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On Saturday the lads and I went to the Vodacom Challenge Final between Man City and Kaiser Chiefs. It was great with the lads as always and even better when Chiefs Won. The fans were amazing, atmosphere incredible again.

The f#4k up was though we left at 13:30 .....kick off at 3. Bumper to Bumper trffic from Woodmead with the construction etc. A f#4king nitemare and a real shlep.Very frustrating.perhaps we should have left earlier. But by the team we found our gate,parked the cars etc.First half was down. But nevertherless....Half a loaf of bread is better than none...and we saw a Chiefs Victory. And the Chiefs Fans were rampant. Also again good to see guys from the Premiership on our soils. Although City were shite and didnt was fantastic. Pity we didnt see Carlos Tevez. But overall was fantastic being with the lads and Chiefs maintain their great record in this Competition.

FAAIZ OZ vs Emmanuelle Adebajour

Now Faaiz Oz embarked on this mission to paste Adebejour.That was his main purpose.He made a banner for some gunner fans in UK. Oz hung it up on the top tier and continued to bash Adebejour throughout the game. He said good riddens to Addy as he was shit.

Authorities duely removed the banner and tore it up.They said its not allowed, so Oz set out to the tunnel to pummel Adebejour when he walked past. I tried my best to capture this and the video doesnt do justice.Adebajor walked through the tunnel twice and Oz BELTED HIM.In the video you can see him stretching down and giving Addy a mouthful

I said to OZ.You wrong, The owe pulled you guys out of shit plenty times. He disagreed and myself and Mo Cassim believe now that Luca Toni is better than Adebajor

Telkom Charity Cup votes surpasses the one million mark

The Premier Soccer League and its partner, Telkom, are ecstatic with the news that voting for the 2009 Telkom Charity Cup exceeded the one million mark.
By the close of the vote lines at midnight last night, a total of 1 070 978 sms and telephone votes were captured.
Organizers are hoping to crack the R5 million rand mark for charity in this year’s tournament.
“I’m delighted at the response by our local fans for this event and must also acknowledge those fans from abroad that voted for their favourite teams,” said PSL CEO, Kjetil Siem.
“What’s even more remarkable is that we have captured so many votes in a short space of time due to launching only after the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup.”
“The overall record of 1 349 587 votes was set in 2006, but in that year fans had 12 more days to submit their votes and I have no doubt that if we had an extra 12 days, the record would’ve been shattered,” added Siem.
“The unwavering support of the soccer fans, their generosity and willingness to mobilise for a worthy cause, whether by vote or by the purchasing of a ticket, have inspired us to remain committed to the soccer spectacular. Added to this is our desire to continue making a difference in the lives of those who suffer hardship.” said Adv Ouma Rasethaba – Telkom’s Chief of Corporate Governance.
Tickets for the event at Royal Bafokeng Stadium is still on sale at Computicket.
For more information on the Telkom Charity Cup, visit or

Contador's reign on Tour expected to last

Lance Armstrong became the second-oldest rider to reach the Tour de France podium when he finished third on Sunday, but it's a rider 11 years his junior who is set to write the next chapter in cycling's book of records.

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The 26-year-old Alberto Contador of Spain claimed his second victory in the cycling's premiere event after dominating his rivals to win his fourth consecutive Grand Tour with devastating attacks in the mountains and a display of power in the time trials.
At his age, the seven-time champion Armstrong had never won the 106-year-old race.
Throughout three grueling weeks of intense rivalry, the Spaniard showed his determination and his will to win by withstanding the constant pressure applied by his Astana teammate Armstrong.
Armstrong, back to competition this season after three and a half years in retirement, quickly realised he wouldn't be able to unsettle his younger rival on the road and challenged him mentally.
Armstrong criticised his teammate's strategy following the first mountain stage in the Pyrenees, hinting that the Contador was running against the team's common interests.
He then revealed tensions within the Astana team due to their rivalry, and even after securing the yellow jersey in the Alps, Contador was criticised by his team for his so-called poor tactical choices.
Asked Sunday on French TV what the hardest moment in this race, Contador said: "It was in the (team) hotel."
"It has been an especially difficult Tour for me, but I savour it and it is more special because of it," he said after the prize ceremony.
But the Spaniard didn't even take a tumble and was so dominant in adversity that his reign on the Tour seems designed to last some time.
"Contador is first of all a great climber, very elegant and flowing," Tour director Christian Prudhomme said. "But he also showed a great strength of character."
Armstrong, who said he will try his luck again next year on the Tour with his new RadioShack team, acknowledged Contador's superiority.
"Contador is that good, so I don't see how I would have been higher than that, even in the other years," said Armstrong, who won the Tour seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005 before retiring.
"I think his performance this year would have beaten my performances in '01 and '04 and '05."
Contador already is one of cycling's greats, having won all three Grand Tours of France, Italy and Spain, something Armstrong never achieved in his career. And on the Champs-Elysees, he handed Armstrong his first defeat on the race since 1999.
"It was a hard Tour," said Contador, who had to sit out last year when Astana was banned because of previous doping scandals.
"Before leaving, I knew I had to be ready both physically and mentally. At the end of each stage, I said 'one day less'. There were tensions, but the situation has normalized. And I am very happy with the result."
According to Armstrong, the Contador has the potential to become a five-time Tour winner.
"Well, he's that good and he's not that old, so you can do the math," Armstrong said.
Even if Armstrong is expected to be back on the race in 2010 with a strong team fully dedicated to his ambitions, Contador's greatest rival in the future is likely to be Andy Schleck of Luxembourg.
At only 24-years of age, the climber finished the race in second place, 4 minutes and 11 seconds behind Contador. He has now twice won the Tour de France's white jersey awarded to its best rider under 25, and became the first rider to take the shirt twice since 1997 tour winner Jan Ullrich, who won it three times between 1996 and 1998.
"I'm coming back to take the yellow jersey," the younger Schleck of next year.
"Alberto showed this year that he was the strongest, the real boss of the peloton. I have much respect for him, but next year I'm coming to win."
Armstrong, who will be approaching 39 years of age next July, would bet on Contador in his duel with Schleck.
"He time trials a lot better," he said of the Spaniard. "Andy's time trialing I suspect will improve. He's a little younger. With young athletes, you never know how they respond to what comes their way. Alberto is pretty serious and hardheaded and competitive, so I think he'll stay focused."
Armstrong became the second oldest rider to make the podium after Raymond Poulidor of France achieved third place in 1976 aged 40. Armstrong, however, expects to perform better in 2010 with another season under his belt.
"I'm staying positive," Armstrong said. "My level will be a little better next year."
Armstrong wants to come to the Tour with a strong outfit, including current teammates Levi Leipheimer and Andreas Kloeden, and together they could challenge Contador.
"There's a lot of variables there," said Armstrong. "My condition, his condition, team tactics, tactics of the race ... But that's why we do the race, so we know."
Like Armstrong, Contador has rebounded from a brush with death.
He nearly died five years ago after a fall during the first stage of the Vuelta a Asturias. Following persistent illness, Contador went to hospital and learned he had a congenital brain problem known as cavernoma.
He only returned to cycling the following year, and today carries a large scar running down the side of his head from delicate surgery to correct the problem.
The Spaniard's future is still unclear. He has been linked to a move to Spanish team Caisse d'Epargne, while two-time Formula One champion Fernando Alonso has expressed his interest in starting a cycling team with Contador.
Whatever he decides, it's almost certain that the Contador-Armstrong rivalry will re-ignite in 2010.
"I'm going left, he's going right," Armstrong said. "See you on the start line next year.

Live Hand Grenade Found Outside Liverpool Legend Kenny Dalglish's House
Merseyside Police are investigating the discovery of a live hand grenade on a wall outside the home of Liverpool's iconic former player and manager Kenny Dalglish, who has recently returned to work at Anfield in an ambassadorial and youth development role.

The discovery was made at the address in Southport, Merseyside, on Sunday night, by police investigating an ongoing series of incidents, related to witness intimidation, that are completely unconnected to Dalglish.

The Army Bomb Disposal Team were called to the location, which was cordoned off by police.

"The device was removed and made safe and is currently undergoing forensic examination," a Merseyside Police spokeswoman is reported as saying by the Press Association.

"The road remains cordoned off at its junction with Sandringham Road and high-visibility patrols have been stepped up in the area to reassure the public.

"Detectives believe this incident is linked to a series of other recent incidents in this area and not to the owner of the property where the device was found."

The alarm was raised at 10.15pm, but it is unknown whether anyone was in the Dalglish household at the time.

Two men in their twenties were later arrested on suspicion of witness intimidation.

Zack Wilson,

PDV Answers his critics.

So Rugby owes PDV has shut his mouth. UGB who is holiday'ing in Snt Tropez sent a message of congrats to PDV. Shut up and show them on the field. They both met at a moustache parlour and had a chat and PDV listened to UBG. What did UBG say to him....Whatever it was it worked. The two of them used to steal car badges back in the day.

But great game of Rugby.All Blacks were bitter and feel they can turn it around in Durban. Too many penalties and rueing the 70 m try.

Comments from the rugby owes?


  1. yeh swoosh Pieter Div proved u wong again. its time you acknowlege what he has done!

  2. UBG and PDV

    The two of them used to steal car badges back in the day.


    what a ripper swoosh...

    hows this for a comment :

    "Vegetarian sausages, diet Coke, silicone implants, football friendlies... all one and the same"


  3. Oz is wrong to post Adebejour.He pulled them out of shit many a time

  4. abr u kant ! what do you know about implants? have u ever been with a chick you faggot!
    with ronaldo gone i hope we hear less of ur dumbass commnets!


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