sometimes you must be smart and pay ladies,It releaves all the sexuall tension. Far too many times the guy would expect something for a night out. By me paying, it basically told him, I didn't owe him anything and I just wanted spend time with him. But this theory only applies if you know he is only after one thing

BABOO: You know what Jose.You are so ritte.Il tell you why. Since Gori babi passed on,it was aparteheid days.But with the cosmopolitan SA I Begun dating women of other cultures.And when I have dated white,black,Chinese etc I swear that when the Bill arrived they reached out in their pockets and said can they at least go half. Now I wouldnt let them pay either way but the thought of them suggesting it just melts my heart. And whenever I have dated Indian aunties...they just sit there.The Bill comes and they look at the fish tank or their shoes.Its like its not f#$en there.
But when the food comes..their eyes light up and they activate their guidance system and zone in on things like Decor and the food.But when the f#4ken bill comes they guidance system is switched off and they f#4ken look at everything but the Bill. They dont even enquire....How much the food was,Nuthing. They look at you like when God created you the man.He created you with the soul purpose of Paying the Bill.i mean at least offer. Thats all.Just Ask Can I help you with that.Thats all.Its just a simple action. But no!Dont get me wrong.We wont let them pay.All Im saying Jose is that Indian Women should offer. Thats all. All the Indian Women you and I have dated have one thing in Common.They have NOT OFFERED. I mean f34k Chivalry.Those days are gone. These days women earn more than man. Is that Chivalrous. Its a womens world man.But you tell me with their smart cars and clothes from MANGO they cant even OFFER...NOT PAY OFFER. THATS ALL O-----F-----F----E-----R---.Offer to pay the Bill.And you know whats the Beauty part is that they all play toward their World Cup Final.Villa Mora.They want to play at Wembley Stadium and FNB but they dont know how to kick a ball.
They cant offer at MUGG and BEAN but they want to drain you at Villa Mora. Going to VillaMora with an Indian WOMEN is like going to a bank and taking out a BOND.Same thing.Have I made my point!
Readers please share your views pertaining Joses question.


  1. Its a mans right to pay. Its being a Gentleman.All men are Pigs.Listen to this crap Baboo says


  2. Its so true.Happened to me the other day.And it was a Indian chic.As Baboo said.She never even Offered


  3. he he.hilarious and so true

  4. Baboo speaks about Vilamora.Once I tried to impress my girlfriend cautiously having my budget in my mind.This guy came selling Roses.I told jim "Give me two".He said R200.I was so embaressed that I told him "Keep it".It was either roses or running short with the bill and tip.I didnt know where to put my face.


  5. Male chivalry only goes so far in a relationship. Once it gets real serious, both people SHOULD be sharing the financial burdens. I tend to view cohabitation as the point at which both people should be expected to shoulder the costs of living, which certainly includes the costs of eating. The chick ought to be paying at least some of the time beforehand, though. It's also a matter of practicality; if one person is temporarily unemployed, then it doesn't make sense for them to be constantly paying for dinner, does it?

    This assumes a relationship in which both parties are working or at least are professionals/workers. If the missus stays home, well, that's a full time job, too. At least it should be if she's keeping up with things. In that case, clearly the guy is gonna pay for dinner all the time, but the woman is going to prepare it and provide a place for it to be eaten.

    The bottom line is that all relationships are give and take. How well two people compromise and what they have to offer one another determines the success of any relationship. Money is only one small aspect of things. Perhaps one individual can contribute more of it than the other, but the other individual makes up for it in other ways. It's when the compromise fails that there is trouble. So, I don't think it's cut and dry. There's no golden rule about whether the guy should always pay for dinner or not.


  6. I usually pay for everything but she offers to pay sometimes. Last weekend she paid for the movies because I was low on cash and she had this lil part time job.

    If its a true relationship of give and take she will help out. She should understand money does not grow on trees and not everyone is rich.


  7. As Swoosh said it before in quote of the week
    "The financial crisis is so bad that women are now marrying for love" lmafao

  8. Ideal solution everyone
    If they dont want to pay.Take them for supper to the Grand.In that way You Win at the end

    Lolly Hitachi

  9. the guy should be a gentleman and pay for everything and open the door for her as well.

  10. Open the door.What next put your jacket on a puddle when she walks

  11. lets be honest, all sex is paid for.
    no pay, no play.


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