Friday, July 03, 2009


OWEN TO MAN UTD.Is this a good or bad thing?
I feel the same pain the MANCS must have felt when the Guvee came to us.

If he stays free from injury.Could be good for the MANCS. They needed a six yard box striker and with a world cup place on offer this could be a different Michael Owen. How could you Michael?


  1. The Liverpool guys mus be shattered,Its like ven ur son was in beeznees with you for 10 years,he stayed wit you for ten years, you smelt his shit for 25 years. Den he leaves you to find himself.and den he gets married,runs his vader in laws beezneez and stays with his inlaws.
    Can you feel da faders pain.
    Svoosh dis was Liverpools son. Da move is bigger den Inces

    Uncle Bhai Gora

  2. Michael Owen WTF.How coud you

  3. From a MANC perspective, I don't know if this is a good signing. I mean he is always injured and maybe past his best. Also English players don't gel together and that shows when teh 3 lions play, so rooney and Owen won't pair up well.
    Seth - This is another Hargo, you rem I said that Hargo got injured too many times and look it proved itself over teh past 2 seasons taht he has been there.
    As far as i am concernced a kak signing.


  4. manure cant to without the scousers...

    1st rooney now owen...

  5. Just not on.Its like Del Piero going to Inter Swoosh or the pain you felt when Agassi signed with Adidas.Or Beckham dumping Posh Spice and dating Scary Spice or buying food from Steers and eating it in Wimpy or working for Maxidor and you have a Trellidor in you house.Just not on

  6. Swoosh you ritte.This is Owens year.As Shakes mentioned, Aguero and the English front two.In Sir Alex we trust

  7. The explanation is simple. Owen is thinking only of himself with this move. At the moment he's not even in England's plans for the friendlies and qualifiers.

    He needs a top 4 club to get back into the reckoning and the only one interested are us. He's also clever tho, coz at OT he will be teaming up with Don Fabio's number one striker and if he can forge a successfull partnership with Rooney week in week out it will be hard for Capello to ignore him.

    But again all this is dependant on the understanding he has to have with Rooney and whether he can stay fit for longer than 2 games.
    He's gonna have to change his mindset to forge something special with Rooney.

    As for us, I think it's a good signing on the whole, provided we bring in a flair player. Firstly he's costing us nothing, is taking about a 50% wage cut and it's a pay as you play 1 year contract. If it doesn't work out he's off. He's got alot to prove to get into the England squad.
    He also won't throw his toys around if he doesn't play as often and will make a good impact player.

    We still haven't spent any of the 80 million from the Ronaldo sale (Valencia was bought from the seasons transfer budget, which we would have anyway) so the money's there to bring in someone a bit special. Let's wait and see, but I wouldn't be surprised if no one is bought.

    Hope Sir Alex makes that move for Aquerro tho.


  8. feed on our scraps you manc scavengers. the dude is a has been!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I'm happy with the deal. His got a great scoring record. We needed to cover up 30 odd goals which Ronaldo brought to the team. Best of all its for Free. He came to O.T on our terms. Was impressed with his interview. Now for him to bang in some goals. In SAF we trust. I think this year Berbs will be a key player.


  10. In Owen we trust.

  11. rafa cud have taken him, but rafa only takes spanish k@k.

    like owen says, sir alex is showing faith in him.

    u livefucks are naar

  12. yo anonymous... i dont think the liverpool okes are naar..

    it shows that without scousers manure would not be anything...
    they cannot do without rooney and now they need owen...


  13. yo asshole, rooney might be a scouser, but he aint a livertwat

  14. ja your stupid idiot, don't you knw what the difference is between a scouzer and a toffee? Scouzers are stupid and they also have no silverware to show for it.


  16. wahahahah anonymous.. with the difference comment..

    u r an idiot... u ask what the difference is then you tell us whats the same!!!

    ass!!! u can only be a manure supporter..

    Scousers rule manchester!!

  17. Scousers Rule MAnchester!!!!
    Pity thats the only place they'll every taste glory!!!


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